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  1. I used up my 5 trys to renew my foid card how do I fix
  2. luckydawg13


    I would look into a OWB holster for comfort IWB just don't work for me when it's hot outside i carry a smaller size pistol OWB or just pocket carry you have to just find what works for you that said Milt sparks makes just about the best leather holster you can buy
  3. NO don't skip the single stage when you are starting out you need to go slow and Pay attention to what you are doing you will always find a reason to have a single stage press on your bench especially when you are working up a load just my 2 cents Good luck
  4. I would start looking for primers first as far as presses i would just stick with a single stage press
  5. Ok it's starting to grow on me a little the more I look at it but not for 3K
  6. The hammer looks a little bit goofy
  7. In 9mm if i need +p+ well good thing I have a 357
  8. Ok so if you move out of State yon need to send your C/C and your FOID back ?? To whom
  9. Do you wipe only the exterior surface? Or do you take the gun apart and then wipe? I I only wipe exterior as interior should still be coated I clean my carry gun once a month weather it needs it or not field strip wipe exterior as needed
  10. this I could give a Rat's a** the color of skin
  11. Gas station by me put up signs I told the guy working there that they lost a customer gave him a card like above sing was down by the weekend
  12. That sucks i hope that you can get a new one fast and you might want to look into a front pocket wallet
  13. Like many other here have said that quality has gone downhill wish that they sold other boats than trackers
  14. Well if you want the Best and can wait a few weeks milt sparks is the wat to go https://www.miltsparks.com/products-55-bn.php if you need it faster and dont want to spend a lot have a look at Azula https://azulagunholsters.com/product/owb-2-slot-belt-holster/
  15. Another option you can try is (medical) isotope lead. Let me see if I can get a picture to post here: http://www.fototime.com/A5F2FF467D36BAA/standard.jpg If that doesn’t work, try this link: http://www.fototime.com/A5F2FF467D36BAA/standard.jpg Which was also posted on the cast boolits forum. Medical isotope lead is a cylindrical lead container for holding whatever radioactive material as it is transported into hospitals. that is some good stuff
  16. You can use side cutters to test WW lead and Stick on WW you will be able to cut and put a good dent in zink is harder to mark
  17. if your just getting into casting you should join http://castboolits.gunloads.com/cmps_index.php lots of good guys there also look in the Swappin & Sellin for your casting need's
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