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  1. I think you're overthinking it Just put your name or write n/a. I believe I checked out as a guest, don't remember.
  2. No problem! Super Vel is great. I've had an outstanding experience with them, and their customer service is top notch. On a recent order I wanted to add one of their patches so I could rep them on my range bag and I forgot to add it to my cart. I emailed them and asked them to charge me for it or simply draw up a custom invoice so I could pay for it, but they said don't worry we'll just include it in your shipment for free. I know patches aren't expensive, but still cool of them to do that. Beyond that, every customer service interaction I've had with them has been great. They're good people. Also, their 115 +P SCHP is one of the best defensive 9mm rounds on the planet. There's a few videos on YouTube testing this out, it's spectacular.
  3. Well the first few times as they were getting their system set up to allow Chicago, it wasn't working so I had to email them separately for a few orders. But now the checkout process works fine. Make an account on their site, and email them (support@supervelammunition.com) a picture of your FOID and Driver's License or other State ID and they will put it on file with your account. I actually just placed an order yesterday, and an order last week, both went though seamlessly. You'll also get this question on the checkout page:
  4. Super Vel will now ship to Chicago. I tried to place an order and when trying to check out, I got the 'we do not ship to your location' message. I emailed them and explained the whole deal, and it was very well received. They were happy to ship to me. It took them a day or two to get it up the chain and cleared on their side internally, and the ammo I wanted sold out while he was getting everything set up, but he was kind enough to pull what I wanted to the side and saved it for me while they got everything set up internally. Once I sent him my FOID and everything cleared on their end, they shipped it out. Their SCHP is one of the best self defense rounds on the planet. They also do not price gouge and their ammo prices are the same that they have always been. It sells out quick, but if you join their email newsletter, they periodically send out emails a few days before and give everyone the heads up that ammo will be available for sale on X date at X time. Simply set a calendar reminder or alert on your phone for when the sale drops, and you're good to go to.
  5. Right, hence the disclaimer directly after the site name stating that they're a maybe. Especially now, if it helps someone get ammo at a deal price, it's worth mentioning in my opinion. Or we can just have another list for the maybes/try at your own risk. Or don't do either, up to you, I won't lose sleep over it, but figured it at least helps someone.
  6. Agree, so it’s probably easier to simply just add with the disclaimer that they may or may not. Eg KY Gun Co (may or may not; some users denied, others had success. Order at your own risk) Then you never have to worry about it.
  7. They used to be on the list. I had ordered ammo several times from them in the past and commented on this thread. They were added on the list after that but then disappeared for some reason. You can read about why they were removed here: http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=54598&page=12&do=findComment&comment=1073407 The wishy washy inconsistent ones are even more frustrating than the ones who simply say no because you never know what you're getting with them. One person will have no problems, then someone else places an order and has their time wasted. We really need for this list to be as accurate as possible and folks become understandably upset when they place an order through someone on this list and have their order refused or canceled. So it's probably best to leave them off. Thanks for the info on the background of that. The post you referenced is from Feb 2017, so 4 years ago. And based on my experience of getting ammo from them within the last week, it seems KY Gun Co has changed their policy to allow shipping to Chicago. Before placing my order with them I reviewed their FAQ and shipping policy and any other restriction policy to make sure that Chicago/Crook was not listed as a will not ship, and I couldn't find anything, so I placed the order. It went through just fine, and they emailed me the next day asking for a copy of my FOID card. Maybe we can modify the list to be a Yes/Maybe/No type of list, with the "Maybe" list having some sort of caveat, *may or may not ship, some users have had success, others denied, order at your own risk*. Or simply add this next to the seller name. But as of December 2020, KY Gun Co did indeed ship ammo to Chicago. And are pretty good with flat rate shipping being only $11.99. I even called them days later after I placed my order, but before it had shipped, and asked them to add some other items to the order since I had already paid for the flat rate shipping, and they kindly added some flashlights to my order for me, that way I didn't have to place a new order and pay for another shipping charge. Good experience with KY Gun Co!
  8. Please add Kentucky Gun Co, case delivered this week. https://www.kygunco.com/
  9. Chip74 I believe you're okay to store the loaded gun in your car, as long as you lock the car so that the gun is locked inside. Your car is considerd an "other container", and the law specifically says you can store in a locked vehicle, as long as the gun is out of plain view. So just make sure you lock the car and keep it out of view. So in a glove box, console, bag, whatever. I.e. Don't just put it on the seat next to you where someone can see it, but common sense should tell you that's a terrible idea anyway. "may store a firearm or ammunition concealed in a case within a locked vehicle or locked container out of plain view within the vehicle in the parking area."
  10. Another good website I reference is handgunlaw.us. Has handgun laws and CC laws per state, and is a reader friendly version. Often times the statutes are so wordy and long it makes it a pain to read, and I find myself skimming it trying to find the relevant information, which leaves the risk of missing something important.
  11. Is there a condensed version that runs down the list? I like to read this from time to time to refresh my memory, but it is a long list full of legal jargon and quite wordy. A condensed version would be great for those on the go or in a hurry so they can quickly reference what is legal and illegal.
  12. Thanks chislinger. I actually went through every single link on the list and compared prices, and it looks like Target Sports is the best option for aggressively priced bulk ammo that does ship to Chicago as you have stated. They'll be getting 100% of my business now. Edit: Target Sports USA also offers free shipping on bulk ammo which makes them often cheaper than the other big guys such as SGAmmo. I tried emailing a few of these places and tried to explain that it's not illegal to ship to Chicago and that it's been legal for years now. But they wouldn't do it. I told them that by snubbing fellow 2Aers and refusing to sell to me just because of the city I live in, that they are almost as bad as the liberals and progressives that try to stifle the second amendment, and are on the same level. None of them cared to hear it and just pointed me to their outdated policy. To heck with them. They'll get none of my business now nor long after I move from Chicago.
  13. It's too bad SGammo chose the cowardly route to snub Chicago residents. I love being able to sort and see the cheapest by price per round. I haven't been able to find any other ammo website that has a feature like that.
  14. I love the Criminal Protection Zone flyers. I will be ordering some to pass out to local Chicago businesses in my neighborhood. Thank you!
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