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CCL draws from the drop & loses


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CWBChicago said:

The man who was shot and critically injured in the South Loop on Saturday night is a concealed carry holder who exchanged gunfire with the person who shot him, possibly during a robbery attempt, according to a law enforcement source.


The victim, a 30-year-old man with no criminal record, and his fiancée were driving to a nightclub in the area when she pulled over so he could urinate in an alley on the 2200 block of South Michigan around 11:29 p.m., according to an initial CPD report.


While the man was relieving himself, he realized someone was walking up behind him while holding a gun, the report said. The gunman told the victim not to move.


As the victim reached for his own gun, the offender fired two shots, striking him in the chest, the report said. The victim shot back at the offender, who got into a silver sedan and left the area.


The victim then returned to his own car. The report said that his fiancée drove him to Northwestern Memorial Hospital after stopping briefly at a nearby hotel where they initially sought help from an employee.


Police found two handguns belonging to the concealed carry holder in his car, according to the report.


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We know that statistically 30-40% of armed defenders end up injured or killed. Carrying a concealed firearm doesn't ensure victory, is not a super man cap, nor is it some sort of invincibility shield. You win the fight that you're not in 100% of the time. Awareness and avoidance are your primary skills to ensure survival. 

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