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  1. I'm not much of a Bailey fan, but I'll still vote for him because he is not Pritzker. I don't think he has a snowball's chance in heck of winning. He looks like a doofus, and has been portrayed as a bigot with his anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian comments. Fundamentalist Christians who are Israel's biggest supporters might not be able to get themselves to vote for Bailey. Personally, about the only thing keeping me in this awful state is the fact that pensions are not taxed. If that changes, I have to leave IL and leave quickly, probably to move north a few miles into WI.
  2. This appears to be a total disaster about to descend upon us. While a judge could order a suspect held, I think we will see even more than today, violent and dangerous people immediately released after being arrested for a violent crime, only to continue their violence against new victims. Kim Fox and her America-hating sponsor George Soros must be celebrating this in advance of the effective date. When a burglar enters your home, unless you resolve the matter there and then, justice will not prevail. I can well foresee a burglar breaking into someone's home, beating them within a inch of death, setting the house on fire and then after arrest being released immediately back into the community.
  3. I'd love to serve on a jury deciding the fate of anyone who shot and killed Antifa thugs.
  4. No one will beat the useless Duckworth. Her only “qualifications” are that she lost her legs, is Asian, and female. No brain or skills required. Plus she supports unlimited abortion rights which is enough to keep the suburban White female vote. I knew nothing about any of the Republicans seeking the nomination and didn’t even vote for any. I voted in the primary pretty much only to vote for Bailey, who has little chance against the Fat Rich boy.
  5. At this point I'm feeling that it doesn't matter much who wins the Republican primary.
  6. A vote for any candidate that can't do well with at least some of the major ethnic groups in Cook County cannot win in the General election. Appearances matter, and looking at Bailey tells me that Pritzker could beat him easily. Irvin has a chance to capture a good share of the Black and maybe Latino vote as well as traditional Republicans. He may not be the perfect Republican, but anything has to be better than keeping control of the state in Democrat Party hands.
  7. Does anyone here really think Bailey could win? And if you don't think he could win, then voting for him is just foolishly wasting your vote. I think that Bailey's appearance, as a middle aged white guy with glasses and a crew cut would have zero chance. Irvin at least has a chance of winning, in my opinion.
  8. Maybe the OP was from the ATF and just trying to fit in.
  9. I still think that Irvin has the best chance against Fat Boy, since some Blacks will support him while they would not support any other Republican. And crazy Far Left Whites will suffer terrible guilt if they vote for Pritzker over a Black candidate, and thus might just not vote at all. Bailey might be our best candidate, but his haircut makes him a loser nerd. And if he did actually vote for Biden I could never support him in the primary. At this point, I will hold my nose and go for Irvin I think.
  10. The monumental case before the Supreme Court from NY State could well result in the end of "may issue" concealed carry licenses in NY and the 8 other states where that process is used to limit such licenses. I wonder if the ruling could open the way for national "Constitutional carry" if the Court rules that any system requiring government approval for the 2nd Amendment right o "bear" arms is a violation of the Consitution. Of maybe I am just dreaming. I guess I would be happy if the "may issue" is done away with, AND if the Court would demand that state's provide reciprocity for all other state's licenses, similar to that for drivers' licenses.
  11. Clearly a troll for the Left. Just like the few Nazi signs that were spotted at Trump rallies, where it is most likely that the sign bearer is a Leftist, trying to hurt the image of Trump supporters. I have recently read that this kind of tactic by the Left is what effectively destroyed Parler.
  12. The expectation is that the Republicans will do very well come November, possibly well enough to take control of the House and possibly the Senate in Washington. But will it manifest itself here in IL, i.e. will Republicans possibly achieve a majority in the state legislature? If that should happen, might there be a chance of elminating the FOID requirement? Maybe I'm just dreaming.
  13. An Irvin as said Bailey was quoted as saying he voted for Biden. That totally eliminates him in my mind if true. The ad also said that Sullivan said he had voted for Obama, and supported citizenship for illegals. If true, that would eliminate him in my mind. Better Irvin, even if he is lukewarm as a 2A supporter.
  14. Supporting the person who best matches your values is OK in a primary. I have to hope that everyone here will support whoever ends up with the Republican nomination.
  15. Accepting reality is necessary if any progress is ever to be made. In a state where a Pritzker and a Duckworth can be elected, electability is critical and I agree that Irvin as a Black man with money behind him is the best bet to beat the fat boy.
  16. I am not overly enthusiatic about any of the Republican candidates, but if I had to vote today it would be for Richard Irvin. What about you?
  17. Apparently these blue "No gun" signs are Meijer corporate policy. Whether or not they are aware, or care, that their signs are not valid in IL is irrelevant. FWIW, I have contacted them at the corporate level to express my displeasure and have informed them that I no longer will be shopping at their store that is near where I live. I have plenty of other choices, I told them, but that I used to find their store convenient and meeting my needs, but no longer.
  18. I go the Meier's here in Rockford a couple of times a month. I went today for a few items and saw a new anti-gun, but meaningless sign on the front glass doors. It was a blue circle with a cross line through it, over a picture of a semi-auto handgun. In no way was this a state law compliant "No Guns" sign. Of course I did not bring this to anyone's attention at the store, since the last thing I want is for them to get a legally binding sign. Made me wonder if this is just ignorance, or a subtle way to satisfy people fearful of guns, but not wanting to really turn away legal concealed carriers.
  19. I’ve seen a lot of ads for Mayor Irvin, but that’s about it for Governor. I don’t have a clue about the folks wanting to run for Attorney General or Secretary of State. It would be nice to know who are our friends from a 2nd Amendment perspective.
  20. I had hoped for more discussion on this thread. Does anyone at least have info on Irvin's or Sullivan's 2A stances?
  21. We all know that Pritzker is no friend of gun owners, but which of those vying for the Republican nomination are most supportive of our rights? The only ones that I have seen in campaign ads are Irvin and Sullivan but I assume that there are others hoping for the nomination. I admit I know little about either Irvin or Sullivan and nothing about where they stand on 2nd Amendment issues.
  22. Do people really stop to urinate in an alley on South Michigan Avenue? Something sounds fishy here.
  23. I can daydream that some here will make anonymous calls to the ATF saying that (name a person) is involved in illegal gun trafficking. Than name Fr. Phleger (not sure of the spelling), Beto O'Rourke, Shannon Watts or Michelle Obama. The caller might be like Adam Schiff in his Russian collusion allegations against Donald Trump and say that they have absolute proof that the person named is committing these crimes. Maybe they will give someone else's name and phone number when asked for that info by the ATF being sure to name an anti-gun IL politician.
  24. I thought EDP meant "Especially Dumb Perpetrator".
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