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  1. All this did was set up another 20 years of endless litigation while they use loopholes and work-arounds to curtail your constitutional rights. /YAWN
  2. Drug buy gone bad. That exact spot is notorious for this. .
  3. I GOT MY LICENSE IN THE MAIL TODAY !!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I GOT MY LICENSE IN THE MAIL TODAY !!!!!! My brother got his today as well. Sent together. I applied 1/17, he applied 1/18 Never did I think I would see this day in Illinois. There is a GOD afterall. I'm going for a long walk. Later................. . .
  4. This business is also out of the No guns allowed = no $ spent business cards. I need to get some and start doing my part to hand them out.
  5. There is no way that she won't be successful. The parent signature crap is so unconstitutional it is unbelievable. .
  6. She and the antis have hatched some type of game plan. Hopefully our side has figured it out because we need to be one step ahead everytime.
  7. That really is pretty damn good ! Glad you feel that way, even following the aftermath of his quite reasonable opinion that we should hold off on Donne Trotter's crucifixion. Just because I disagreed with one thing Todd said doesn't mean I didn't agree with the other 1000.
  8. Legislatures in Illinois and Chicago sure forgot about the word "infringement" in the decision. Why is this so difficult to see?
  9. Can one of the mods make this into a sticky please?
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