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  1. Glock sights are actually pretty easy to do yourself. No sight pusher needed. Block of wood, hammer, and C clamp and you are set. I've done several. There should be videos readily available to show you how. The front sight requires a special tool (about $10) or you can grind down a cheap nut runner or socket to fit the set screw. I'm nowhere near you or I would probably volunteer.
  2. Actually, it was dismissed on causation grounds. The court stated that even if the Plaintiff had proved causation, the court would still have dismissed the complaint on public policy grounds as the alleged negligence was too remote from the injury. The actions of the killer constituted a superseding cause, alleviating the Defendants of liability. (Order at pgs 20-21.)
  3. Foid renewal 242 days til approval, 6 days to arrive in mail. Only saving grace is expiration date is 10 years from date of issue, not from the expiration of the old one. Don't tell Jabba that I got 5 months for free. There will be a bill to "fix" that next session.
  4. With the real threat of packing the court, perhaps they are waiting until after the mid term elections? With that said, Young v Hawaii is also making its way to the court. That would be a major case to overturn the may issue shenanigans and perhaps to even get rid of the permitting system altogether. (Holding breath . . . . )
  5. Did this happen before or after the FOID act was repealed?
  6. You were fortunate to get yours so quick. My Utah renewal dragged out for three whole weeks. Illinois renewal 229 days and counting.
  7. Did mine on the laptop beginning of Feb. Got card in mail on Saturday.
  8. About five years ago a local fast food franchise was posted. I emailed the corporate office, told them i would no longer be patronizing the place or any other franchise if the sign remained up,and about a week later it was down. Making it known that there will be a loss of business and a brush taken to the whole corporation at the hands of one franchisee does work. If this decision was made at the corporate level, then complaints to corporate will get noticed, Whether or not they reverse their decision remains to be seen, but complaints have to stand a chance of reversal.
  9. Something. (Call went out to come here and post something, so I did.)
  10. Or if you ever get to Wisconsin, they have been legal there for the past year and a half. Lots of places to just walk in and buy one.
  11. Here is one. S30V steel too. http://www.bladehq.com/item--Smith-Wesson-Military-Police--13611
  12. I don't know if they will ship to an Illinois address, but be aware that they are still illegal to possess as of right now. I personally have acquired two recently, shipped to a Wisconsin address. They will remain in Wisconsin until legal to possess in Illinois.
  13. Fact is, they are still illegal to possess in Illinois for another 8 days or so. I have already checked out their site a month ago when I first heard of them though.
  14. Yes but they cannot send them through the US mail. They have to ship via common carrier, i.e., UPS, Fed Ex, etc.
  15. Last time I looked, there were 545 bills on the Gov's desk. I'm sure this one isn't a priority for him. He isn't going to sign it. 15 more days to go.
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