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  1. Almost 3 weeks since going "Active" and still no card in the mail.
  2. Two weeks since my FOID was listed as "Active" but no physical card received as of today.
  3. I use Hornady Critical Defense or Speer hollow point in my carry guns, all legal and hopefully not in the least bit controversial. And I don't wear aggressive sounding themed t-shirts, or hats, or put "Defended by Smith and Wesson" or similar stickers on the bumpers of my vehicles. I used to have a "Molon labe" bumper sticker on one of my cars, but peeled that off years ago. And normally I do not carry a speed strip or second (or third) magazine, genuinely believing that if the rare possibility ever develops that I need to defend myself, the rounds in the gun itself will be enough to stop the threat or let me leave the area safely.
  4. Just yesterday, 8/27//21, about 16 months since I sent in the renewal, my FOID now shows as "Active" rather than "Under Review" on the ISP website. Hopefully the actual card will arrive in the mail shortly. Can't believe it really took this long for what should be a very routine renewal but glad that the wait seems to finally be ending.
  5. Sent in FOID renewal in April 2020. As of today, 8/27/21, changed from "Under Review" to "Active". Hopefully card will arrive shortly. Hallelujah!
  6. I was born and raised in New York City, which is even worse in terms of gun rights than is Illinois. A job opportunity is what brought me to this state, and in part I am still here because three of my five adult children live within an hour of where I live (the other two are on the West Coast, where gun rights are even worse). So it looks like I'm staying around, at least for now. I don't really see this new law having much of an effect upon me but it clearly is a way for the Democrats to show their disdain for the 2nd Amendment and those that exercise their natural right to be able to defend themselves.
  7. This gives me one more reason to avoid actually going into the city of Chicago. As if I needed another reason. Nowhere else does "better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6" apply more directly than in Chicago.
  8. An email today from CCW Safe talked about a person arrested in Chicago fir having a laser sight on a legally concealed handgun. I was not aware that this prohibition still exists. Anyone know about this?
  9. Molly: Any help you can offer would be appreciated. My State Rep seemed to be of little help. This has been over 16 months now and my FOID application still shows "Under Review".
  10. 7/20 and still waiting. If nothing in the next week or so I will call my State Representative, again.
  11. Knowing the world of crap that I would be in for a defensive shooting, no matter what the circumstances were, I doubt that as a concealed carrier I would step forward and become involved for other than myself, my family, and others known to me personally. Witnessing a dangerous, perhaps deadly situation, I would hopefully ensure the safety of my family and myself, use my phone to call the police, and keep my gun concealed unless I needed it to defend against a personal or family attack.
  12. I contacted my State Rep's office who claimed that they could do nothing other than submit an inquiry. They called me back saying that they were told that my renewal is in the "final stage" of "review" and that I should expect my new FOID card within 2 to 4 weeks. We shall see.
  13. I called my State Representative (a Republican, and one of the good guys when it comes to gun issues) and his office said that all that they can do to help is submit an inquiry. That was yesterday, and I was told that I should have an answer from them by this morning, but so far nothing.
  14. My FOID renewal was sent to ISP in March 2020. It is now 15 months and I am still waiting. I have not had any issue with the "Covid 19 expiration" but it is frustrating to have the State of Illinois be so inept.
  15. I am truly envious of those of you that have left for greener pastures. I wasn't raised here, but came here for work when I was already in my early 50's. I'm long retired now, but my wife has developed a circle of close friends here in Rockford, and with one daughter and her family an hour east in Mount Prospect, another daughter and family an hour north in Madison, and our youngest son and his family right here in Rockford, my wife has no intention of moving. And while I would like to pay less taxes, have less snow and ice, and have a more gun friendly environment, I am not really ready to move far from family. Just yesterday my 16 year old granddaughter drove down from Madison to spend the day with us, and then out with us for a nice dinner at a restaurant. If I moved to TN or FL or AZ, days like that would never happen. My biggest hope is that one or both of my son-in-laws get a great new job down in AZ or NM, so that my wife would want to move to be near them. That's probably the only way I will ever get out of here.
  16. I resent their implication that an armed person is a criminal. I’m waiting to see a retail posting which says that legally carried firearms are welcome, but illegally carried firearms are prohibited. No one posts in that manner since they see the obvious foolishness in prohibiting something that is already illegal. But that recognition does not seem to extend to understanding that armed “good guys” make for a safer, not more dangerous environment.
