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  1. I’m actually not seeing much here that surprises me - universal background check is coming whether we like it or not. What isn’t being reported here? I’m sure shooters are going to get screwed somehow.
  2. Same here. Now a resident of New Hampshire. Bite it, JB.
  3. Ok, I have to ask. I don’t remember seeing “LWW” when I was hanging around here before, and Google is no help.
  4. I left IL, in part because of the gun attitudes but more because of one party rule and taxes.
  5. I’m now a NH resident with a NH DL and carry license. License issuance took 18 hours, only because the person who processes them at my local PD was already gone for the day. NH is constitutional carry but issues a license on request for reciprocity purposes. IL requires your home state to have substantially similar requirements to be eligible for an IL nonres. But, when I was in IL I satisfied the training requirement, and if you have a IL FCCL I suspect they all get run through the system every night, not just resident licenses. This feels like the basis for a legal challenge. What do y’all think?
  6. So you have or have not applied for FOID?Youre coming up on 60 since applying? Cause its only 30 days till you expire if its 6/1 as you say! And if you applied 60 days ago, (as I read your post) you should get it sooner than later as they have 30 more days till it expires..... Gotta love Illinois, we need 60 days now, BUT we might have to take a full 90 don't call us we'll call you! Renewal submitted 3/7.
  7. I’m coming up on 60 days for my FOID renewal application - let’s see what they do. Mine’s valid until 6/1.
  8. I just found out my wife didn’t update her FOID when we got married last year. We just processed the name and address change, let’s see how long it takes.
  9. To be honest I'll probably rarely carry an automatic - I've found the same, that my little spring assist Chive is plenty fast for my needs. I have an automatic just because.
  10. No surprise, but Aurora has a ban on the books: Sec. 29-43. - Unlawful use of weapons. (a) A person commits the offense of unlawful use of weapons when he knowingly: (1) Sells, manufactures, purchases, possesses or carries any bludgeon, blackjack, slingshot, sand-club, sand-bag, metal knuckles, throwing star, butterfly knife, nunchaku (which shall be defined for purposes of this subsection as an instrument consisting of two (2) or more sticks, clubs, bars or rods to be used as handles, connected by a rope, cord, wire or chain, in the design of a weapon used in connection with the practice of a system of self-defense) or any knife, commonly referred to as a switchblade knife, which has a blade that opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in the handle of the knife; or a ballistic knife, which is a device that propels a knifelike blade as a projectile by means of a coil spring, elastic material or compressed gas; or
  11. I suspect this is why my friend's AO came USPS - it was an Illinois dealer.
  12. Yes but they cannot send them through the US mail. They have to ship via common carrier, i.e., UPS, Fed Ex, etc. Not to my "friend's" experience...
  13. This bill is pretty small potatoes compared to others on his desk. Patience...
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