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  1. Did you ever find a range sounds like the one you are looking for is in polo tri County gun club it's a great place $150 a year
  2. I used up my 5 trys to renew my foid card how do I fix
  3. luckydawg13


    I would look into a OWB holster for comfort IWB just don't work for me when it's hot outside i carry a smaller size pistol OWB or just pocket carry you have to just find what works for you that said Milt sparks makes just about the best leather holster you can buy
  4. I would like to add http://www.ttgunleather.com/
  5. i was at walmart today and picked up some 22 LR was nice to see in stock
  6. good its not I couldn't find if this has been covered but does anyone know if the Waukegan pier into Lake Michigan is posted or falls under government property and is a GFZ? Any help would be great ​it belongs to the cost guard so yes its a GFZ
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