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  1. If they really cared about the children they would let you take the cost of a gun safe as a credit against your taxes.
  2. Many Ruger 10/22 variants, however there seemed to be lots of WWII vintage M1, Garand, and other models of that era. Browning A5's were also popular. A couple people had more recent AR-15 rifles. I am not an expert on vintage military weapons, so not sure what all was represented. I used a borrowed Marlin 60 to plink away at the wascally wabbits.
  3. I worked on a couple of consulting projects in Australia. The estimate is that in the major cities maybe 50% of the banned firearms were turned in, and outside of those metro areas, maybe 10%. I worked out of Canberra and once they found out I liked to shoot and hunt they took me rabbit hunting, which at that time was more like our prairie dog hunting. Hundreds of rabbits running around in fields. Plenty of those banned firearms in use. In the rural areas no one seemed to care.
  4. I think it's time to invest in a Bait, Bullets, and Beef store right across the I-80 river bridge in IA. Drive through for ammo sales with a free sandwich if you spend over $250.
  5. I have the Springfield XDm-10 with the 4.5" barrel. I am not IL anymore. I love the gun, and the 10mm can be loaded to shoot mild .40 s&w loadings or full-house Buffalo Bore loads for hunting. With proper 10mm loads, it's a lot more of a kick than any of my .45's (Sig P220, SA 1911). I have it loaded with Hornady Handgun Hunter for deer season. Those loads will get your attention.
  6. So the illegally owned guns are not really coming from free states such as Indiana, Tennessee, Iowa, etc. as previously claimed? If you are a criminal organization and you need guns it's a whole lot more efficient to set some out of work machinists up with equipment and produce the guns you need, plus make it a profit center by selling them to other organizations. The cartels have been doing this for decades. You don't have to manufacture the most reliable or smoothest operating gun when it's basically a disposable item.
  7. Except for Alaska, where a non-resident property owner can purchase any style of firearm. As long as you have proof of property ownership and an Alaskan address, they never seemed to care.
  8. "Intense Provocation", wow is that a thing now? The sh$t I would of done had I known that was a legitimate defense strategy!
  9. I wonder if some of the legal logic used against abortion laws comes into play here. States have made access to abortions illegal without making abortions illegal, and the courts have said that you cannot restrict access to a legal procedure. So if having a firearm in your home is legal, and the FOID card law restricts access to something that is legal, does the same legal logic apply?
  10. Yes your honor, I was on my way to the target range and legally carrying my weapon, and the big bad scary person tried to harm me.
  11. Here in IA and also in KS it seems that the SA's first action is to try and prove that the shooter was looking to put themselves in scenarios where they would need to use their weapon. A highly modified weapon with self-defense ammunition is their first presentation to a grand jury that they should indict. An unmodified weapon with FMJ ammunition is probably the best way to mitigate this tactic.
  12. From what I had read, the issue seemed to be very isolated and not widespread? I love my 15-22! The most fun .22 rifle I have. Accurate enough for plinking and varmint control, and eats any ammo I feed it.
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