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  1. Well I would like to celebrate, but I doubt the next nomination will be any better.
  2. As someone who had to fight to get a firearm back after it was siezed the sucky truth is that dollar for dollar it's not worth it! I did it out of principle but truth be known, it cost me far more to get the firearm back than it was worth, and not by a small amount either. Yeah it's not fair, yeah it's wrong, yeah it's technically theft by police, but sadly the reality is they hold the upper hand and you will have to pay dearly to get force their hand. Even though it's probably not what you want to hear, probably best to just let go and more forward with a new firearm purchase if all the legal issues are behind you.
  3. That is what happens when you don't prosecture them, start handing out 10 year Federal prison sentences to all of them and I'm betting some will start to reconsider...
  4. And Biden's first move was to hand a terrorist organization control of a county along with billions upon billions of dollars worth of US arms?
  5. The "I don't care" is exactly what the anti-gunners love to hear everytime they pass an anti-gun law or EO, they love to divide and concure and love when people toss without pushing. Allow them ban the import of Russian ammo without pushback and you open up the door to them banning all foreign ammo, then banning all foreign firearms, then banning all foreign firearm components and so on. It's all great to say buy American, but it's highly unrealistic, there isn't enough ammo to go around even with imports. It's like saying don't buy made in China stuff and thinking you will be able to function and thrive in the tech heavy US world. And lets face it, if you own a Soviet Bloc AK, they love that cheap steel ammo coming out of Russia, in fact many run it better than brass! At the end of the day, banning the import of Russian ammo has zero to do with punishing Russia, that is just the smoke and mirrors game as ammo amounts to a small sliver of what Russia exports to the US, it's about attacking the 2nd, if they were serious about actually punishing Russia they would ban petroleum product imports! And as pro-2nd people we should care.
  6. This has nothing to do with punishing Russia and everything to do with punishing American gun owners through Executive Orders.
  7. It was shared by a local elected official, that is the extent of what I know about it.
  8. I did some quick searches here and didn't see anything on this, it appear from some Googling that the case Civ. No. 19-00578 JMS-RT is listed with the two spellings of CONNERS/CONNORS This is in regards to two Hawaii laws, one law that requires a 10 day permit be obtained to purcahse a handgun, and another law that mandates you bring the firearm it in for in person inspection/registration after you purchase. https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/federal-district-court-rules-two-hawaii-gun-control-laws-violate-the-second-amendment/ Ruling https://storage.courtlistener.com/recap/gov.uscourts.hid.146729/gov.uscourts.hid.146729.107.0.pdf
  9. I believe most judges are quite astute, it comes with the job, but the problem is many allow their personal opinions and agendas to take priority over that astuteness.
  10. Beat me to it by 3 mintues, LOL... It's going to be very interesting to see where it goes from here, especially since the 4th encompases DC itself.
  11. My guess is they simply dumped and sent all images found on the 'marketing departments' computers without review.
  12. Well maybe it's time the conservatives realize that talking points are good for national policy, something the liberals figured out a long time ago and have been using to successfully push state and national policy for decades! We only need to look at Justice Thomas' recent comment something that equality applies to 2nd rights as it does to marijuana use "The Federal Government's current approach is a half-in, half-out regime that simultaneously tolerates and forbids local use of marijuana."
  13. Apparently over 2/3 of the counties in the US now have some kind of 2nd Amendment sancutary law or policy in place. https://sanctuarycounties.com/
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