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  1. I’m happy to hear that the feds are telling the ISP they can’t touch the 4473s. I brought this up to several FFL in my area last year and told them I was 99% sure that the form was covered by the Privacy Act of 1974. Of course, most gun shops were not interested in becoming a test case for that.
  2. The story linked in my previous post has a quote from him. He's disappointed but knows the law will be found Constitutional in the end, blah, blah
  3. IANAL so I can't speak to that... Funny that the first news outlet I see reporting is in MO! https://www.ksdk.com/article/news/local/illinois-assault-weapon-ban-lawsuit-judge-ruling/63-a326b053-d44d-4f50-8260-59f06561d683
  4. It means that the law can't be enforced until further action by the court. Technically, it only applies to the named parties in the lawsuit and I'm not sure how it applies to everyone else.
  5. Agreed, they quit sending me mail and blocked me from the FB page after I called them out publicly and called the offices over their BS with the FOID issue. They've compromised our rights away on more than one occasion.
  6. This is making the rounds on YouTube videos now, Langley Outdoors as well as Guns & Gadgets have covered it. I haven’t heard of anyone in my direct area being affected by it but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t happened. Sounds like no due process is being exercised here at all. Also the comments on the Belleville article are mostly disgusting.
  7. Thanks, was just coming in to report that myself. It was in Monday’s issue of the paper.
  8. I’m told we can add Wayne County to the map. I haven’t yet seen it but am told that the copy that has circulated around was wordsmithed a bit and passed unanimously.
  9. Wayne Co meeting was tonight. I was unable to attend so no idea what happened but suspect something will pass. Board seemed favorable last month but wanted to “make it our own” so to speak.
  10. Report from Wayne county: The young gent who was scheduled to speak did a fine job, the room has about 35 seats for public and most were filled. The board chairman noted he was in favor of it as a concept but appointed a committee to go over it (State’s Attorney included) to tailor it to the county and “do it right”. The S.A. indicated he felt this was wise and mentioned that some of the language seemed alarmist, noting that the legislature likely wouldn’t be trying to pass an ex post facto law. (I think he may be surprised at how badly written some of it is). I tend to disagree with one statement he made...that using the word “sanctuary” was a bad idea. He felt it confused the message with immigration, etc. while I feel that this is exactly the point. At any rate, they intend to take it up again at the June meeting. The S.A. even noted that it would be popular with the county citizens as “everybody here has guns”.
  11. From yesterday’s Wayne County Press (meeting is Thursday, I’ll attend if possible)
  12. That’d be my home. The Trib sent reporters down here pre-2016 election and again in late 17 to see what a red county actually looks like lol. As far as the resolution, it’s been forwarded to a couple of county board members.
  13. Also, the CCL technically means nothing if you happen to be transporting a long gun.
  14. Which email address can you scan and email them to?
  15. First time I've been out of the house since Saturday night (ice....) and looks like I'll be doin the WallyWalk!
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