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  1. 181,000 ccl carriers in IL.I still don't see much bad press if any concerning ccl holders.sometimes they win and occasionally they lose in a shootout, but we all know the risks.this guy would be hard to defend according to the news story.I,for one,am not taking out the violin for him.
  2. Your in for one night.carry a 10 rounder and a spare mag.no worries.
  3. Alright guys and gals can you please explain to me in layman,s terms what is going on and what steps I need to take if any?should everyone change password?
  4. Fox just put felony charges on a off duty cpd who shot a unarmed man in the hand he "thought" was car jacking him.you better know the offender is armed in cook county before you draw or you will need every bit of that cch insurance.
  5. If you are focused on conceal carry in 9mm in all four seasons with good capacity I would suggest the Sig Sauer p365 might be the last gun you buy.among other options is the glock 43.both are referred to as micro compacts.the glock g19 is also a iconic gun more than worthy of consideration.no one can dispute the simplicity,ease of take down,functionality and reliability of glock.if upper body strength in racking a slide is a problem look at the s\w ez platform.you have plenty of time,be smart and make informed decisions. Remeber,a conceal licence will take at least 4-6 months.good luck.
  6. All I know is I would only do a interstate transfer if I knew without question it was a legal transfer.not to sound paranoid but god forbid that firearm was used in a crime and your defense was you were unclear of the laws.some forum member smarter than me will find some hard info on this.curious if the law on interstate transfer contradicts itself between IL and in.
  7. Trump fires Lombardo and Richardson.maybe replaces them,maybe not.Biden and Harris hand pick the replacements. The atf under the Biden and Harris presidency will not want to play fair to possession and carrying of firearms of law abiding citizens.
  8. "Assault weapons", high cap mags,and internet sales are on top of the list.we know this.what their wish is,is to seize all semi and fully auto firearms.and there are countries on which to give them a blueprint for this.new Zealand,Australia,and currently Canada.if they have their way,you will have nothing but sling shots,pump shotguns and bolt action guns in your safe.there are over 3 million guns in this country,good luck with that Joe.
  9. Chicago: Regulate assault weapons Votes Yes 679,799 77.8% No 193,532 22.2% 98% of vote Ok,I figure the anti gun types will be clicking their heels with those numbers.what now?how important are these numbers on the city,county,state level?
  10. Where or who is responsible for these silly yes or no votes on the Chicago ballot. Such as should IL restrict the sale or possession of "assault weapons" and high cap mags.there were a couple other silly ones.
  11. So just out of curiosity, let me get this straight.inpatient psych or substance abuse is reported directly into a isp database. At some point there is a member of your local law enforcement or a civilian for all I know, I can picture with their feet up eating a donut deciding weather or not to flag you.you would think there would be very defined guidelines across the board.and no,I'm not defending criminal acts.it just seems to me after reading so many of these posts,some folks are just wronged.
  12. 11 days.ffl states some have been waiting weeks.seems very few if any can find a live person to talk to ,blah,blah,same old.ffl was swamped,business is good.
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