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Thoughts on the 10mm.

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Posted 29 June 2019 - 01:20 PM

[quote name="ChicagoRonin70" post="1219425" timestamp="1561527068"][quote name="HeavyDuty" post="1219084" timestamp="1561307447"]
[quote name="ChicagoRonin70" post="1218514" timestamp="1560912615"]
[quote name="HeavyDuty" post="1218155" timestamp="1560697416"]
I wouldn’t discount a 357 SIG Glock. My 33 is quite impressive, I like it for parka season.
 I recommend the Underwood 65 grain Xtreme Defender for that. 2,100 fps out of a 4" barrel, so out of your G33, I would say you could still hit around 1,950–2,000 fps.
 They do some massive tissue damage to pig carcasses, and will go through soft IIIA ballistic protection.[/quote]

I’m not a fan of exotics - 125 grain Gold Dots are fine for my uses.
In situations where having the most effective solution to stop the target through wounding mechanisms is vital, that's like saying . . .
"I'm not a fan of stainless steel scalpels; iron razors are fine for my doctor to perform surgery on me."[/quote]

No it's more akin to saying "I'll stick with steel scalpels which all medical professional use, have a proven track record and are an industry standard, instead of your irradiated diamond scalpel that you say is awesome at slicing up pigs.

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Posted 11 July 2019 - 04:31 PM

Well,I did pick up that g29 gen 4 and this gun is a lot of fun to shoot.ran 200 rd,s through it today including 180 and 200 grain fmj,s.I decided on Sig Sauer 180 gr v-crown jhp,s for defense rounds.stout recoil as expected but pushes more rearward with little muzzle flip.I would compare recoil to my sub compact 45 acp shooting +p,s.small frame with a heavy beefy slide and could be easily concealed with cooler weather.my first glock and I have to say I am pleased with the simplicity of the pistol and ease of breakdown.it cycled flawlessly.I gave it a quick cleaning and light oiling out of the box.I put some pinky extensions on the mags and am now able to get a full grip.I do appreciate 3 mags come with it.the sights might have to get swapped out.with the price of 10mm ammo it might not make every range trip but as many as possible.I don't reload yet but you can bet I have been picking up the brass.I can't imagine ever feeling out gunned with this caliber and would surely be a devastating round to a criminal with bad intentions.thanks again for all your thoughts.

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