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  1. Foid renewal 242 days til approval, 6 days to arrive in mail. Only saving grace is expiration date is 10 years from date of issue, not from the expiration of the old one. Don't tell Jabba that I got 5 months for free. There will be a bill to "fix" that next session.
  2. With the real threat of packing the court, perhaps they are waiting until after the mid term elections? With that said, Young v Hawaii is also making its way to the court. That would be a major case to overturn the may issue shenanigans and perhaps to even get rid of the permitting system altogether. (Holding breath . . . . )
  3. Did this happen before or after the FOID act was repealed?
  4. You were fortunate to get yours so quick. My Utah renewal dragged out for three whole weeks. Illinois renewal 229 days and counting.
  5. Did mine on the laptop beginning of Feb. Got card in mail on Saturday.
  6. About five years ago a local fast food franchise was posted. I emailed the corporate office, told them i would no longer be patronizing the place or any other franchise if the sign remained up,and about a week later it was down. Making it known that there will be a loss of business and a brush taken to the whole corporation at the hands of one franchisee does work. If this decision was made at the corporate level, then complaints to corporate will get noticed, Whether or not they reverse their decision remains to be seen, but complaints have to stand a chance of reversal.
  7. The politicians aren't bankrupt. They have money they are getting from somewhere. Draw your own conclusions. Morally bankrupt is a different story.
  8. Sounds like business as usual. I'm at 152 days on my FOID renewal. This is the new normal. And the old normal.
  9. The vast majority of probate estates are independently administered without the court having to supervise or approve anything. The FOID check issue would only come up if the estate was not independently administered. With this being a bona fide gift to a grandchild, it does not appear that a FOID check is even necessary.
  10. The lawyer-client relationship is between the lawyer and his grandfather. Unless the lawyer was also hired by the executor of the will to do the probate work, he is under no obligation to answer any questions from the grandson.
  11. Your FOID expires in 92 days. Renewal button doesn't appear until 90 days from expiration from what I hear. Give it a few days and see if it appears.
  12. They issued a new FOID so that the number matches your CCL. The time for the FOID is not extended,but expires on the original date that the old one did. This is standard operating procedure for the People's Republic of Illinois. You will need to apply for a new FOID and can do so 90 days before the expiration date. Be patient. The state has extended the expiration dates so you will not expire any time soon. I would apply as soon as you are able. I am almost 90 days out on my renewal, and from what I hear it is taking like 140 days now.
  13. See the Illinois case of People v.Diggins, 379 Ill App 3d 994 holding that the center console is a case for this purpose. Affirmed by the Ill Supreme court case no 106367.
  14. 127 days. no prints. 71 days of free carry. now the wait for the mailman.
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