  17. If I recall correctly, there was a shooting incident between two groups of young black men at the mall. I think mall officials think that by targeting guns they can make the mall safer, or more importantly, get their liberal customers to think that they are safer due to this "crackdown" on firearms.
  18. I have no idea if the "threat" of "firearm detecting dogs" is just an empty threat or something real, but if real, I assume that security staff would just be walking around the mall with the dog, waiting for it to react to the smell it is trained for. The security staff are not police officers, and I have no idea what real authority they have to detain, let alone search someone that such a dog would identify. Maybe they just tell the person to leave the mall immediately, and if the person refuses they call the local PD. This mall, which is seen as a "high end" mall with a Nordstrom and other quality stores, had some criminal issues not long ago that I read about, and this new policy and/or signage might be the mall's management idea on reassuring customers that visiting the mall is a safe experience. In any case, I doubt that this sign will change my visits to this mall as the mall is the favorite of my wife, and I would rather patronize a mall that does not respect my 2nd Amendment rights than have my wife go there by herself (and of course, unarmed).
  19. This is not an Illinois issue, but I thought some might find this of interest. If you venture North to Milwaukee, and decide to go to Mayfair Mall (which is the pre-eminent mall for that city), you will see an interesting posting. In addition to saying that firearms are not permitted, the sign warns that the mall uses firearm detecting dogs. Of course, “no guns” signs in Wisconsin do not have the force of law as they do in Illinois, but a concealed carrier who might otherwise avoid detection might well get “outed” by one of those trained dogs. FWIW, I had no problems at the mall and saw no sign of any of these “firearm detecting dogs”, but found myself thinking that I hope we do not see the same tactic introduced here in Illinois.
  20. Holding their noses in the air and refusing to back Trump was a big mistake that some might be realizing right now, but it goes much deeper than that. When the Mayor of Brooklyn Center recently fired the City Manager for the audacity of saying that the police officer who shot the thug who resisted arrest would receive due process, that did not surprise me coming from a Black Leftist Mayor. But there was not a sound of protest by traditional "liberals". Pelosi, Schumer, and others were totally silent at this provocative anti-rule of law behavior by this POS mayor. Add to this the blatant intimidation of the Chauvin jury, starting with the prosecutor, but including the governor of MN, Maxine Waters and the President of the U.S., and t he media nor anyone else is protesting loudly, and it is obvious that the country has probably reached the point of no return. The founder of BLM buys four homes for several million dollars using funds donated by stupid white people thinking that they were helping disadvantaged minorities, and the media tries its best to avoid the issue and I haven't seen the BLM yard signs being removed from my neighbor's lawns. All of this has likely made the most vehement anti-gunners convinced that this is truly their time in history where they can disarm us and leave us helpless for good. At the Federal level we might not see draconian gun control because Joe Manchin in not likely to support such legislation if he values a future as a West Virginia Senator. But at the State level, who is there to stop the Chicago mob running this state from giving disarming us a good try?
  21. I would not put it past IL Democrats to further restrict the carry law, without totally repealing it. Fees could be increased astronomically, but waived for all elected officials for example. More places could be added as "no carry" zones so that carrying routinely would become difficult to do without violating the law. When we live in a State where the Mayor of the city that dominates the entire state is calling for a new rule that would limit police from pursuing suspects until they have secured permission from a supervisor, nothing that this State does will surprise me. The election of Biden and Harris, the openly ignoring of due process for white defendants and the elevation of criminal street thugs into national heroes give me little reason to think that the Democrats here will not be emboldened to strike at the heart of our 2A rights.
  22. Can you share with us why you think that? I certainly hope you are right. With what is happening in the nation, and this State, I no longer have ANY confidence in the sanity or common sense of the People of this nation.
  23. The only reason we have legal concealed carry is that a Federal judge forced the State to establish the policy we have. With what is going on the nation, with SCOTUS clearly intimidated by the Left and refusing to take on 2A cases, is it only a matter of time before IL repeals it’s concealed carry law? We know that Pritzker, Preckwinkle, and Lightfoot would love to see normal citizens ( I.e., Republican voters) disarmed, so when can we expect this power grab to take place? I personally cannot a imagine having to live here without the ability to defend myself so maybe I should welcome the law’s repeal so that I can finally move out of this state.
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