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  1. Not to get side tracked, but nice case. You 3d print the liner?
  2. Tried searching but so many topics pop up. But what is the proper procedure for a private sale from Indiana to Illinois resident? Just need to go to Illinois FFL to issue the check and transfer? OR more to it than that?
  3. Throwing out there, once he started breaking the case I would imagine he no longer has authority to remain in the building and or asked to leave. Would that not bring it to Burglary?
  4. Very well could be right. I'm trying to remember way back to when it first started happening and from what I remember, it started right after the themes were added. But i could be remembering wrong.
  5. A theme. Different color pattern to the forums. Lower left corner.
  6. I believe this is common if your using a skin I think. Been like that since the last major upgrade, no one seems to knw why it does that. Just have to refresh each time it pops up.
  7. Well looks I need to go put some hands on grips to see if I like the feel. Thanks all.
  8. Looking to pick up a 9mm. One gun shop worker I know was saying the Canik firearms are nice. Anyone have any experience or thoughts about them? https://www.canikusa.com/tp9sf-elite-tungsten
  9. Do you have finger prints on file? The auto renewal with gun purchase is only if you fingerprints on file with the ISP.
  10. And when you look at the sellers other items they are selling, screams your gunna get a visit if bought.
  11. Kept in jail... a surprise. https://abc7chicago.com/shooting-in-worth-il-jonnie-angel-klein-tamara-jailynn-johnson-jason-jerry-joseph/14025746/
  12. This has riled up the local town. See how the bond hearing goes. Hope it goes the way it should, but if it doesn't I'm hoping for a large amount of outrage and hopefully people will start pushing back.
  13. I think they added something in the dealer licensing act that shut down a bunch of FFL's that include them having free access to the federal forms. I could be remembering wrong.
  14. Do you have one of the new FOID/CCL cards with no expiration date and CCL marker? If so you don't get a new card, they just update the expiration date in their system.
  15. I'm sure the purpose is to hear from the informed people of loop holes and by passes so they can adjust their rules to eliminate them.
  16. I just skimmed through them. I only saw one in favor, calling everyone commenting cry baby snowflakes.
  17. Then that's your carry license endorsement on the FOID card. So you got your carry license.
  18. I was at Sunday's game and the security to get in was no different than any other time. Didn't seem to see any extra security around, just the usual ones in certain locations.
  19. It will end up being rolled out as an option, not mandatory, can be used to auto get out of DUI stops for a few years before it becomes mandatory, and then people will be tricking it or over riding it so we then need more laws making it stricter... etc etc.
  20. I think it has to do on expiration. If they expire at the same time, you end up doing both. If your CCL expires before the FOID, you only pay the CCL. Was your FOID expire date changed to match your CCL?
  21. I'm guessing it was a shortcut to the website via your internet browser? If so, you should be able to go to the forum home page in your web browser and in the menu select add to home screen. I'm assuming its similar on the Iphone compared to droid.
  22. If no CCL was involved, this would have just been labeled trial by combat and dismissed.
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