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  1. What a cluster this is. I guess the price we pay for Crook County electing JB.
  2. My FOID expired on 1/1/2020. I applied for the renewal on 10/5/2019. My status continues to be "Under Review". Never mind that I have a CCW and I am an instructor. Every attempt to contact ISP has been unsuccessful. Any idea whaT I can do to figure out what is going on? Thanks.
  3. Did you get a letter from the ISP to renew your FOID? Or did you check on the website? Mine is coming up fro renewal soon.
  4. Try clearing your browser data. That sometimes helps.
  5. It takes a lot of effort and hair pulling to get through to the ISP. No question there. It is possible though. I have no reason not to believe my friend as had no reason to lie.
  6. Any attorneys in the Naperville-Wheaton-Warrenville or Dupage County. I just want to have some names in my phonebook - just in case.
  7. A friend recently applied to renew his FOID. After waiting for sometime he called ISP and was told that since JB became the Governor there is now a 60 day wait time for mailing out the FOID cards. He was told his card was ready and would be mailed out when the 60 day mark was reached. Does anyone have more information on this or can someone confirm this?
  8. Fantastic, for once the good guy won and ISP did the right thing without any hoopla.
  9. Such a law did pass Congress but got stuck in Senate. Now that we have a Republican senate it may get through there only to die in the White House, I bet it gets added to some funding bill that is more important than this and gets signed into law in the next two years. At least we can all hope :-)
  10. Too bad you didn't see this thread sooner! My bad for not checking the forums regularly. Got an email from ISP saying that my records have been updated and I am good.
  11. Too bad you didn't see this thread sooner! My bad for not checking the forums regularly.
  12. I got a letter from the ISP couple of weeks ago telling me that my instructor permit was revoked - after waiting on the phone for over 30 minutes I found out that my NRA credentials had expired. Sent I SP the scan of updated credentials. Hopefully keeping my fingers crossed. The bad part was that they letter did not state why they were revoking my instructor credentials. The good part - the lady at ISP on the phone was very helpful.
  13. Are they teaching the UTCCW as a part of the first 8 hours? As a add on. Basically the UT class is 4 hours and 2 hours of that is covered in the IL class. The remaining two hours mostly is the law which of course is different in UT. Additionally UT requires each student to receive a 52 page booklet either on a CD, flash drive or paper before leaving the class. Most instructors charge a nominal fee for the additional two hours. We change $50.00.
  14. I am an instructor and I was approved on Wednesday. That is when I checked. I applied on 12/18.
  15. I just got my CCW License in the mail. I am in DuPage County. Looks great. I am going out to get some work done and I will be carrying for the FIRST TIME.
  16. My understanding is that Hawaii has never issue a CCL. They are a May Issue state and basically thumbing their noses at the 2nd Amendment. Now let me add - that is my understanding and I could be totally wrong. So if someone has better information please post.
  17. I have at least two students from IN and FL who took the classes in IL. They are probably going to face the same issue I guess.
  18. I was able to complete my CCW Permit application on a Mac 10.9.1 running Safari 7.0.1 with the latest version of Java. No problems at all.
  19. Anyone know of any attorneys near Naperville who specialize in Firearms Law? I am going for my IL CCW Instructor approval and need one. Thanks in advance.
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