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  1. If I were a police officer I would be OK with the violence interrupter getting shot first, then coming in to clean up the mess.
  2. The republicans are just as inspired in the foot-shooting as the democrats. For the record, I hate both parties, with my hate for the democrats being just a little stronger. I have seen our local BLM group come out in support of gun rights, because any restriction of rights is racist. And now the infamous auntfa is starting to make noise in support of 2A rights. They must have some smart people who realize that the hand that giveth can also take it away.
  3. They might be amazed and shocked at who is on those customer databases.
  4. At least one holster manufacturer, thinking ahead to the possibilities, asked for help in loading every democrat elected official to their database as customers.
  5. Do they really believe that a criminal, or someone who has crossed into a criminal mind-set, is going to think "wow, I can't use that type of weapon because it is banned in IL" as part of their train of thought? And if all the problem guns come from IN and OH, as I believe some Chiraq politicians are on record as saying, what good would an AWB do in IL? They should really put their efforts into making these mass-casualty events more illegal and with stricter penalties.
  6. Did anyone tell them that firearms were manufactured for a couple hundred years prior to anything computerized?
  7. The other headline that those that care are trying to ignore is that female, minority, and LGBTQ gun purchases and ownership are making up a significant percentage of gun sales.
  8. Seizing and destroying packages that were legally accepted for shipment and contain no illegal items, would or should have a huge liability associated with it.
  9. IL republicans are a lot like KS republicans. They all feel good when they lose elections by sticking to their rabid conservative ideology. The winners of elections get to make the rules, so you should prioritize supporting candidates that can win, then refocus those winners on your agenda.
  10. My interpretation is that now that strict scrutiny is in place at the top of the legal food chain, it makes "activist" judges decisions more risky as they will not stand when pushed upwards in the legal food chain. It's unfortunate that they will continue to rely on whether the side they rule against can muster the resources to push the case upward.
  11. So you can be in possession of a full-auto weapon in IL and only be charged with a misdemeanor?
  12. Seeing as the IL DMV sends me nasty-grams about renewing my DL and updating insurance information for my vehicles, and the IL Dept of Revenue is demanding copies of my IL State tax returns for the last 3 years, even though I have not lived or worked in IL, I am coming over to vote. Who should I vote for?
  13. I forgot that he needs some help to try and get elected. Explains what just happened. Democrats never afraid to sacrifice an ethnic group for their cause.
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