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  1. My point was the nfa was the infringement. Playing games with the atf bolsters that infringement. The green piece in that video looks just like an auto sear. As you stated, if you do things just right it will kick out multiple bullets per trigger press. That's enough for the atf to invoke the power of the nfa and do what the atf does.
  2. This is a machine gun. Go look up how the trigger on a full auto AR works then look at this thing. Bump stocks are idiotic. I can't believe how mad people got when Wheeler tried to head off a bigger grab by proposing super specific bump stock legislation. People turned on her so fast over stupid freaking bump stocks. The nfa should not exist. It is directly in conflict with the second amendment. The whole purpose is to make sure the populace can take up arms to defend against foreign armies. The more time we waste playing games with gimmicky workarounds the more entrenched the infringement gets.
  3. Just take the cheapest magazine you can find and glue the follower to the top. Probably cost all of $10.
  4. I suspect they failed to note that witness slips were over 10:1 opposed.
  5. The irony that it was their side (Ben Bradley) that got on TV and showed how easy it was to put one of the kits together should not be lost on anyone.
  6. I reached out to a Staccato rep that I know so he can alert their folks.
  7. It looks like Staccatos suffer the same problem: Staccato Gen 2 Double Stack ODS (VIP) Grip - Staccato 2011 The biggest thing they are missing with this bill is it disproportionately targets Law Enforcement Agencies. Sig and Staccato are both selling heavily into law enforcement. The Staccato is actually the duty weapon of the US Marshalls. Even if they put a carve out in for law enforcement agencies it still creates a massive problem for the overwhelming majority of LEOs that have to purchase their own duty weapon. Do we even want to talk about how many of the LEO ARs are SBRs? How does putting a serial number on the upper change that classification? If it is attached to select fire lower does that change things even more? What does this do to the second hand market for LEO weapons? Are the trade-in programs still going to work or are the police going to start having to pay full price for their weapons? It tickles me a bit that the newly pro-law and order dems would bring up such a nightmare for the police bill. They are definitely all in too, using their press operatives like Ben Bradley to push their narrative.
  8. I was on a plumbing crew. Did lots of commercial, especially McDonalds and residential subdivisions. You had to be always moving or you'd get called out and eventually they would run out of work for you. It was a lot like factory work without the monotony of doing the same exact thing for hours and hours on end. At one of the companies I worked for we all had to work the line as part of a training program that they made everyone in the office go through. Everyone in the office had a tremendous amount of respect for the people that worked the line.
  9. I will say, in defense of hammers, that I worked construction in college and not once did anyone pull me aside and try to show me their hammer.
  10. 2 Day Armorer Course Rockford, IL April 21-22 2022 – Son's of Liberty Gun Works (sonsoflibertygw.com)
  11. It's perfect politician logic though. Propose a law for a place where the problem kind of exists but it won't be enforced so it only hurts people that live where it isn't a problem but will be enforced. The fact he created the problem that he now seeks to fix isn't lost either.
  12. Interesting timing given this article dropped at the same time the bill did. This is activism not journalism. Chicago aldermen support state’s move to restrict so-called ‘ghost guns’ | WGN-TV (wgntv.com)
  13. Sounds like 1k is excessive but they do go through slide stops: Maintenance schedule for CZ-75 SP01 | Primary & Secondary Forum (primaryandsecondary.com)
  14. You need a bit more to get that mill to take CAD files but these guys have turnkey units: Sieg x2 Benchtop Mill (cncconversionplus.com) or bolt on kits if you already have the mill. Kind of expensive but won't get you on a list the same way the $2500 Ghostgunner machines might.
  15. I enjoy pictures of homemade shotguns at gun buybacks almost as much as pictures of Ukrainian farmers stealing Russian tanks with their tractors.
  16. I'm super interested in the nylon printing. The factory-like durability with the ability to include an undercut, gas pedal, stipple, etc. If you do go big and give it a shot make sure to make a post. A frame that could last some multiple of the 5k round spring intervals would be super compelling.
  17. I think I know what printer you are referring to although I don't remember it being able to solve for the temperature. There was the temperature of the print head and the temp of the enclosure or plate...can't remember which but you had to solve for both. The results you have seen sound a lot better than the results people were getting at the time I looked. Have you printed one?
  18. Interesting. That was the biggest dealbreaker for me. The 3d printing folks were pretty insistent on that point but looks fine there too: 3D Printed Guns: What is The Law? - U.S. LawShield (uslawshield.com) I thought the coolest one was the guy out west somewhere that sold you a block of metal that you could walk over and put into one of his CNC machines and press the start button. I don't recall what legal reason they used for shutting that down.
  19. I was really excited about the 3D printing angle. The idea of 3D printing my own Glock where I could do things like add stipple seemed like a homerun. What I found was that the filaments that you print with get super expensive both in terms of material and the need for higher quality / higher heat printers. Even with the really expensive setups you don't get a firearm that is going to last all that long before it starts cracking. Good for safe queens but not range toys. Looked into the P80 frames too and while they last longer they are you get what you give type deal. The more you put into doing them right the closer you get to a factory result. The big problems for me were: 1) The thing is an albatross - you can never sell it or give it away. It is illegal to transfer so you are putting in a ton of work for something that you will someday have to destroy. 2) At the time I looked, they only had up to gen 3 Glock. With Gen 5 having just come out, I would have been giving up all of the reliability fixes Glock put in between g3 and g5 while adding in any issues caused by me screwing up the finishing. As far as self-defense goes, I'm camp FBI approved factory ammo and reputable duty grade factory guns.
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