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  1. Applied for renewal December 17th, 2020, and it went active April 7, 2021. 111 Days... Thanks, Illinois, for my permission slip.
  2. This might be worth its own thread, but Effingham is kicking butt with this one: https://www.mom-at-arms.com/post/effingham-county-il-isn-t-screwing-around-anymore-enforce-gun-control-and-you-re-subject-to-arrest
  3. Isn't this roughly the same thing as Chicago's permitting system they used to have? Require permits, but do not do the requisite granting of said permits...
  4. 139 days for my wife. Applied for a replacement on 3-11-2020. Went active 7-28-2020. 139 days...
  5. Just got a full kydex single clip holster that I really like from We The People holsters. Definitely one for the list.
  6. Ok, lets have some substantive content, not just post counting! What's your new years resolutions?
  7. I got some ammo at Walmart this week. There was someone actually standing in sporting goods. How amazing!
  8. That sucks, I might have jumped the shark a bit. A FFL has a firearm and I obviously can't pick it up without my FOID. The 23rd will be 30 days. I did see plenty of folks getting their FOID (recently) before the 30 day mark, so I might have gotten overly optimistic. I am very glad I got both my CCL and FOID application in pre-Orlando, tho. CCL times seem to be ~60 days right now, hopefully a flood of new applicants doesn't slow that down. Here's to hoping mine was in the mail before Orlando. Do you have your CCL, but not the FOID? You can certainly use the CCL to buy things. I haven't had trouble.
  9. I didn't hear that particular phrase tonight, thankfully. My dad, when he and my mom got together, had some ground rules about food in the house. Instant mashed potatoes would never be served. Come on, people. Mashed potatoes don't come in a box!
  10. Ok, just got back from the Wal-Mart across town. What a crap show. Literally two lines open, and the do-it-your-own-self checkout open. Still line 6 carts deep at each. Then a skinny yute from da huud, on an electric scooter, and her companion just rolls right through the lines, and has the watcher at the do-it-your-own-self checkout check her out. Now I know why I don't go there past 5 PM...
  11. Dang, Ronin, that's a glowing review if I ever saw one. If like to have been a fly on the wall in the conversations arising from that letter.
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