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  1. As long as it's a long gun, my experience was that FFL's in states like IA, MO, KS, SD, ND, and AK don't care if you are an IL resident.
  2. I am OK with members of the media needing to take rigorous training, maintain certification with annual re-certification, and the requirement for them to carry liability insurance to continue to exercise their right to free speech. If it saves the life of one child, then it is justified.
  3. That is always the problem, as the tendency is for those in power to use that power to fit their agenda. And yet those in power never want to be held to the same standards that they force on others.
  4. Keeping firearms out of the hands of temporarily or permanently mentally impaired persons is a good thing. Laws and administrative rulings like this are merely an admission that the people in charge are not smart enough to really solve the issue, or even make common sense moves towards a realistic goal.
  5. MO is not without its quirks, however it is a free state. The sad thing is that as the good people leave IL, the power just continues to densify for the idiots in charge.
  6. JB knows this will be challenged in court and IL will most likely not prevail. However he is willing to spend the tax payers money like he is a drunk sailor in a *****-house. Not like there are not other major IL problems that he and that money could be focused on.
  7. A couple of years ago one of our IA BLM activists gave a fairly well-reasoned talk on why the blanket firearms prohibition for those convicted of felonies was racist in nature. I think shortly after that talk she was told to STFU by her democrat over-lords. She recently came back out in support of the IA Freedom Amendment and I think they may have stuffed her in a crate and sent her to team Tulsi.
  8. I am an Iowa native, and returned to the state in 2017. Things went right in Iowa, literally. We passed our 2A Freedom Amendment with 65% of the state supporting it. We don't have oceans, sunshine, beaches, or any of that stuff. We do need to build a wall on the IL and MN borders to keep them out.
  9. There's a lot of really wonky things surrounding this incident. Sometimes the plots of fiction books and movies becomes too real. Like the recent incident in Chicago, was this a role played out, or did something deep in the dark side go wrong?
  10. And many of those sales were first time buyers in minority groups, alternative gender groups, alternative lifestyle groups. And that is totally scaring the liberal loonies.
  11. Hopefully they also file suit against the murderer's father who should of known that his son was unstable and yet facilitated him acquiring weapons.
  12. All those under-the-table guns that Glock gave police unions, purchasing departments, etc. are paying dividends.
  13. Two of my LGS don't bill through their FFL business. You pay one of their other businesses. They have been doing it this way for many years.
  14. Does he really think that an all-out rebuke of the current federal government would be fought with bullets, bombs, and other physical weapons? That would be out in the open, messy, and not effective. Didn't we learn anything from Vietnam and more recently the Russian cyber-warfare initiatives?
  15. If I were a police officer I would be OK with the violence interrupter getting shot first, then coming in to clean up the mess.
  16. The republicans are just as inspired in the foot-shooting as the democrats. For the record, I hate both parties, with my hate for the democrats being just a little stronger. I have seen our local BLM group come out in support of gun rights, because any restriction of rights is racist. And now the infamous auntfa is starting to make noise in support of 2A rights. They must have some smart people who realize that the hand that giveth can also take it away.
  17. They might be amazed and shocked at who is on those customer databases.
  18. At least one holster manufacturer, thinking ahead to the possibilities, asked for help in loading every democrat elected official to their database as customers.
  19. Do they really believe that a criminal, or someone who has crossed into a criminal mind-set, is going to think "wow, I can't use that type of weapon because it is banned in IL" as part of their train of thought? And if all the problem guns come from IN and OH, as I believe some Chiraq politicians are on record as saying, what good would an AWB do in IL? They should really put their efforts into making these mass-casualty events more illegal and with stricter penalties.
  20. Did anyone tell them that firearms were manufactured for a couple hundred years prior to anything computerized?
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