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  1. Hi Molly, so ISP is saying that I would need to take the 3hr class, and still pay the $150 for my CCL to be back valid again. Is that true or is there some kind of way that ISP may be wrong? "Frednickl" said that I should not have to repay the $150 fee to ISP if my CCL expired or became suspended due to my FOID being revoked.
  2. Thank you, I got my foid back, it's just an issue as far as my CCL bc they want me to pay another 150$ but I already paid that in 2017 and was told by another person on here that I shouldn't have to pay it again. My FOID was revoked and that's why my CCL expired, but got my foid back last week so why should I have to pay another 150$ and redo the 16hr training again you know. So want to call and see if I can get a faster result than waiting for a email back lol
  3. What # did you use to call ISP and what time did you call bc I need to give them a call as well in regards to my CCL thanks in advance!
  4. Hi, I wanted to ask do you know if a court order signed by a judge for CPD to return a firearm expires ever? I have my FOID back active again, and was seeking to have my firearm returned, but my court order is dated from 2017 for the CPD to return it but my FOID was still revoked at that time. Will I need a new court order now that my FOID is back active again? Thank you for the help
  5. Oh ok. I went onto the ISP website to try and reapply to renew the CCL since my FOID is now back active again following the revocation in 2017. But online it did state at the end that the final step was having to pay $150. Is that something I should reach out to ISP about to see why the portal is telling me I have to pay $150 and maybe ISP can fix that part? I didn't submit the application for renewal once I saw that they were asking me to pay $150 again thankfully. But online now it says that a payment is pending where the CCL status would normally be.
  6. Hi Molly, so I finally just got my FOID reinstated from the revoked status. ISP emailed me today saying my appeal was approved and my FOID is back active until Sept 2024. But, I need to reapply for my CCL. So does that mean I need to retake the training course of 16hrs or can I just do the information part again and pay the $150 and submit it to get my CCL back active again? The training course I did is from 11/02/2015. Or can I ask the trainer to update the certificate with a new date now then apply? Thank you in advance.
  7. I'm sorry but could you please explain further on what you mean by if my timing is off on submitting documents and restarting the timing deadlines? I do know that they finally wrote me back after two months from my last time trying to reach out to them. And I attached the email they sent me to this message also. Thanks again!
  8. Oh ok that is how I was thinking it would work too but wanted to ask you all still. Thank you very much.
  9. Hi, I wanted to ask if asking the ISP to reset my portal, could I possibly just reapply for my FOID/CCL since It has expired anyway a few yrs ago? I know I have no prohibitors anymore. So would having them to reset my portal and reapplying possibly help my to just get my FOID approved. Or do I have to just sit and wait til they feel like reviewing my appeal?
  10. Hello Molly, I had my FOID/CCL revoked due to a criminal case for possession. The case has now been dismissed and I was discharged and given the court order paperwork stating such. How do I go about submitting my appeal to reinstate my FOID? Also how long does the ISP have to address my appeal and make a final decision if you may know? Thanks again as always!
  11. Yes the order of protection was done in civil court not criminal court. However the order was granted based on the criminal court charges even though the case was still pending smh. The judge in civil court said that she believed the charges in criminal court were probably true but really she was biased from the start. I was found not guilty of the crime in criminal court and the judge at civil court still did not want to reverse the order of protection even after i showed proof of being found not guilty in trail by a judge. Smh. Like what kind of system of this that we have here in crook county? Either way, the order already expired in May 2019, now ISP is saying that i failed to sign this one particular paper in my appeal,and oh by the way you also have a warrant from 2009 in idaho for misdemeanor solicitation. U think u can give their police dept call and squash that over the phone possibly? I mean seriously?! Like come on ISP you guys couldnt come up with anything at all other than this little thing from 2009 from a whole other state thats not violent or shows any mental ilness or threat to society?
  12. Hey guys..so i was given my CCL back in 2017. It was approved and all. I got it in the mail. However i ended up having it revoked due to a false arrest. I was found not guilty for the crime i was charged with but my license stayed revoked for 2yrs bc of a order of protection that i couldnt stop bc i didnt have a lawyer for the order of protection court like i did for the criminal case court. . Even though i was found not guilty of the crime. Long story short. Isp knows i was found not guilty. Now they are coming up with all kind of random reasons i do not qualify for my license back. The most recent reasons was sent from ISP to me in a email!! Not even on paper. They emailed me saying that one of the forms in my foid appeal wasnt signed lol. So i signed the form and emailed it back. Then they said that i had a misdemeanor warrant out of idaho state from 2009!!! For solicitation without a sales license!! I paid 25$ back then to bond out and i left the state bc i lived in chicago at the time not idaho. Long story. My point is, its still none violent. Its from 2009. And its out of state. It has nothing to do with my mental state. Or with me being a threat to society. Then there email said ohh you could probably just call idaho state police and squash this warrant over the phone?! Ok so why are you guys holding this warrant over my head if i can simply call idaho police over the phone to fix it?? Isp likes to play games with peoples lives and rights. They didnt even mail me a official letter saying all of this. They emailed me these reasons. How crazy is that. A form that i failed to sign when i sent my appeal and now apparently this out of state warrant from 2009 for door to door sales without a valid license is stopping me from getting my license back lol. Its just a big joke this state.
  13. How did you find an attorney to help you with your ccl appeal issue? And how much does he cost if you dont mind me asking lol. I have a court order for return of my firearm after a criminal case i was found not guilty in. Has been a yr and still nothing from isp smh
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