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    Chiraq, Madigastan (Chicago, Illinois)
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    I am an avid gun rights advocate being involved in the movement in Illinois since 2012 and became one of the very first Concealed Carry instructors to be certified by the Illinois State Police in 2013.

    Thomas is also a proud father and husband, having said, "The only things more important than 2nd Amendment issues and gun rights are my wife and kids."

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  1. Recently filed, Castillo v Raoul could lower the age requirement from 21 to 18 for FOID and CCL. https://medium.com/@alphakoncepts/castillo-v-raoul-an-illinois-case-d3f41929af0d
  2. Better start calling your senators. https://www.gunowners.org/il07082022/
  3. i applied last week. havent heard anything. probably because i am in cook
  4. 1) First confirm this is real. 2) Vote with your wallet.
  5. the person to person check at the isp website now asks for much more information than it used to. Seller info, buyer info, MAKE, MODEL, SERIAL NUMBER. https://verify.ispfsb.com/Public/Verification.aspx it's become a gun registry of who owns what.
  6. I recently read on Reddit of an arrest or of someone who was car-carrying a loaded AR15 pistol and was charged with carrying a loaded rifle. The post was taken down, likely on the advice of his lawyer. I'm trying to find details of this case, as obviously the ruling has major implications. Does anyone have any info?
  7. Second amendment foundation has always done good work in illinois. The firearm policy coalition is picking up the load where the NRA dropped off and also is involved in multiple cases in illinois and is actively seeking plaintiffs in cook county to attack the prohibition against concealed carry on public transportation. If i only gave to one, SAF. If i have enough, donate generously to both.
  8. There are a couple seats left in this class. If you were thinking of signing up, I wouldn't wait.
  9. I have a Defensive Pistol class, (DP1 Critical Pistol Skills) coming on April 16th at the Aurora Sportsman's Club. There are only a few days left to register and only a few spots left in the class. In Defensive Pistol 1 you'll learn the Critical Pistol Skills that you need to be a master of your firearm. This is the class you NEED after your concealed carry class. Holster draw and fire. Multiple Targets. Rapid target identification & acquisition. Multiple Reloading techniques. Malfunction drills. Voice commands. Point Shooting, also known as threat-focused shooting. Stress Inoculation. The basics of movement while shooting. Defensive Pistol 1 is a pre-requisite for our DP2, DP3, and Low light classes. Learn more and sign up: https://www.alphakoncepts.com/defensive-pistol-training/
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