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  1. Riding it out until I can fully retire and relocate. 2-3 years to go. Sad because I love it where I now live, nice house on 40 acres of good hunting and 1/2 mile from a state park with fishing and hiking and biking. It will be really hard to find someplace I like as much and can afford.
  2. Talked to a guy last week that just got his FOID renewal after 13 months. Clean record No offenses never even a traffic ticket.
  3. It’s truly sad that we accept this whole FOID thing at all, regardless of how long we wait for a constitutional right.
  4. Voting on personality alone seems pretty shallow to me.
  5. So he claims to be pro gun? And pro LEO? But owes his retention to madigan and is part of the 4:3 dem court majority that has something to do with redistricting? Now I’m really confused.
  6. Our county republicans are urging a no vote to retain but his campaign mailer claims endorsed by ISRA (and FOP). I can't find any info on him or his politics. Anyone have any info?
  7. If you’re going to load more than one caliber or think you will ever load rifle, the 550 is a better choice than the square deal. Square deal is pistol only, requires special Dillon dies, and isn’t as convenient to change between calibers. The 550 uses any standard dies. I like Dillon dies because they are radiused a little more specifically for progressive loading.
  8. 35 years of reloading talking here... You are correct you can use a 550 for single functions. That said, my first press was a single stage and I still use it for some things. It's on my bench next to 2 Dillon progressives. The 550 package is an excellent way to get much of what you will need. Great company with a great no BS warranty. Something else to think about. My Dillons are worth more used than I paid for them new and have loaded many thousands of perfect rounds over many years. Everything from 9mm range bangers to match .308 and .300 mag hunting loads. My reloading experience is limited to 6 handgun calibers and 5 rifle calibers. I used to compete in high power rifle and practical pistol and shot 8-10k rounds per year. I never had a bad round in competition, only a few in practice, never any catastrophic failures. Good luck, go slow, be careful.
  9. She can hold it but it would be good to have a signed document stating transfer of Possession. I would avoid surrender.
  10. That is ridiculous. In a sane world, the CCL would replace the FOID or be essentially and enhanced version. Or better yet, no FOID.
  11. It's also possibly coincidence and a bunch of apps got green lighted today.
  12. I called my state rep Dan Swanson's office. I had called over 2 weeks ago also and they checked on it for me thru their channels then and ISP told them I still had 13 days before my 120. So it almost sounds like they have no intention of processing until the 90/120 days are up. The reps office just wanted my name address and app number to check on it for me.Call your own state representative and if they aren't willing to help they should atleast be made aware of what kind of job the ISP is doing (or not doing)
  13. Well what do you know? 125 days (no prints) and still said under review this morning. Called my state reps office and left a message. Now shows ACTIVE.
  14. Applied 01/08/2019 no prints expired 04/17/2019 shows "approved" in element inspection 05/06/2019 118 days now waiting for the card in the mail...
  15. There was a time when your state rep or state senator might influence them or get action or atleast a response. I don’t believe this is the case anymore unless you have a Madigan or Cullerton connection.
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