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  1. Add me to the numbers that are/have moved out of state. After 65 years here, I am now a resident of Iowa. I'll be mailing my (now worthless) cards to FSB in Springfield. I'll be looking into the recently passed law in Iowa about Constitutional Carry. YIPPIE!!
  2. Expired 4/29/19 Class 3/30/19 Submitted 4/2/19 Prints on file from initial license app Active 7/16/19
  3. How could they ignore an "abondonded or disabled" vehicle that long??! Sad.
  4. WHERE? When we talk about "my local WM" having this or that in stock, please give us the town/location... I've thought about starting a thread like "My WM has THIS in stock today:". I wonder if taking a pic of the ammo supply/shelves would be allowed, by the store?
  5. Applied/paid 3/25/14, with prints. Active 4/29/14. In the mail 5/2/14. South Cook county. It came just in time for a trip to Iowa. Had to delay my trip a bit, to "holster up". Carried most of the weekend and not a thing happened... Thanks to everyone here who have worked so hard to get this done. The fight is NOT over, though...
  6. I didn't see Alien Gear Holsters on your list. They are a Kydex/leather hybrid. I just bought two, one for a SR9c and one for a Shield 9mm. 3 week delivery, black/natural leather and belt loop options: http://aliengearholsters.com/ Real nice and a good value!
  7. Wow! That's one nicely stocked Wal-Mart. My local (Matteson) has always had a dismal display. I'll have to get around more. #2760
  8. Already discussed at length elsewhere. Rest area (outside your veh) = gun free zone.
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