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  1. I have a crusty old savage 16g bolt action missing the mag spring and follower. Might be the only way to get $100 for it.
  2. She can hold it but it would be good to have a signed document stating transfer of Possession. I would avoid surrender.
  3. There was a time when your state rep or state senator might influence them or get action or atleast a response. I don’t believe this is the case anymore unless you have a Madigan or Cullerton connection.
  4. With money they have raked in from fees, they have NO excuse for phone systems, computers, or staffing problems. Unacceptable.
  5. Would be great to see Henry and rock island county added soon since they are home to Springfield armory and Rock River arms (and all the voters they employ).
  6. Anyone can choose to give up their own rights. No one can choose to take away my rights.
  7. https://www.investors.com/politics/editorials/sorry-despite-gun-control-advocates-claims-u-s-isnt-the-worst-country-for-mass-shootings/
  8. Cordell, it seems you may have bought into some of the anti gun deceptions. I'm not sure just what you are advocating. As far as student safety, here are some facts: While the news media and anti gun folks wail on about school shootings, the truth is our students have never been safer than present day. Your school aged child is about 300 times more likely to be harmed by something from your medicine cabinet than from your gun cabinet. Children are statistically safer in school than they are at home. IF I were determined and mentally sick enough (I'm not) to want to kill a bunch of school children, I could inflict more harm with a 12g shotgun than any of my AR15s, and possibly more with a vehicle than any firearm. Talking about ar15s like they are some kind of supercharged killing machine is a mistake. I'm not sure what point you are trying to make here but I don't think I'll be making any more effort to debate or educate you.
  9. Why does this discussion seem focused on "need"? Need has nothing to do with it. Freedom to keep and bear is an inalienable right. We don't have to demonstrate need.
  10. Smells very fishy indeed. I would report it asap. If they tried to scam you, how many others do you suppose they hit? Why would they leave the note? instead of just returning later and hope to get you to answer the door?
  11. Call the local agency, the state police, the attorney general, and your state rep. Call everybody BUT the CCSD and report that you are the victim of an attempted scam, possibly involving law enforcement officers or CCSD personnel. Keep the video safe. Keep your doors locked. Watch your back. Stay safe.
  12. I was involved in trying to help a man that had a felony conviction from many years ago (possession of stolen ATV). He is a responsible adult with no issues since his arrest as a teenager. He wanted to get a FOID so he could inherit a couple of guns from his father and grandfather. We consulted a lawyer who recommended another lawyer with more experience with this type of case. The lawyer's exact words were, "Bring 20 thousand dollars and low expectations."
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