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  1. We have close to 100 stored for IL residents, and picking up more this weekend. That will max out any spare storage we had. Hopefully for the people of IL this gets resolved quickly. It's always disheartening to disarm myself prior to crossing the river bridge.
  2. Once again, I advocate fighting them on battlefields they don't own. How many initiatives from the local level up to the state level go virtually unchallenged? I am talking about initiatives that have nothing to do with 2A rights. They don't expect these initiatives to be challenged, and they usually are not prepared for the challenges. As we learned in KS, and we have used successfully here in IA, challenge everything. Whip up public opinion. Use the media, because while they know not to highlight specific topics, when you go outside of those topics they are all over it so they have a story. Pick certain elected officials and make everything they support more challenging. You will find that you start getting those who just like to protest stuff, and those who are moderates or even left-leaning to join in because they don't see it as 2A related. You don't need lawyers and you don't need the courts, you need intel and communications.
  3. Another veiled (or not so veiled) threat against our judicial system. Who is going to be their next George Floyd?
  4. Having a militia to defend the peoples freedoms, the States, and the Union was deemed necessary to the protection of the country. The right of the people to keep and bear arms meant that a militia did not have to be standing and could be raised at any time, because the people who would step forward to form the militia would be well armed and ready. The eventual implementation of the National Guard at the state level and the Military at the Federal level did not replace, or subvert, the people's need to be able to defend their individual freedoms.
  5. I know gun shops on the Iowa border are trying to pay fair prices for IL items. They are shipping some of those to their associates in central IA gun shops. We are starting to see more used items that were previously in IL.
  6. Doesn't appear to be much of a manifesto. More along the angry and troubled person scenario. We can start tracing these back to when the dems had full control and wrote the ACA, bowing to their lobbyist and financial masters, and didn't include adequate mental health benefits in either the ACA or Medicare/Medicaid. The repubs also didn't bother to fix this when they had the chance. It's like neither of the parties really care about the voters who keep them in their comfortable positions.
  7. The great thing about the interwebs is that we will have anything he wrote, posted, or put in some sort of manifesto. They can call into question the source of it, because they didn't officially release it, however if it was posted online it is already captured.
  8. Until freedom loving people fight the liberal wackadoodles using the same tactics they use, just keep feeling good losing because you stood your moral ground and the other side didn't fight fair. You have to fight them on a battlefield they don't own. Some of the money going to legal battles should be going to internet forensics teams and other investigative research. Sometimes you have to get right down in the bottom of the swamp and get dirty and fight them on their own terms.
  9. It's going to take a lot more than a new prosecutor to clean up St. Louie.
  10. Chicago needs someone very soft on crime, in fact, someone who won't prosecute at all. That way all these Chicago criminals who seem to have fled to Des Moines will go back home.
  11. I've carried my P320 X-Carry frequently, and I've tried to get it to fire without a trigger pull while at my range. It seems to be functionally solid. I keep wondering if as the new wave of hammerless carry guns without traditional safeties has flooded the market, if we are seeing the result of people with legacy bad trigger discipline have problems with them. The old style safeties would save them, the newer style guns not so much. I also agree that the Israeli style of carrying with the chamber empty is a far better idea than is given credence to. I've had to brandish my weapon twice in the last 10 years or so, and the sound of the slide racking got the desired attention and the desired result.
  12. As much as I don't like bump stocks, someone needs to consult a mechanical engineer. I have a friend with several and they require the trigger to be pressed for every shot, they just facilitate the reset and trigger pull. Maybe there is another kind of bump stock I am not familiar with?
  13. Just like every other electronic or digital security measure, it will be hacked quickly. I'm more interested in laser and directed RFI weapons. Our local maker-bots are doing some incredible work in these areas. They've already proven they can fry EV vehicles at will.
  14. They have made it so that every firearm owner has to fight these standard practice OOP's in a divorce. My almost-ex filed one in our divorce, because her attorney said it was just a common practice. We fought it and pursued harassment charges against her, as there was no justification for an OOP. This was in DeKalb Co. and the DeKalb Co. states attorney was willing to pursue the charges if it wasn't dropped. The judge was not amused by it either.
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