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  1. If I was a gambling man, I would bet that was a backroom handshake deal to make the IL Supreme Court ruling appear more legit, just sayin'
  2. Every day I see Tweet after Tweet of people who could not pass an 8th-grade civics class, these surveys are no different, our national education system is an utter failure on so many levels...
  3. Yes, she is the one who tossed his gun in a dumpster, then someone sent out the Secret Service to clean it up... https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11738609/Maybe-asked-favor-Secret-Service-accused-cover-Hunter-Bidens-gun.html
  4. In general, a right should be nearly absolute until it directly infringes upon someone else's right and a compromise has to be established to preserve most of each party's conflicting rights and/or it's lost due to judicial adjudication, until that point a right should be nearly absolute or else it's not a right...
  5. I had the same thought, but no way denying firearm use to those under 18 is in line with Bruen precedent...
  6. https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2023-09-13/9th-circuit-rules-california-ban-on-marketing-guns-to-minors-is-likely-unconstitutional
  7. Classic don't put all your eggs in one basket... Yes, it's wasteful, but as we have a long historical record to look at we can see that a plethora of gun cases arguing the same points never go anywhere, then all a sudden one comes out of the gates and shoots up the court ladder while all the rest still go nowhere... Just look at a case like Rahimi, of all the gun cases that have run up the court ladder and been presented to the Supreme Court, most would argue Rahimi was one of the most random and unexpected to make it, but here we are...
  8. This is going to get more interesting, the lawsuits are suing her in both official and individual capacities, so she has to defend herself or face a default judgment against her and the state that could be millions upon millions upon millions under the stripped qualified immunity laws they just recently passed...
  9. That is what I want to see, go after her in her individual capacity for deprivation of rights and financially destroy her and all involved to send a message to others that may be as dumb!
  10. So I read this article today, yeah I know it's from a UK media outlet, but it has been picked up by several US media outlets and republished, it irks me that an enumerated right is framed as Republican vs Democrat... And of course I just have to laugh when they bring up that some proclaim this will bring down violent crime, it's true 🤡🌎 mentality... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2023/09/11/new-mexico-gun-ban-albuquerque-michelle-lujan-grisham/
  11. I got my paraphrase a little off as I was just casually listening, they left out crisis' but anyway they still called it a public health issue... I would personally call it more of a lack of education, and just like I preach that gun safety should be a mandatory school class every year, I also believe water safety which includes learning how to swim should also be mandatory in schools... https://www.nbcchicago.com/news/local/water-safety-stressed-in-wake-of-recent-lake-michigan-drownings/3224760/
  12. The 'public health crisis' spinword is spreading... I almost never watch the news, but the TV was still on after Football tonight and NBC News 5 just said that Lake Michigan drownings need to be treated/addressed as a 'public health crisis
  13. Just a thought, it might be a revealing and interesting FOIA to request all her communications associated with guns since the shooting of the 11-year-old child and her implementing this and post 72 hours of implementing it... I just can't help but wonder if this move was fed to her by one of the usual suspects...
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