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Holster Maker Spreadsheet


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If you are looking for something more towards the exotic leather side of things I highly recommend Rob Biancheri at www.Biancheriusa.com


Rob is a great guy to deal with and his turnaround on a complete custom build is measured in weeks, not months. Workmanship and materials are top notch. I absolutely love the set he made for me in cognac safari elephant and black stingray!


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If you scroll way down to the bottom of the list you'll see Zlogonje of Cleveland, OH. The owner Dan, is one of my best friends I've made out in Ohio since I've moved from Illinois. He does amazing work and while I'm more partial to kydex holsters, some of his designs are absolutely beautiful and top notch work. He made me the best belt I've ever owned (Double layer cowhide, double stitched.)
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I didn't see Alien Gear Holsters on your list. They are a Kydex/leather hybrid. I just bought two, one for a SR9c and one for a Shield 9mm. 3 week delivery, black/natural leather and belt loop options:




Real nice and a good value!

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I would like to add myself to the list if this is possible...


Revolution Concepts


Website: www.revolution-concepts.com

Email: orders@revolution-concepts.com

Office: 309.340.4484

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Revolution-Concepts/744831695564738?ref=hl

Location: Bloomington, IL 61705



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Could we please have Black Center Tactical added to the list? I have been very happy with two holsters and one carrier he built for me. I do not know this veteran personally and I do not gain anything by giving him a big plug. I just think that good work deserves recognition. Like many here I have bought and tried many holsters and I will be glad to give my personal reasons to anyone interested as to why both my IWB and OWB holsters from Black Center have become my favorites.




Black Center Tactical

Owner: Johnny Bonnet (Ret. USMC)

Composition: Kydex

Website: www.blackcentertactical.com

Instagram: @blackcenter

Location: Riverside, CA (behind enemy lines as he puts it)

Phone: 951-444-0110

Email: sales@blackcentertactical.com




Video of him at work: http://vimeo.com/80816413

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Here's another holster maker to check out:




I ran across Jim on another forum, took a look at his web site and ended up ordering a holster. All of his holsters are horsehide. Since they're all made to order, you can discuss what you would like with him and he'll make it (within reason) the way you want it.

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I'm looking for suggestions and recommendations in/around the Chicago area.


I installed suppressor height sights onto my XDm and my current holsters no longer fit.


Would like to find someone "local" who can custom mold kydex to accommodate my new set up.


Left Hand


Suppressor height sights

Reflex optic

Springfield XDm


Thanks for your insight and guidance.

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