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  1. Good luck finding a recording that accurately represents gun shots, or a speaker that could play them.
  2. Because only an appellate court can set legal precedent. Only way this becomes applicable to all is if the state appeals and loses.
  3. Can't make DC a state without an Amendment, because DC was created by the Constitution and no mere law can change that fact.
  4. The title is retained for life. Trump is still properly called "Mr. President" as is Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Carter.
  5. IIRC Virginia already got their donation back long ago, which is why DC is no longer a perfect square shape. But yeah give it back to Maryland and problem solved, no need to create a micro-state.
  6. The Constitution states that only States can have representation in the House and Senate. So either way there has to be an Amendment.
  7. Which means his vote can be bought, it's just a matter of price.
  8. Democrats will soon introduce a bill to add 4 new justices: https://legalinsurrection.com/2021/04/report-democrats-preparing-legislation-to-pack-supreme-court-adding-four-new-justices/ The sole purpose of adding justices, of course, is to add Democrat hacks to strip away our civil rights.
  9. Their dirt-ignorant base really believes this shows they care.
  10. And ask where he can "get me" a hunting license? Oh man that was pure cringe when Kerry did that!
  11. The media will keep it out of sight out of mind so as not to affect the vote. Social media might even ban you for criticizing Democrat actions, since by criticizing them you put them in danger according to their logic.
  12. Huh, this brings up a possibility I've never considered - if accuracy is a problem will they ban rifled barrels next? And sights?
  13. If what you say is true then by refusing to hear cases they've already become political puppets.
  14. No idea, but every week in Chicago alone they catch people with guns with the serial number ground off. So I have no idea what going after "ghost guns" will accomplish since a few seconds with a dremel tool turns any gun into an untraceable "ghost gun".
  15. They want you to use them for the parts ban to work as intended. And don't think parts won't be next on the ban list.
  16. Whatever they define it as. Eventually it will be everything except a smooth-bore muzzle-loader less than .45 caliber.
  17. The definition varies according to whether they want to inflate the numbers to 50x what they actually are, or if they want to blame it on white males (and thus white supremacy).
  18. When this bill fails they'll try Biden's suggestion of adding "assault weapons" and "high capacity" magazines to the NFA. Since the NFA is primarily a tax bill they'll pass that one via reconciliation This right here!
  19. Be leery of the state GOP inserting another challenger into the mix to split the opposition vote. That's an Illinois tradition, one Madigan used over and over again.
  20. It's coming. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2021/02/11/breaking-white-house-announces-gun-control-agenda-n2584600 Watch them go after banks who do business with the firearms industry. They'll pressure private corporations to do what the government cannot.
  21. Democrats will do anything to stop gun violence, except putting those committing it in prison.
  22. A phony impeachment trial totally unsupported by the Constitution.
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