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  1. Under Armour compression shirts. I wear them year round as a base layer. They really help when it is hot and you are sweaty.
  2. I have hammered dimples out of primers and reloaded them, them as in primer, for re-use in reloaded ammo. It sucks a** but in a pinch and in a SHTF situation, they work. Do not attempt. I'm a professional. Actual results may vary.
  3. I'm going on 300+ days for an address change. At least I got the renewal down way before Covid and the rush.
  4. 90 days it is then. Good to know. It was weird that while waiting for my new CCL, I got a new FOID which I thought was my new CCL. Turned out it was new FOID which expires in less than 6 months.
  5. ISP sent me a new FOID but it still has a 1/1/2020 expiration. I see no option to renew yet on the iSP web portal.
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