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  1. This was on the login screen for the FOID/CCL page today. So I guess my FOID really doesn't expire later this year (2022) and will be extended until my CCL expires in 2025. (Edited to add that my expiration date also says "COVID-19")
  2. The only places I've noticed are the statute-banned places like hospitals, parks, government buildings, bars, rest areas, etc. All the other places that I go aren't posted.
  3. Wouldn't you call that "Heads they win, Tails I lose"? What if the coin has two Tails.
  4. So he has to stay home from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.? Wonder what 'job' he could have that would require being free during those hours...
  5. By responding to posts and offering info or opinions. Or by saying IBTL, or IN BEFORE THE LOCK, in whole or in part, many, many, many times...
  6. I would think that “McLean County Department of Parks and Recreation” is a “Park District” within the meaning of the Law. I was looking at Illinois laws about parks and came across 70 ILCS 1205, which is the Illinois Park District Code. It sounds like a "Park District" is a specific sort of entity with its own elected governing body (Commissioners, etc.). Is this what the concealed carry act was referring to? This makes me wonder if the McLean County Department Parks and Recreation could have been formed under this code since its Director appears to be appointed by the County Board and it doesn't appear to be organized under 70 ILCS 1205. As usual, Illinois' concealed carry law leaves me somewhat confused and questioning... Comlara Park is about 10-15 miles North of Normal and, as I said before, I haven't been up there in a while so maybe I'll take a trip to see if it's posted.
  7. (13) Any public park, athletic area, or athletic facility under the control of a municipality or park district... Comlara Park is just North of Bloomington/Normal and under the control of the McLean County Department of Parks and Recreation. Since McLean County isn't a "municipality", I wondered if its Parks and Rec Dept be classified as a "park district"? Should carry be permissible there as it is in a State Park? I haven't been there for some time and don't know if anything there is posted.
  8. Even better. I was once mailed a bill for 26 cents. Yes, they spent 40 cents on a stamp to bill me for 26 cents. Not to mention the printing, paper, envelope and administrative time they wasted. I taped a quarter and a penny to the invoice and wrote "you have got to be kidding me" on it and mailed it back. Had a Security Clearance held-up by a $0.29 bill from a gas company at a previous duty station. I mailed them a check and requested a receipt to give to the FBI as proof that I had paid it. Figured it had to have cost them more than that...idiots!
  9. Our son works at Walmart and my wife and I were there shopping one day while he was at work. He joked that he had a Taser in his bag. I 'joked' that I had that beat. Conversation changed rather abruptly after that remark. LOL He's taking his CC class next week with his older brother. Our daughter will be very jealous when she finds out! Everybody in my house has their FOID, except my wife...I'm working on that.
  10. Congrats GAAK. Went to Wally-World, CI Shooting Sports for a little range time, Steak n Shake, and Schnuck's today; all in Bloomington-Normal.
  11. After nothing but bills all week, FINALLY! Applied and Paid: 1/22 App #: 360XX Prints: Yes Active: 3/22 Meter-mark: 3/25 Arrived: 3/27 Been waiting a long time for this...and I'm not talking about the time since I applied for it...
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