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  1. It's really simple, it's politics. They push through this law and their voter base fawns over it, it gets struck down by the courts and they blame Trump and the GOP and their voter bases fawns over them again. This won't stop until they allow civil rights lawsuits in their individual capacity against those that create and enforce these blatant unconstutional laws, but that will never happen as they won't pass a law that puts them at risk and having to answer to the people and Constitution.
  2. Local ordinance jurisdiction ends at the local municipality border bounderies, one could argue the local FFL should not have transfered it, but it could be argued that where they resided no law was broken by transfering it and the fact that they took it back to Highland Park was a seperate act removed from the transfer... I would guess that there is a lot of case law supporting this or else places like fireworks stands on state borders, liquor stores outside dry towns and what not could be instantly sued into non-existance for selling to out of state people, yet they are not because that sale does not violate the actual local law where the sale took place...
  3. Over and above all that, wouldn't it be ironic if Bud's (or anyone) challenged the overall constitutionally of the ban and prevailed under the premise that that ban is/was unconstitutional and thus there can be no liability found for the lawful sale.
  4. The effect of not being able to weigh in Means–Ends is going to have historic ripples for 2nd rights as long as the Judges actually follow the precedent!
  5. Or he was just a guy that under grief and stress was pushed to a little too far. Thus I would not be so quick to judge as it doesn't appear he has any serious criminal record while it does appear he has a lot of things going on and happening recently that likely need addressing. Calling people that need mental help "scumbags" and "whack jobs" is why many refuse to seek help, ask for help or get help before they actually snap. As a society we need to really address mental health, not name call. Hopefully this guy gets the help he needs. https://www.lakemchenryscanner.com/2022/11/13/judge-denies-bond-reduction-for-militia-member-accused-of-threatening-to-kill-people-found-with-arsenal-of-guns-near-grayslake/
  6. Not sure what that means, are you saying they were or were not all registered Democrats? Based on the fact that the MSM and Democrats have been screaming voting Republican is the end of Democraxy, I stand by what I said that anyone not registered Democrat is deemed anti-government as far as the media applies the term.
  7. Since the anti-gunners have proclaimed for decades that the 2nd only applied to the militia, is it any wonder a militia member had guns? Just sayin'
  8. That is actually a bargain for Illinois! 🤣 What I really like about TN is their Greenbelt property tax exemption, that allows you to possibly get a significant break on your property if you keep it natural and don't develop it, that aligns with what we want to do when we move to TN so it's quite appealing on it's own.
  9. I fully expect the measure to have an injunction against it before it goes into effect, but it's nice to see some Sheriffs actually taking a stand just the same.
  10. That is some lawyers thinking outside the box, and I like it as it's a compelling argument. S&W was exercising it's 2nd rights when making/selling the firearm they broke no laws while exercising those rights, thus they should not be liable, makes a lot of sense and is a very good argument!
  11. Prices started to climb the day Biden took office. We have been keeping a pulse on it for several years now, the 30-100 acre 'farmettes' we have been looking at have literally doubled in price in the last give or take year, it's crazy and worse even at these inflated prices they are under contract within hours of being listed, there will be an adjustement soon.
  12. I 100% agree with that, property tax and retirement income tax can be a wash or negate each other easily depending on location, it might be wise to accept a small income tax if the property tax savings are in excess of any income tax, look at the entire picture as well as overall cost of living, even something commonly overlooked like electrical/gas cost can be all over the place state to state, for example New Hampshire electricity rates are double what they are in Tennesseee, that can account to quite a bit of money.
  13. Rural Tennessee is what we are holding out for it's on the schedule in a few years as long as prices and interest fall back down, close enough to drive back here to see the family for the weekend and close enough for weekend trips to the Gulf and much shorter vacation drives to Florida...
  14. Tony DeLuca, past away in October, yet he just won over 85% of the vote in PA because he had a D in front of his name on the ballot! Maybe he appealed to fellow dead voters?
  15. House prices in most red states have doubled in the last year, but that is due for a major correction sooner than later with the interest rate hikes.
  16. As said both Heller and Bruen defined the level of scrutiny to apply to 2nd 'restriction laws', so it's very applicable here, unde Heller/Bruen the same level of scrutiny applies to discharging a firearm as well, to claim otherwise is just being silly. Sorry but suggesting the test established in Heller/Bruen is only applicable to owning and carrying firearms and not actually using them is again silly, honestly it's silly as the Bruen ruling placed no such limitations on the test to only ownership and carry, quite the contrary it cast a broad net 'firearm regulation'
  17. They are already spinning that among other things, Obama and company are all yelling 'It's the end of Democracy if you don't vote Democrat' the irony that if you don't vote for them in a Democratic election that Democracy ends is certainly not lost to anyone with a functional brain cell.
  18. And I hope that in the end it ads more precedent to the Bruen ruling, it's going to be huge either way at this point. I do wonder if the 5th denies the appeal if the ATF will back off vs going for broke as I really can't see them prevailing under the Bruen test (It's pretty evident the lower court sees the writing on the wall) and the precedent this could set is huge, especially if the ATF pushes it up the ladder to what most will agree is a perturbed Supreme Court in regards to what is an infringment of the 2nd and what isn't.
  19. The bigger question is how desperate are the Democrats that they had to dust off Billy (he is not exactlly Mr. Popularity) for some midnight hour rally?
  20. And if allowed they will expand the definition of rural to basically proxy ban the entire county, much like Lake County has been playing with, increasing the distance from property lines in 2018 to distance to buildings and decreasing it back to the original in 2022 to property lines, all the while the anti-gunners wanting to make the distance exponentially further and likely will if they get the chance... This is the same old 'compromise' that we have allowed to happen for decades to deny the 2nd in chunks until it's gone!
  21. She is nothing but a desperate politician trying to save her collapsing political ambitions, no different than Liz Cheney.
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