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  1. Not technically true... The grabbers don't get total domination, which is the only thing that would satiate them, for a minute.
  2. Applied for renewal December 17th, 2020, and it went active April 7, 2021. 111 Days... Thanks, Illinois, for my permission slip.
  3. Very bad form being intoxicated in a vehicle, while armed... He's lucky he wasn't perforated.
  4. https://www.mom-at-arms.com/post/effingham-county-il-isn-t-screwing-around-anymore-enforce-gun-control-and-you-re-subject-to-arrest
  5. This might be worth its own thread, but Effingham is kicking butt with this one: https://www.mom-at-arms.com/post/effingham-county-il-isn-t-screwing-around-anymore-enforce-gun-control-and-you-re-subject-to-arrest
  6. That's assuming that the ten year record thing was ever actually followed...
  7. That means it's time to get back to work!
  8. I received a similar email about several passwords I have saved in Chrome last week, mostly some pretty insecure passwords. My IC password wasn't included but that one is pretty complicated. I took it to be Google scrubbing my saved passwords against a list they developed from the dark web. Do you use Chrome, and was the password they emailed you about saved in that browser? I must have saved the password there, but have also used a different password manager since then, so it might even be an old password, but I figured it would be good to tell site admin in case there is something nefarious going on.
  9. Screen shot of the email attached.
  10. Just a heads up, I got an alert that my password here was found online in a data dump. I hadn't changed it before the site had SSL enabled, so if anyone hasn't changed theirs in a while, it might be time to do so.
  11. So, the guy broke laws already, was likely a candidate for Colorado’s red flag laws, and was known to the FBI, and we get to feel the loving hand of government even more when they failed on multiple levels? Just great. Always one more law from perfection...
  12. Why are we entertaining this as anything but a power grab and another infringement that is completely antithetical to the 2a?
  13. It's amazing that shall not be infringed means do whatever the heck you want.
  14. When they take everything away from someone, then they have nothing to lose. That's a scary situation that we really don't want to see.
  15. Isn't this roughly the same thing as Chicago's permitting system they used to have? Require permits, but do not do the requisite granting of said permits...
  16. I made an edit to an FCC license address, and had to do it twice because of a mistake. It was done in ONE FREAKING DAY each time. This state is the pinnacle of bureaucratic mess, waste, and corruption.
  17. 139 days for my wife. Applied for a replacement on 3-11-2020. Went active 7-28-2020. 139 days...
  18. Just got a full kydex single clip holster that I really like from We The People holsters. Definitely one for the list.
  19. Ok, lets have some substantive content, not just post counting! What's your new years resolutions?
  20. I got some ammo at Walmart this week. There was someone actually standing in sporting goods. How amazing!
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