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  1. That would probably lead back to legit recylers, and without probable cause you would likely not be able to get a list of people dropping them off in bulk, like junkyards and muffler companies. That is where a serial or paint job opens the door, if you see a serialed one or a painted one the probable cause door is open. It's not perfect but it inconviences them enough that it's likely to make them skip your car, just like locking your doors is generally enough to deter all these snatch and grab stuff inside parked car crooks that canvas neighborhoods. Statistics show that if you make your item just that much harder and less desirable than the next many times crooks will skip it, yeah it's not perfecte but it helps. Just like Illinois law forbidding paying more than $100 'cash' for cats, it's not perfect but it inconviences many that would otherwise do it. It's really no different than serial numbers on the car themselves it's just a deterant, I have parted out enough stripped cars to know that people will offer more for the dashboard and serial numbler plate combined with the title than the junk yard will give for the entire car if it's a popular model. Everytime I have parted out a car, I always get several people offering stupid money for the dashboard and title, I turn them down but I'm sure others don't.
  2. If a painted or serialized one is found by the police during whatever, it allows them to trace it back to a specific crime instead of the suspect just saying, he cut it off a junked car and/or replaced it for a friend. Without a way to connect it to a crime, it's a whole lot harder to build a solid case and the crooks know this, it becomes a matter of risk.
  3. Yes, they deadly simply to machinie at home you can actually 3d print a functional one even easier (a 3d printed one probably won't last 1000 rounds but will likely dump a few mags without issue) and the 3d print files are all over the web, but probably 95% of them come from China all polished with a factory finish and bootleg Glock etching and ready to go for a few bucks. They were all over the place a few years ago for about $20 sold as 'airsoft' conversions, then the government started to crack down on the sellers and importers, but they can still be had on the dark web markets for about $50-$100. The switch design actually closely mimicks that real full auto slide and function of factory full auto Glocks, so it's pretty darn reliable (from what I understand) as it's not a 'hack' like a lot of full auto conversions.
  4. The video said they found 8 switches, anyone want to bet that no one faces the likely 10+ years they should get for that illegal machine gun on top of whatever charges for likely being a prohibited person and the gun being stolen or the produce of a straw purchase? I'm betting the people are already back on the streets, and won't even face 2 or 3 years when it's all said and done!
  5. The article implies they engrave then paint, so that would require a bit more work and potential for damage to remove.
  6. Yeah, apparently there are paints out there that will survive the temps. https://www.roseville.ca.us/news/what_s_happening_in_roseville/f_r_e_e_catalytic_converter_engraving_and_painting
  7. There are those, plus a lot of people are getting creative. I have seen picture of people that have welded chains all over the cat and welded the other end of the chain to to the frame of the car at misc points. Also seen several nets make of cables that harness the cat and attach to the frame. Saw some people making cages out of rebar, even saw one guy that wrapped the cat in sections of razor wire welded to the cat and welded to the frame. They want that 1 or 2 minute get-away so anything that they see that will slow them down will likely cause them to skip you.
  8. Yep, a huge problem in some areas, some towns/cities have actually outlawed the selling of used catalytic converters trying to slow the theft down. Considering a new OEM catalytic converter can cost in the neighborhood of $1000, it's a big payday item, even if dumped well below market value. Hit up Youtube and watch some of the videos, these crews are FAST and BRAZEN, doing it in broad daylight and it only takes a crew of two about 1 minute flat to jack the car up and sawzall the convert off.
  9. The laws would work a whole lot better if they charged and prosecuted them! I gurantee that if you toss someone in jail for 5 or 10 or 20 years, they won't be a repeat offender during that 5 or 10 or 20 years, that is the entire point of jailing someone. We all know what is wrong and that is when someone is caught red handed doing something that under a plethora of existing laws could put that person away for a decade they are instead given signature bond and ultimately probation or a very small jail sentence, only to repeat, and repeat and repeat because there are no real consequences. We have an entire legal system of bleeding hearts that refuse to uphold the law against those that pose a repeat and continued threat, especially when they are under the age of 18.
  10. It really begs the question are our military trainers and soldiers really that ignorant and dumb, or is she and other ex or current military that make similar claims just flat out liars or are they just stupid?
  11. My guess is that was Dick Barr? He is basically the ugly duckling conservative surrounded by liberal nutwings and they despise the fact he won't fall in line! That burn ordiance is a real sore spot as public opinion leaned heavily towards allowing buring outside densely populated neighborhoods on acreage, but they didn't want to hear any of that, they had already made up their mind they were going to ban it before they even authored the ordinance. You should see the monster bon-fire I have building for when I can burn in November, it's going to be huge at least a 2 car garage size pile by November when I can light it up! As I said in my first post in this thread "The current Lake County Board, is rogue and power hungery." they don't serve the people they serve themselves and the liberal agenda.
