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  1. There was no recall. Be sure to check your serial numbers. Lot's of people assume all of them got fixed. P320 Voluntary Upgrade Program | SIG SAUER
  2. I had read somewhere that they were covering the costs for the semiautomatic bans in IL and WA.
  3. My understanding was this was all funded by Puti...err...Blootin...err...Bloomberg. Tyrannical oligarchs will tyrannize.
  4. It almost feels like the response to all those pages should be a single page re-iterating the standard and the fact that despite all pages the government has filed none of them address the standard and are, frankly, disrespectful to the court.
  5. I know of people that have pulled the trigger drawing against the shot timer during dry fire from a holster. It's frighteningly easy to do if you're in a hurry. That little blue box gets all the way up inside your brain and makes you make strange movements that you've never done before. It's both hilarious and terrifying.
  6. I would spend the money to destroy those tyrants financially and professionally. I know that's not the choice everyone would make but people like us are out there.
  7. The burden of proof is on the state to prove you acquired the banned item after the date. As long as you don't have something that didn't exist at the time they are going to have a hard time making their case.
  8. It would likely be Brendon Kelly while he explains how yet again, something that is clearly his fault somehow isn't.
  9. It does feel a lot like they are slowing things down to protect the NFA until they can get a more favorable court.
  10. The judge did ask to be notified of any such shenanigans by the state. Wouldn't it be beautiful if somebody got held in contempt? That is if the law isn't permanently enjoined by then.
  11. That was the boomers that did that. With the collapse of globalization and the return of domestic manufacturing we are going to need immigrants. Heck, we are going to need them to help pay to take care of all the retired boomers while filling the massive gaps developing in the labor force.
  12. I wonder how much longer they are going to work on this ruling. We are solidly in that 3-4 month range at this point.
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