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  1. It looks like there should be a cover on the emitter that is missing. You generally want to run a dot on a lower setting, like 2 or 3. The idea is you focus on the target and when the dot settles on the area you want to hit you press the trigger. If your grip is solid the dot will travel straight up slightly on the target and settle back down for you to press the trigger again. If you turn it up too high the dot will steal focus from the target and you end up watching the dot. Think of the dot the same as a laser and this whole thing gets real easy. One of the problems with turning the dot way up is it blooms - turns into a big round fuzzy blob that is like having an astigmatism. I don't think your dot is blooming because it is square. It really feels like you are missing a piece the more I think about it. In that price range you can get a Trijicon or a Holosun so you may be better off just returning it. I run Trijicon 3.25moa RMRs on all my pistols except my Staccato XC that has the 1moa SRO. Just going by the Modern Samurai Project FB group, the mid moa Holosun is what everyone likes best right now so that might be a good place to start out and find what works best for you.
  2. It sure would be something if they ruled that only courts can be courts. It would hit everything, even those red light tickets. Administrative courts have always struck me as odd.
  3. Storing with your buddy is risky. It could be seen as an illegal transfer by the ATF. That aside, what happens if your buddy dies or his daughter decides to turn in your firearms because they're evil? Suddenly you're out $1000s and nobody is going to help you.
  4. Here's a good video on how to zero
  5. That looks like the emitter. You can see the whole thing because the glass is so reflective.
  6. That's really reflective. Not sure if it's normal for that brand. You've got that dot turned way up too. With some practice you'll find lower settings are better. This is a 1 moa trijicon sro Believe it or not, your brain does some magic with your other eye and it still works just as well even when dirty.
  7. Not sure if that gets everything. The providers would be more interesting though because you could get PMs, secret groups, etc.
  8. He's not your lawyer though. In the video they show a writeup from a lawyer based in Chicago that opines that it is legal but that guy isn't your lawyer either. To me, the law seems pretty clear. You only have to register the attachments capable of being attached. If an item is already attached to a bolt action rifle then it's not capable of being attached to anything else. I'm not a lawyer though.
  9. Anyone know the current status of this case? The loss of the FOID would be fatal the to pica registration requirements.
  10. Yeah, the 7th ruling kills any hope of piercing the mystical qualified immunity shield. I was thinking more along the lines of being able to make a 5th amendment claim.
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