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  1. I used to be, Clinton p... me off in the late 90's, I only used my FFL just for purchases for myself. Correct me if I'm wrong (it does happen often) but now a days a local FFL can't even get the prices these gunbroker guys are selling for. Large bulk purchases...
  2. Got it from where? Manufacturer -》FFL [-》FFL] (paper book) -》Owner. Illinois tried to make it electronic that failed. Also paying for an firearm is not prrof of ownership.
  3. Never been asked in my life and I just may own several hundred.
  4. Have popo in the family not isp I have to ask them their thoughts. They could charge us but I suspect they would lose their job too.
  5. The 14th would require that. If they don't have this as a requirement of their job, they have no additional rights not afforded anyone else. (but I'm not a lawyer)
  6. My first was an H&K 91 back when I was 16 years old. I'm not sure when this whole 18 or 21 started but I wasn't. A very long time ago.
  7. Few cop's I know say their towns have no plans to help state on registration laws.
  8. There link for reporting anonymously sends you to a page with noting about reporting anonymously.... Typical.
  9. Call the ATF hotline and report Menards, Home Depot, for selling banned parts.
  10. I'll certainly do another letter. I emailed John Kass because I always liked him, I got nada.
  11. I don't know where else to write but to the Judicial Inquiry Board (which I have) it doesn't appear you can report a judge to the bar. Is there anything we can send federal for judicial misconduct?
  12. You mean anything? No but I have 4 various types of electronic headphones only one more expensive digital pair. They all work perfectly the digital you can hear someone pee at 300 yards but I wouldn't spend the extra money. Over $50 is a waste. I don't shoot indoors the only time I put in plugs was I was next to someone spotting shooting a Laupa, back of then was fine next too thrm dam... that's loud.
  13. Cops I know are not going to enforce this. That's an option like a speeding ticket.
  14. I have hope the SCOTUS will fix all this but the time is a killer. The other problem is there a way to stop them from knowing passing unconstitutional laws to continue to delay our rights. As Martin Luther King Jr said a right delayed is a right denied and SCOTUS needs b... slap Illinois Supreme Court maybe someone there needs to file a complaint to get someone disbarred. I've long said we need a independent constitutional review board on bills before they are passed.
  15. I put the chances of an amendment to the US constitution for anything slightly less than zero, he should devote all his time and money for this.
  16. I have a pile in one of my safes, he just handed them to me and the police were fine with that, zero paperwork.
  17. Please tell me you didn't transfer them to the police, if so I wouldn't hold my breath on getting them back.
  18. If I had a maga hat I would start wearing it just to p... people off. I've 1000's of witness slips, letters electronic and paper, and recently a couple registered letters, every representative I have is sheet now. I was in DuPage before you could find a f... Democrat and the county is just crap and damn near hopeless but I keep trying. By the way DuPage put this up, https://berrydunn.mysocialpinpoint.com/dupagecountyil/ideas#/ if you care to write a comment, I'm sure mine will get flagged. Save the link because they try to only get you to comment once if you follow their links....
  19. I can't wait for banning components, If you put aluminum foil in a tumbler long enough
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