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  1. Bring a razor blade and tell the manager your there to scrape the sign off so he does not loose his job. Exactly what I was thinking.
  2. Ugh! Bummer. I'll probably be joining you on the wait for Friday (then Saturday...) OK, this is really mean but...my wife was messing with me when she txt me saying it hadn't come yet...I HIT THE LOTTERY. I can't wait to get home and actually see it for myself. Congrats man. Awesome.
  3. Filled out: late December Paid: 2014-01-02 Approved: 2014-02-28 Fingerprints Non-instructor Dupage County
  4. If you haven't received anything from the ISP yet (in order to know what the postmark is) how can you blame the ISP? Perhaps it's in the mail and the USPS is to blame. That seems to be what a lot of people are running into. Is your blame mislaid? ISP said that they mailed 5000 on Friday. I guess I dont know when they mailed mine yet, but I was taking their word for it.
  5. I got a letter from the 2nd Amendment Foundation - FROM WASHINGTON STATE - postmarked Friday. It arrived yesterday. So ISP is the culprit, not USPS.
  6. So the ISP clearly didn't mail 5000 this weekend like they said they did.
  7. It will go where all the other money goes: In the personal accounts of key state democrats and their syndicate.
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