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  1. Wisconsin can now be added to the list. As of today, they honor Illinois License.
  2. I didn't think a Doctors office was mandated by law unless the office is in a hospital or a hospital run facility?
  3. Ugh! Bummer. I'll probably be joining you on the wait for Friday (then Saturday...) OK, this is really mean but...my wife was messing with me when she txt me saying it hadn't come yet...I HIT THE LOTTERY. I can't wait to get home and actually see it for myself.
  4. This is getting ridiculous. I started app on 12/18, paid on 1/4, approved on 2/28 and...IT DIDN'T COME TODAY EITHER (live in Kane County). I guess there is always tomorrow.
  5. I certainly hope you are correct. I feel like Christmas keeps getting moved on me.
  6. I am still waiting for mine and I paid on 1/4. I was approved on 2/28 between 5:15-7:00pm. I live in Kane County.
  7. Well, I did get a piece of mail today from the state. Unfortunately, it was an emission test notice, not my license. Maybe tomorrow. I applied on 1/4 and approved 2/28 sometime between 5:15pm and 7:00pm. I live in Kane County.
  8. Thought I read somewhere that while Costco prohibits on paper, they do not post their stores. Guess they are just trying to make all their customers happy. I'm good with that just as long as they don't post. Sounds like Starbucks policy. Let's not make an issue of it, as long as they don't make an issue of us.
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