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  1. Riding it out until I can fully retire and relocate. 2-3 years to go. Sad because I love it where I now live, nice house on 40 acres of good hunting and 1/2 mile from a state park with fishing and hiking and biking. It will be really hard to find someplace I like as much and can afford.
  2. Talked to a guy last week that just got his FOID renewal after 13 months. Clean record No offenses never even a traffic ticket.
  3. It’s truly sad that we accept this whole FOID thing at all, regardless of how long we wait for a constitutional right.
  4. She can hold it but it would be good to have a signed document stating transfer of Possession. I would avoid surrender.
  5. That is ridiculous. In a sane world, the CCL would replace the FOID or be essentially and enhanced version. Or better yet, no FOID.
  6. It's also possibly coincidence and a bunch of apps got green lighted today.
  7. I called my state rep Dan Swanson's office. I had called over 2 weeks ago also and they checked on it for me thru their channels then and ISP told them I still had 13 days before my 120. So it almost sounds like they have no intention of processing until the 90/120 days are up. The reps office just wanted my name address and app number to check on it for me.Call your own state representative and if they aren't willing to help they should atleast be made aware of what kind of job the ISP is doing (or not doing)
  8. Well what do you know? 125 days (no prints) and still said under review this morning. Called my state reps office and left a message. Now shows ACTIVE.
  9. Applied 01/08/2019 no prints expired 04/17/2019 shows "approved" in element inspection 05/06/2019 118 days now waiting for the card in the mail...
  10. There was a time when your state rep or state senator might influence them or get action or atleast a response. I don’t believe this is the case anymore unless you have a Madigan or Cullerton connection.
  11. Did you submit prints initially? No. and yeah I know they have 120 days and its only been 108 or something but that is BS. I haven't changed address, had a parking ticket, or anything else. They need to do their d@m jobs. They've had my money for almost 4 months
  12. I applied 01/08/2019 Expired 04/17/2019 Still "under review" Got fed up and contacted my state rep today. His office is going to check on it and contact ispfsb on my behalf. I wouldn't be surprised if they blow the dust off my renewal app and approve it now. Assuming of course they have a way to contact them other than the phone and email we have...
  13. With money they have raked in from fees, they have NO excuse for phone systems, computers, or staffing problems. Unacceptable.
  14. Would be great to see Henry and rock island county added soon since they are home to Springfield armory and Rock River arms (and all the voters they employ).
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