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  1. Yes the evidence tampering charge its ridiculous. From what I understand it was rendered inoperable to make it safe when it was used as an exhibit in a previous case.
  2. As they say, any DA can indict a ham sandwich. It's a completely one-sided case and the DA can withhold exculpatory evidence and present "facts" completely at odds with the evidence.
  3. Only to be dismissed by a liberal judge when they come to court. You make the huge assumption the DA even charges them.
  4. Meaningless, you have no idea what happened prior to the start of the video.
  5. They're shocked, shocked to hear rumors of corruption from Madigan's office!
  6. None of that has the slightest bit of relevance to this incident.
  7. They offended the Democratic Party. There will be no charges against anyone in the mob that attacks their political opposition, but you will be disarmed and charged (you better believe some bogus charges are coming) if you dare defend yourself against the Democrat mob. Think of it like a black man defending himself against the KKK in Democrat-controlled Mississippi in 1955. He will be rolled, the KKK clowns won't even be investigated let alone charged. This is what they have planned nationwide if Biden wins.
  8. Politically motivated prosecutions, it's what Democrats do.
  9. You are assuming they were referring to the guy with the microphone and not one of the hundreds of others in the group. A tiny fraction of the crowd is seen in that video.
  10. That was the first incident, I was referring to the 2nd one.
  11. I don't think they were on the private street, but on the public street outside the subdivision. This house is located on the edge of the subdivision.
  12. It only becomes binding case law when an appellate court rules. The state can simply let a lower court ruling stand and no case law is created, they lose only that case.
  13. I don't see an issue in a ruling against the state that they could appeal. A ruling against us could be appealed on 2A grounds.
  14. Lanbo's Armory: https://lanbosarmory.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3&products_id=46937
  15. They are the same. Life is an inalienable right, but under law you can be executed for certain crimes.
  16. Let's just hope the people in those counties actually go out and vote in November. More than half of them didn't even bother to vote this year.
  17. The red tape they put there so they could make a lucrative living cutting through it. This is how the crony corruption works in Illinois. See also the "expeditors" of building permits in Chicago.
  18. I have one of those old cards still, it was actually my second one. It's from the late 80s, I cut the pic out of a picture someone took at a party. I cropped out the beer I was holding lol. You literally had to tape the picture to the proper spot in the application.
  19. I wasn't talking about Illinois law. Yes, we already have the FOID here. FOID should be voluntary, free, and suffice for private transfers.
  20. I know, that's why I'm proposing a new method for private sales. They claim they want background checks, this gives it to them. But what they really want is registration for future confiscation and fees to deter purchases.
  21. Obviously they can't require FFLs to perform a service for free, but they can provide for the buyer and seller to bypass the FFL. For example, a system where a potential buyer performs a NICS check on themselves (free of charge), and upon passing gets a code tied to their name good for 30 days. The seller can then check the code to see if it is valid. No fees, no FFL involved, no registration of any kind since no gun info is required nor even is it proof a transfer occurred.
  22. I have a new one: https://www.exoticammo.com/ I've known the owner of that store for a long time from another forum that isn't gun-related at all. He doesn't have a lot of conventional ammo but does sell unusual ammo like flashbangs for shotguns, 12 gauge net shot for shooting down annoying drones, tracers, "less lethal" shotgun ammo, etc. Also sells his own brand of 37 mm flare launchers either stand-alone or as an AR attachment. I asked him today if I should add him to this list and he said "sure, add me".
  23. Yes, they still have that policy based on the ordinance that was repealed long ago.
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