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  1. I just thought it might be fun to wear a sword on my belt while out and about. But it would not be worth the hassle of getting arrested.
  2. I looked at some material concerning knife law here in IL, but saw nothing pertaining to swords. If swords are just considered long knives, wondering if it would be legal to have a sword in a scabbard worn openly in this state. Not sure if I ever would want to do so, but a saw an ad for a short Roman soldier type sword, 1.6 inch blade, and it sure looked cool.
  3. I know that as of last week, the number of individuals who have registered their guns has been minuscule. I wonder if there were a surge of registrations at the last minute, or if the total registered are still a tiny fraction of the guns owned in Illinois. The big question is: what do the ISP plan to do about the obvious non-compliance with the law? I recall that CT did something similar a few years back and that after it was obvious that even in that Leftwing state few guns were registered, the authorities did little to force compliance with the law. Maybe the same will happen here in IL, where Pritzker and his Marxist fellow travelers will be happy just to virtue signal their anti-2nd Amendment credentials by the passing of this onerous law.
  4. My Glock 17 only leaves the house to go to the range, where transporting magazines would be unloaded regardless of capacity. The original 17 round mags will still be used at home in my home defense gun. I am glad to see the extremely low rate of compliance with the registration requirement and we are almost at the deadline.
  5. Doesn't make it clear as to whether any of the shots fired were by the vigilantis or if all of the shots were by the robbers. I don't see how effective one can expect to be as a vigilante if unarmed. We could use a few Paul Kersey's in our cities.
  6. We are about half way through the period in which owners of certain firearms, magazines and ammunition have to register with the State. I know that registration so far has been minimal. I am wondering where the court challenges stand to try to have this registration law declared unConstitutional.
  7. Now I'm confused. I thought that since I had the new combined FOID/CCL I would not be getting a new CCL in the mail, but you are saying that you did receive one.
  8. At least now we know we only have one card to carry, not two.
  9. I just checked, and I do have a new FOID, which says "CCL: Yes" in the upper right corner and does not have an expiration date. Thanks for the info, I was not aware that I would not be getting a new actual card. I guess that means I just carry the FOID card and that covers me for concealed carry. I appreciate the information. Previously I just put away the FOID card and only carried the CCL so that if I ever lost my wallet I would at least have the FOID card safe at home. Now I guess I just had better not ever lose my wallet.
  10. Its been well over 45 days now and still no CCL arrived. As the website suggests, I emailed the state police but have not received a response. Is there a phone number I can call and get someone to look into this for me? Thanks for any help you can offer.
  11. I have not had a traffic citation in the almost nine years that I have had an Illinois license to carry a concealed firearm. Were I to be stopped for a legitimate traffic offense, such as speeding, could the officer use the fact that I have a concealed carry license as justification for searching my vehicle after I have not given consent for him/her to do so? I also wonder about law enforcement in other states, where gun laws are much more restrictive, like New Jersey, if for a traffic stop the officer discovers that I have a CCL and uses that as justification for searching my vehicle.
  12. I recall reading that when Connecticutt passed a law requiring the registration of AR's and other so-called "assault weapons" the compliance rate was only 5% of the number of those weapons that were estimated to be owned within that state, and that the state government actually did little or nothing to enforce the registration law. I have read nothing since about what has happened on that issue in that state. I wonder what the compliance rate will be here in Illinois. The lower it is, the harder the job of the State Police will be to enforce it. If most owners of banned weapons comply, then the police can focus on the small number non complying. Bad news all around even if as an individual you do not own any of the banned items and thus have no obligation to register anything. But it still means that if you ever might want one of those weapons, you would be out of luck here in Illinois.
  13. Nothing about the "criminal justice" system actually works well, but at least in this case the thug is being held in jail. For a little while, at least, the public is protected from his criminal behavior. But most likely the States Attorney will decide not to prosecute, or will allow him to plea it down to a single misdemeanor and he will be out on the streets ready to harm people again. The real solution is for the State to pay for extensive markmanship training for licensed gun owners so that incidents like this end up with no need for the courts, or jails or anything besides a pine box.
  14. Now my license is listed as "Active". Very fast processing by ISP. Re Contingny Park, I don't think you can get inside any of the tanks but kids are free to climb on them.
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