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  1. Wait until they realize how much more tax money is generated by requiring anyone selling a vehicle to sell it through a dealer.
  2. Unfortunately a lot of those Chicago crazies are transplanting themselves to Des Moines and Kansas City.
  3. I left in 2017 and they are still texting me to renew my DL and auto's. Idiots.
  4. So who is going to inventory the guns of Mexican cartels (are they even all Mexican?) to determine the percentage of weapons legally sourced from US gun manufacturers? Seems to be a good job for JB Prickster.
  5. The South actually won the War of Northern Aggression. It took them a few decades, and they did it in stealth mode.
  6. Just put the state of IL on eBay and let China and Russia fight it out on the bidding.
  7. IMHO there will be loud dramatic hysteria that you are all a bunch of lawbreaking rednecks h#ll bent on overthrowing the government and that your weapons need to be confiscated.
  8. Do you really believe the state will risk arresting people and having judges then interpret the law and potentially go light with punishment? I believe that the Prickster will use non-compliance as a rationale for outright banning and confiscation.
  9. I am surprised there isn't a class-action lawsuit against the IL legislature for causing harm to IL citizens who had to make purchases to preserve their rights and whose prior purchases now have diminished value.
  10. I today head a democratic representative's staff member exclaim that if IL gun owners won't do as they are told we shouldn't let them move to IA. He decided to shut up when a bunch of us turned around to look at him. Never a dull moment when you go have lunch in the East Village.
  11. With eminent domain isn't there a requirement for a fair reimbursement of the property stolen? Depending on how that patent valuation is done, this might be something a company would favor, based on the short life of a patent.
  12. The Makers Clubs here have meetings and workshops you can go to. I've been going to learn about 3D printing for my other hobbies of woodworking and model railroading. If you can find a radio control aircraft/cars/boats club they can probably direct you to a Makers Club, as they seem to heavily overlap.
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