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  1. Is the ISRA supporting this bill, or is this their way of informing membership that they know it is going to pass?
  2. Juts checked and inspect element shows approved. Changed sometime between 3pm yesterday and 3 pm today They must have fired up the printer today. I just went active within the last 2 hours.
  3. Juts checked and inspect element shows approved. Changed sometime between 3pm yesterday and 3 pm today
  4. Submitted 2-21-19 with prints Expired 2-27-19 Inspect element still shows submitted as of this moment. Getting ready to hit 90 days so we will see. Free carry is ok with me!
  5. Your FOID is still active. You will receive a new card. Because your FOID card # was changed to match your FCCL you will run into an issue if you were to try and buy a gun from a dealer before one of your new cards come in the mail. This is because the dealer will attempt to run a BG check using your old and now invalid FOID number from your old card and he will an error trying to run the check. However if stopped by police the system will show you as having a valid FOID as well as an FCCL.
  6. This is problem is beyond ridiculous! I've been trying to get through to get an application started for my 10 yr. old son. He is ready to join the school clay shooting team but a FOID card is one of the requirements. Not to mention all the issues I try to help my students and customers with when it comes to FOID and FCCL issues. What a load of crap!
  7. Looks like they got my training partner as well. I'm not on the list but I'm sure to follow as we took Instructor training at the same time. What a crock.
  8. Got mine! I'm in Perry County. Co-Instructor got his and he is in Randolph.
  9. How do you like the ZQI stuff? Local wally world has ammo cans of the stuff but I've never used any myself.
  10. I'm sure it will take a couple days for all the signs to come down.
  11. The ones around me have the locked door, but it requires a buzz to get out, not one on the way in.
  12. Sparta Walmart has these signs as well so I would assume we will we em throughout the state.
  13. I got my cards today and they look GREAT! Thanks for working to make these available!
  14. No star just a measly little dot, stars don come until 1000 post.
  15. It appears right now the NRA and ISRA are mostly licking their wounds from the beating Madigan gave them. In any case, it is not like they can snap their fingers and make AWB go away. They are making gun owners aware of the problem and encouraging citizens to go to the meetings of the local governing bodies and make it clear such things are unwelcome. it most cases, this seems to be working. for the places it is not working, the courts are the only recourse, and that is a very slow process. you win some, you lose some, sometimes it is not real obvious whether you have won or lost. but you keep trying. are you stoned? :rofl:
  16. Senator David S. Luechtefeld ® 58th District Representative Jerry F. Costello, II (D) 116th District
  17. Read the referenced area in the criminal code of 2012, if you cant figure it out send me a PM.
  18. I think we should watch and support SB1538 for the simple fact that its Harley's bill, I know its not firearm related but we should support other members effort. we will already be calling and writing our Reps. no reason we cant add it to the the call or email. Basically what I'm tryin to say is it causes no extra effort to watch or support it.
  19. This is exactly why I hardly ever post, I have been a member since 07 but barely have 60 post, even though I visit every day. I talk allot better than I type i guess, I was NOT making accusations to the leaders that they were not being up front. I was merely questioning the validity of the petition itself and hoping to hear someone in the know to say it was real and not someone on another board trying to cause a stir.And the only reason I questioned it to begin with was it was so late when we found it and it was somewhere else. That it all. I have the utmost respect for everybody here and just hope I can help contribute half as much as they do. Sorry if i ruffled any feathers, it was not my intent.
  20. I saw it. It's the same maneuver they have used at every juncture in the case at every opportunity. Their last request for more time was basically denied. This is on the second page of the petition: 3. Moreover, given the stay of the mandate currently in place, the requested extension of time would not delay the effective date of the panel’s judgment. If a rehearing petition were filed and denied, the mandate still would issue 180 days after the December 11, 2012 filing date of the Court’s opinion, regardless of whether the Court allows this request. I understand that it wouldn't affect the 180 stay, I was just starting to question its authenticity. Thanks for confirming that it is in fact real. Now if Posner is as well regarded to the rest of the panel as everyone here says then a denial is in order!
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