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  1. Holding elsewhere (hub or FedexOffice) wasn't an option at all. I'll remember about calling next time. Prices were very good, free shipping, and no IL tax a bonus! ETA: unsure if FedexOffice will hold ammo. I've read mixed info about that online.
  2. I don't know if this matters to anyone, but Target Sports USA only does free shipping for bulk ammo purchases via FedEx. I have a FedEx account and there is no option to have it held at the hub. I ordered two cases and I'm now dealing with Fedex for delivery schedule. I switched to a delivery window of my choice and paid $10 for the privilege, but somehow only one of the two packages got changed to the delivery window. The other just got dropped off and the other will come later. I'm going to stick with vendors who ship via UPS as there is no issue getting stuff held at the hub. Just an FYI
  3. Yes, the entire county got a sales tax increase. Where have you been? Not only do I buy my ammo in Lake or McHenry Counties (I live in Cook, but right on the border), I also grocery shop, buy clothes, and anything else possible outside the county.
  4. I can confirm two Walmarts don't sell ammo. Glenwood, Il. Orland Hills, Il. Elk Grove Village, too.
  5. I stopped by. Stood around for 10 minutes by sporting goods. Walked 10 isles in either direction and not a worker in sight. I just left. Everything pretty picked over. Was gonna grab a couple boxes of 9 as long as I was there, but got tired of waiting. That's why I got in the habit of pulling out my phone and calling the main store number from right in front of the ammo case, telling them they need to send someone over to unlock it. Works like a charm! I do it every time I'm at Walmart for ammo unless a worker is right there in sporting goods.
  6. LAX Ammo https://www.laxammo.com will ship to Cook County (I've ordered several times). Not sure about Chicago, but their FAQ page doesn't say Chicago is a no go. https://www.laxammo.com/faqs FOID and Identification cards are required for ammunition sales from Illinois and New Jersey: Instructions for Illinois Ammunition Sales: FOID cards AND state photo ID submitted by fax (310-507-0168) or email to documents@laxammo.com (IMPORTANT: You must enter your order number or attach your purchase order receipt to your email.) It is your responsibility to follow up with LAX Ammunition to make sure we have received your information. These MUST be current, valid, & completely legible. Orders will be processed & retained until sufficient documents are submitted to and received by LAX Ammo. Ammo can only be shipped to an address listed on at least on of these ID's. * If you have supplied this information to LAX Ammo for past orders, please note in the "comments" section of your order, "Required IL Documents s/b on File." If you fail to respond to LAX Ammo for any discrepancies on an order within 5 business days, it will result in an order cancellation and refund issued. Â PLEASE NOTE: CANCELLATION FEES MAY APPLY.
  7. It's a license, not a permit, as Molly has so obligingly hammered into our brains. The FCCA says nothing about the number of guns you can carry. So if you can carry 9, go for it!
  8. Walmart in Crystal Lake is also very well stocked in ammo. For those wanting .380, they even had the WWB 100 round boxes! I bought 4 Federal 9mm value packs today. I'd gotten 4 WWB value packs a couple of days ago.
  9. OP, something to consider: I've heard that when you fill out FOID forms at a retailer, they don't send them in all at once. I believe they might hold it for as long as a week or two, until they have enough to send in at once. So, that might add some additional time to your scenario that you hadn't counted on. Moral of the story: always pay via check when sending in FOID app/renewal.
  10. There was a number of weeks, perhaps two months back when Crystal Lake & Lake Zurich ALWAYS had a bunch o' 9mm. Haven't seen any in maybe a month now.
  11. Molly, glad to see that new addition as I live in Cook County.
  12. I had the highly amusing experience of carrying amongst a bunch of libs tonight. Lenten church service - at a church NOT posted. I'd not seen some folks in a while and I was secretly chuckling to myself that they would have been absolutely beside themselves if they had known I was carrying. I laughed all the way home.
  13. OK now , what flavor are you chomping on ? I always liked the supreme but my favorite is combination flavor. As to the 8 pack small pizzas , I ate one once but always liked the rolls much better. Just cheese. It's Lent. I miss pepperoni pizza. Even having the cheese ones are cheating (no meat/no dairy).
  14. Remember when Jeno's used to make these smallish pizzas, about 8 to a box, in the mid-80s? I was in college when they stopped making them and I was SOOOO bummed. When I babysat for a cousin's family in high school (I'm almost 45), they always made sure to have those in the freezer for me.
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