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  1. http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/local/breaking/chi-police-suspect-cut-mans-face-during-cta-bus-dispute-20140830-story.html More evidence to support repealing the ban on carrying on public transportation. As if we really needed any more...
  2. Just remember that when the antis are looking for evidence to back their requests for stronger penalties and more flexibility in signage requirements, this is what they're going to point to.
  3. Can't help but think it would have had a bit more impact if you weren't so ready to disarm for a free oil change though.
  4. Yes. The way Oakbrook did it is on purpose (IMO) to trip up CCW-holders. Per Ty's post, it sounds like they have it at some entrances to the parking lot, but not all. I suspect that's easily enough to get you a "not guilty" in court, but probably would still get arrested and have to go through the court process. I think the anti-gunners like to make it confusing, so they can cause more grief to law-abiding citizens who they detest. I won't step foot in Oakbrook Mall or any business there. Instead, I go to Stratford Square or Fox Valley, which are not posted. Well, if they did it on purpose, it doesn't seem to be having the intended effect. Has anyone been arrested yet for carrying in a prohibited area?
  5. Yeah, the meat production facility sells what they butcher. It's tasty stuff. I know "lab" makes it sound odd, but it's like any meat counter, just with a teaching facility on the other end. Oh, I was envisioning eight-winged chickens and bite-sized pigs and the like...
  6. Then I'd respectfully suggest finding another theater to go to. And reading "The Gift of Fear". As evident by the guy shot in the back while walking down the street, even that's not safe anymore. I could go out of my way to go to another theater and be in just as much danger. That's true, but you're getting that unsettled feeling for a reason, even if you're not fully aware of what that reason is.
  7. Then I'd respectfully suggest finding another theater to go to. And reading "The Gift of Fear".
  8. That's the deal with Bass Pro at Gurnee Mills. Just the actual mall is posted.
  9. BShawn - You could do a book of these - I'd buy it! I haven't laughed this hard in a while...
  10. Doesn't sound like a false arrest, but somebody should be bending over backward to get this fixed for him.
  11. Yeah, there's a thread with 635 replies on it about this sign. Some find it confusing, some don't. http://illinoiscarry.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=47178&page=22
  12. I still don't know who I'm seeing at Walmart... http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn82/awanderlust/Harbaugh_zps1c656a58.jpg Football guy?
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