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  1. Under Armour compression shirts. I wear them year round as a base layer. They really help when it is hot and you are sweaty.
  2. I have hammered dimples out of primers and reloaded them, them as in primer, for re-use in reloaded ammo. It sucks a** but in a pinch and in a SHTF situation, they work. Do not attempt. I'm a professional. Actual results may vary.
  3. I'm going on 300+ days for an address change. At least I got the renewal down way before Covid and the rush.
  4. 90 days it is then. Good to know. It was weird that while waiting for my new CCL, I got a new FOID which I thought was my new CCL. Turned out it was new FOID which expires in less than 6 months.
  5. ISP sent me a new FOID but it still has a 1/1/2020 expiration. I see no option to renew yet on the iSP web portal.
  6. Applied 1/31/2019, Approved 7/3/2019. CCL in the mail 7/10/2019 160 days 2 Months of free carry
  7. Day 160, approved on 7/3 but nothing in the mail yet. Today maybe the day. ISP trolled me yesterday and sent me a new FOID card for some reason. It expires 1/1/2020 so I got less than 6 months to renew it and get yet another FOID card.
  8. Applied 1/31/2019 No prints. Expired 5/9/2019 ...153 days, went active this morning 7/3/2019 I was going for a record.
  9. Nice. 152 days for me. No Prints. Still UR. Inspect elements show approved for about a week now. I'm going for the record.
  10. You have to use Google Chrome browser. Right mouse lick on Under Review and choose Inspect. On the right hand side you will see the code to the left of Under Review.
  11. 145 days and Inspect elements just showed Approved. The streak is going to end soon I guess.
  12. Oops cancel last message. [edit] I want to see how deep the rabbit hole can go. My CCL is still valid so I can wait as long as they want me to wait.
  13. Applied 1/31, expire 5/9. 144 Days still UR, No prints, no information updates. How high can we go?
  14. Today is day 120 for me. Still Under Review. "Expired" May 9, 2019 Take your time ISP. I'm not in a hurry.
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