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  1. Devore is going live on a few hours to explain it all. This will cause Devore's Case #2 to have a decision in line with this one.
  2. Devore actually has a shirt that says "Grifter" on it. He has worn it in some of his videos. I think he thinks it is funny.
  3. They are actually often quite schizophrenic about it. "Cops are bad" and "de-fund the police" is, for most of the anti crowd, right there with "only the police and government should have guns" or "I don't need a gun, I will just call the police." Makes no sense at all.
  4. He thought that was all wrong as well. He is completely against the LEO exemption.
  5. Just had a discussion with an off-duty Illinois state trooper that I know. His "Will Not Comply" hoodie with an AR-15 rifle pic below it made me engage him. In a nutshell: he said that he took an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States of America. He will not break that oath. It made my heart warm.
  6. Here are the letters from the Williamson County sheriff and states attorney.
  7. And now Williamson. The sheriff and states attorney (both just sworn in a few weeks ago) are on board. The county commissioners were going to send a letter in opposition as well.
  8. The same exact way we got concealed carry in Illinois (God bless my friend, Mary Shepherd!!). Arrogance always leads to a downfall. They ignore the Constitution, they will get smacked down. Illinois politicians have done it for so long that that think they can always do it.
  9. "LOOPHOLE" is their new buzzword for "a law we don't like."
  10. I typed "On behalf of self" again after I had already put it higher up on the form. It then let it on through.
  11. It isn't letting me file. Keeps saying I have to list which group I am representing even though I never checked the "group" box.
  12. According to Darren Bailey, the Safe-T Act was ruled unconstitutional and will head to the IL Supreme Court!
  13. And the taxpayers pay for all the lawsuits. The politicians have nothing to lose, really
  14. And they already let me know my file has been updated!!
  15. I just re-upped mine and am getting ready to send them to the ISP.
  16. Hey, all, it is November, and the end of the year will sneak up on us quickly. If it is your year to re-up your NRA creds, get it done now and send in the proof to the ISP.
  17. I had an FCCL student let me know yesterday that he got his license. It was at about 6 weeks with prints.
  18. MollyB, have you heard anything about MO and another nearby state (can't remember which one, maybe KY) that is considering rescinding its recognition of the IL FCCL? I heard this rumor from only one source, so I do not want to be unduly alarmed.
  19. This is what I have from last year: Instructor_Docs@isp.state.il.us They were very quick to respond and let me know that they updated my file.
  20. Those are on the handouts, available on the DVD. Yes, but I have them on my computer now and have a bunch printed out for classes. I just wanted to know where to tell folks to amend their handouts.
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