  12. Yep, there is debate and I personally don't buy the debate short of the ordinance being codified to exempt the incorporated area or if a contract stating so exist, otherwise IMO the hierarchy is still in play, especially since the county sheriff by default under Illinois law has jurisdiction in the entire county. I believe the 'allowing' of it is no different than all the states that are openly passing laws to decriminalize things that are criminal at the federal level, it's being tollerated and allowed but not exactly following the rule of law. I would argue that if the county ordinance does not preempt the incorporated area, then it's enforceable by default (under Illinois law that grants county wide jurisdiction to County Sheriffs) as even a casual glance at the Lake County ordinances shows that some ordinances specifically state they are not enforceable inside incorporated areas, while other county ordinances specifically state incorporated areas are not preemepted and the ordinance is applicable in both incorporated and unincorporated areas. That to me sure implies the County has authority to enforce it's ordinances upon an incorporated area unless codified to the contrary. For an example, under the Lake Couny 'PUBLIC NUISANCES' ordinance, it clearly state both incorporated and unicorporated areas are subject to the county ordinance with a few specifically preempted as enforceable in incorporated areas.
  13. Interesting they say laser sights are not protected as that appears to go against the plain language of Heller that says the 2nd extends to "to all instruments that constitute bearable arms" If an argument like that prevails one could argue a rifle or pistol need not be able to fire at all, as it could be used as a blunt object in self defense, I don't see the SCOTUS falling for that too clever by half nonsense.
  14. It's the other way around, lower municipalities can enact equal or stricter ordinances to county or state laws, they can't enact lesser ones. OK better stated they are not supposed to enact lesser ones, but we live in a clown world were it does happen. Either way the village/township/city is bound by county law as well as state law, it tiers down, each level down can enact equal or stricter laws but not lesser laws. That said like other 'sanctuary' laws, if a faux lesser law is enacted, that just means that your local po-po will generally ignore the higher up law and follow the local one, County Sheriffs and State Police on the other hand will still follow county/state law if they are involved. BTW if you are curious as to why they would enact equal laws it's so when they arrest someone they can charge them with the local ordinance and keep the kings share of the fine themselves, same reason states enact equal laws to federal law.
  15. And all this time I was told crime didn't pay, apparently it does now and from the government no less, as long as you are criminal that also identifies as a violence interupter!
  16. $$$ They know full well it will be litigated to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, these mayors don't want that cost on their books so if they can find a sucker like Lake County to foot the bill win-win for them.
  17. We already know Californa is a petulant child, but unlike similar tobacco and alcohol laws, I say this one likely violates 1st and 2nd rights as it prohibits the exercising of the right. I will be interesting how the courts handle it under Bruen, will they make Bruen applicable to minors even though there are restrictions on ownership but generally not on use? Licensed airsoft toys seem to be made illegal under this law since they are generally branded. And I can see some real slippery slope stuff in regards to safety equipment and hunting gear, are kids sized ear muffs and safety glasses for example that are used in lawful hunting and shooting competions illegal now? It sure appears so. How about rifles designed for minors to enter the firearms hobby "safely" like the Crickett 22lr series of child sized bolt action rifles? Is a company like Keystone Sporting Arms (and even their website) literally banned now in California because they make firearms for children? Appears so! Bring on the lawsuits! https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billTextClient.xhtml?bill_id=202120220AB2571
  18. Or the plethora of other drugs both prescribed and otherwise that alter ones state? If that argument stands you could theoretically prohibit just about anyone! But, I do always get a giggle out of the governement that says marijuana has no medical use as they list the 'side effects' that relate to medicinal uses.
  19. I actually Googled it, apparently violence interrupters are generally not professional social workers, but past criminals from the community with past local gang and criminal history and connections, thus potentially allowing them to better relate to their peers and neighbors that they are to interact with.
  20. https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2022/08/07/police-states-attorney-hold-town-hall-as-lake-county-experiences-extreme-uptick-in-gun-violence/
  21. The current Lake County Board, is rogue and power hungery. I have little doubt that the current Lake County Board will take this request seriously and actually try to act upon it. Lake County has essentially become a mini-Illinois where the elite Lake Michigan coastal population dictates policy over the entire county.
  22. Yep, I believe that should be the case, many of the historical gun laws were nothing short of open and clear racism and discrimination and those laws should not be able to use to justify a new laws enactment.
  23. Personally I find that flawed, the historic law has to be scrutinized at minimum to assure it's constitutional in other respects in addition to the the core 2nd right, take for example the plethora of laws banning blacks (both free and slave() from owning guns that existed before the civil war, I personally don't see how those laws could be cited in the Bruen test to allow gun bans, as they are built upon a flawed foundation, one that could theoretically pass a low level scrutiny test.
  24. The court seemed to imply the late 1700s (formation of the country) and secondly the late 1800s (the reconstruction era) I would suspect with a preference given to the formation era, certainly nothing after 1900. I believe that is when scrict scrutiny comes into play aka weighting the historical text to see if it slaps 2nd rights or other rights on the face or not, as some (most) of the historal laws they passed were clearly racisted, sexist and/or punishment for those the government deemed not worthy or ordinances passed by lawless sheriffs in some remote town as they attempted to exert authority over the riff-raff, thus using those laws to support a similar law now is on a faulty foundation and nothing but strict scrutiny applied to the historical law should be applicable before it's appliled to to the Bruen test.
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