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  1. Agreed, i would remove name and email. But what does it say on your dashboard? The time frame varies, there is no 100% set time length. Did you include prints? and you said mailed, so you didn't do this online I'm taking? If mailed did you send it certified with signature?
  2. Wonder if Easterbrook is padding his portfolio to be appointed to the supreme in coming years if he's allowed to...
  3. Hmm checked out Gryphon Arms.... they sell figurines, so I'm assuming wasn't a miss click on the proponent/opponent radio button. https://www.facebook.com/gryphonarmsusa/
  4. I don't own any firearms, my dog owns a few tho.
  5. Don't think he's aware the constitution exists let alone has read it...
  6. Any comments on any posts will count towards your post count.
  7. Back room is not visible unless you are signed in and I think a min number of posts. similar to the for sale section.
  8. Would ban person to person sale of ammo. Only purchase from FFL.
  9. This makes me suspicious that this isn't their bill. They had a bunch of supporters there at the capital and no one told them that this was going up and to file slips...
  10. It does. I have seen it before. If they have more than us, the rep will parade it out that they have the support of Illinois. If we outnumber them, they ignore it. Just gives them one less stat to use against us.
  11. https://my.ilga.gov/Hearing/WitnessSlipInfo?HearingId=19656&legislationdocumentid=0&billtext=Subject Matter
  12. Its a crap shoot. Could be a few weeks, could be a few months. Depends on the ISP feel that day.
  13. I agree. Even if Irwin did get the nod, the vote would be no different. There is no way any of those D votes would have changed because Irwin would have had an R next to his name, and that is all they needed to know. They wouldn't vote for an R even if it was a democrat.
  14. Did someone lock the gates on the cemeteries? They all voted from home already I'm sure.
  15. log in online and check your status. it will tell you expiration date on their website.
  16. Someone on reddit has stated that they have left the gun info blank and still got an approval number. I havent tried it yet but may be worth a try as well.
  17. Think it use to be 10 but got changed to 15 at some point. Any sort of comments should qualify.
  18. I have a 5mp reolink system at home and a 4k Lorex system at my lodge. All run via POE. which is a good way to go if you can run the cables. The reolinks are a little cheaper and i do like their app better than the Lorex app.
  19. Leave the cards at home in the safe so they don't get lost. Just use electronic. Can the info be saved to the phone or do you have to have cell signal to pull up the current website?
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