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  1. I met Al Salvi once. He came into the store I was working at in the 90s. He was such a jerk for no reason that I will never vote for him or anyone related to him. Forget that entire family.
  2. Here's some fun math. It looks like the monthly social security income is $4,873/MO or, $58,476/yr. Using the 4% rule for retirement https://www.forbes.com/advisor/retirement/four-percent-rule-retirement/ you'd need $1,461,900 in your social security account at full retirement age. If you max out social security withholding you contribute $10,453.20 in 2024. $10,453.20 * 52 working years = $543,566.40. It's worse than that though because that math assumes a return equal to inflation but there's not. There's just no way social security works without a growing population and lots of people dying just before they can collect.
  3. Thinking you didn't catch my Madoff reference or Flynn calling it a ponzi scheme. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_Madoff
  4. Yeah, don't look too hard at how they generate those returns. Madoff got a show trial and prison time for doing the same thing.
  5. I figured they'd lean into Rahimi. Riding public transportation does not make one dangerous. That should really be the headline here. Foxx says people are dangerous and should be disarmed because they use public transportation. Rahimi did mention that concealed carry was banned in certain places but those were fixed places, not moving gun free zones that are impossible to secure.
  6. Nope. Retirees are getting the return on the money they were forced to invest at a terrible return with the government.
  7. I wish wish wish someone would file notice of Thomas calling out the 7th's ruling as ridiculous with the 7th.
  8. What precedent is McGlynn bound by now that SCOTUS laid waste to the CA7's ruling? Still the CA7 ruling because SCOTUS didn't GVR?
  9. This case has actually been moving along quite quickly almost as though they want to make it an election year issue. It may still be as Newsome and Pritzker are likely making their "pick me" pitches to take over for Biden.
  10. I bolded and Since they have been getting a lot of attention. The rest you'd have to go look but the sheer volume is what impressed me. Well, that and the giant slap in the face of the 7th circuit. Man, that was good stuff. I wonder if McGlynn cites that in his ruling.
  11. Social security tries to keep pace with inflation while the S&P 500 beats inflation by 6.5% on average every year. Social security seeks only to maintain the current value of money placed into the trust while simultaneously paying out to people that never paid in through various means and hoping enough people that paid in die off to make the math all work. It's a pyramid scheme and the boomers are flipping the pyramid by living longer after having less children. Even if everyone paid in more, you'd never overcome the math of it all without destroying the economy.
  12. Big morning! The fireworks are starting early this week! Order List (07/02/2024) (supremecourt.gov) "And, even on its own terms, the Seventh Circuit’s application of its definition is nonsensical."
  13. I waited tables at a couple of restaurants. It was not very different from any other job. Keep moving, stay busy and always be looking for work. Life isn't that hard of you put in the effort. A bad tip for me was 20%. Social security is another example of how the government can find the worst possible way to do things. Let's force everyone to save their money and give them below market returns...heck, we might even rip it off once or twice. The only thing worse is the Illinois pension giving ok returns with plans to actually fund it but being constitutionality required to pay it out.
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