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  1. Think it use to be 10 but got changed to 15 at some point. Any sort of comments should qualify.
  2. I have a 5mp reolink system at home and a 4k Lorex system at my lodge. All run via POE. which is a good way to go if you can run the cables. The reolinks are a little cheaper and i do like their app better than the Lorex app.
  3. Leave the cards at home in the safe so they don't get lost. Just use electronic. Can the info be saved to the phone or do you have to have cell signal to pull up the current website?
  4. Any politico crap I get in the mail goes straight to the garbage. Don't care who its from or about. So I may have. I throw out somethign about every other day.
  5. Yep, people from Hawaii still can't carry in Georgia is how I read it. And would vermont fall under that since they don't issue permits?
  6. The blue dot next to the topic thread will also take you to the last unread post, or you can click the little balloon.
  7. Like they don't already have a list of non vaccinated already...
  8. In another FOID/CCL update thread, they said they will be issuing everyone a new combo card this year.
  9. I would assume the director and the board members would have to update the bylaws.
  10. i think you can renew using the automated phone system can't you?
  11. Also only applies to ones that you changed your DL or ID to if I remember correctly. If you stayed on some ones spare bedroom for a month they arn't looking for that.
  12. I think just about everyone on this board is with ya on that one.
  13. Wasn't one of their upgrades to automate the FOID renewals and applications and only if something comes up then the system kicks it to an operator. If that system is in place now, that could be what we are seeing, and everyone that is stuck in limbo for months if not years. They are still stuck in the old system of everything being done one by one by hand.
  14. My sister applied for renewal feb 11th. Post office shows letter coming today from police. Should be her FOID. 10 weeks.
  15. Sounds like they are afraid of an armed populous.
  16. This seems like a decent interpretation of all of that confusing "mumbo jumbo" about whether or not they they could hear the case. So if the FOID does not apply to the home, how does this person in the case, purchase new ammo, make sure the firearm is working and trains with it (takes it to the range), or purchase a new replacement one for use in the home? They can not do any of those things without a valid FOID, which means the FOID is in the way of "Home use"? Does this also mean that you can not, as an illinois resident go hunting without a FOID? It would mean (at best), the FOID is a purchase/transportation permit. It would mean you could let your FOID expire and possess previously acquired firearms/ammo, you just could not bring them beyond your property line without renewing your FOID. If they strike the legal requirement for mere possession in the home, the ISP will truly have a **** show on their hands. But as soon as you FOID is expired the state police send out to locals to retrieve your firearms and fill out a report till FOID is renewed. I think the IL supreme court just caused more problems for the courts and police than they bargained for.
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