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  1. Or they just put it on the other side. I just don't get it and AR has lots of space on it. Unless there's a it's got to be right here and there is one already.
  2. Eeeek based on what I've heard I might have to re-evaluate you I thought it was all cloak and dagger board members only with an "in" a secret selection/organization.
  3. I'm sure there's room for another number on it if your so willing.
  4. I figure until you move out of your house is just misplaced and even then I might be in your toolbox. (Found one there as well) I "misplaced" a firearm for well over 15 years and found it later hanging out the back of the bottom of a file cabinet. If the firearm your transferring is older that the law.... I keep absolute no records over 10 years old, period!
  5. I see NY has public transportation as a restricted place as well that is unquestionably one of the most important places to carry. The record of crimes should certainly support that.
  6. Kinda of partially why I voted for hubbard (good) and had "irvin" type qualities that helps in Chicago.
  7. I voted for Hubbard but I hear a lot of support for Salvi, let us pray.
  8. Not surprised at all, no-body north of 80 is going to vote for Bailey, it's over. Too bad Ken didn't pick such a loser.
  9. The claim in the commercial is he wants to ban abortions, I've not see where he actually said that. Where's the video?
  10. If someone has the JUST cook county or Chicago Governor vote counts I'd like to see them.
  11. I think sone people won't like this but if illinois requires training they are going to have to provide it expediently at a very minimal cost (or free).
  12. "Partners Paul Clement and Erin Murphy to announce their departure from Kirkland to open their own appellate firm so they can continue to represent clients in gun matters." Apparently Kirkland no longer wants to take 'controversial" cases another woken law firm.
  13. I don't want to disagree with Molly but I think there's a cold day in heck that Bailey can pull 22% of Chicago. Not south, as most people say north of route 80 , are not going to vote for him. We need the minorities out of the big cities and unfortunately I don't think that's Bailey. A vast amount of, well I won't say that, vote on first impression (looks).
  14. Word is (true or not) ? Supreme Court says will also announce decisions this Friday – with guns, abortion cases forthcoming
  15. yes, that was for everyone else that wants to keep refreshing their own browser There's some smart people on the chats but there's certainly people on both sides of the table.
  16. Building? I thought it was done. My understanding is it's large enough to consolidate everything but they want to be in two locations GA and TX. There's a long history with the old CEO and family but they are either gone from the company or already in TX. They had some unbelievable houses that ended up being sold for, well nickels, on the dollar when they left. The ISU buildings and legacy will eventually disappear from significance and Bloomington will go from 1/2 getto to 100% and ISU will itself need a wall. They have been asking employees questions about where they would be willing to work for a while now, answer wrong and you will find your job someplace else. Last I knew was still using main frame computers I don't know where they are at now. I wouldn't move my computing to the cloud especially if you have any data (that's where they bend you over) but companies are building their own "cloud" type computing solutions.
  17. I thought there were some lawyers in congress. How do they think a constitution right can be different between legal American adults? Didn't the 18 year vs a 21 year old buying a handgun just fail constitutional rights? How about we just ban woman or democrats the right to own a firearm? This just can't fly long term.
  18. Sometime's is not best person who supports your ideals but stopping the person who has and will continute to do most to destroy them. I haven't wavered, I'm supporting the person with the best chance to pull the most votes out of Chicago against JB. Every goveror race in the history of Illinois has been won or lost in Chicago. Chicago (didn't break out the calculator) is roughly 9/10ths of the state. Win Chicago win the state, unfortunately that's not voting for the best person for the job its voting for the one that can beat JB. I don't look at the GOP poll winner when 3/4 of Chicago is democrat.
  19. I think you mean Crook county but I feel sorry for either. This however is nothing compared to the payouts for all the people they are going to have to pay that are (or have) been released from prison for what's his name cop that just made **** up. BILLIONS. A Nobel prize winner in economics said Chicago should just stop digging and file for bankruptcy like Detroit, but she keeps on digging. As does the state, the fed money is gone, s... will hit the fan soon. Caterpillar leaving the state is just the start.... When State Farm moves we might as well burn down our homes, not if, when. It's already 1/2 getto down there, ISU will need a border wall.
  20. Nope, I see nothing wrong with that. There's no way In ... the right to an abortion in Illinois is going to change regardless because we are packed with Democrats. The only statement I would say (unfortunately) abortion isn't going to change there's no reason to discuss it. Illinois is going to become abortion capital of the midwest maybe the US if as JB says the state will even pay for it. Bring you 12 year old girlfriend to Illinois a no questions include names abortion, what a he..hole we have become. I'm from DuPage at a time you could find a .. democrat in the county now it's gone into the sh.. I'll be REAL interested to hear what Sean Casten's 17 year old daughter "suddenly" died of, being she decide she was pro-choice and took her own live or maybe he will reconsider his stance on the Fentanyl border. The OD rate is just staggering, 129 kids have been killed in schools in the last 30 years, I'm not adding the whoopdedoo because that's terrible but it's a spit in the ocean.
  21. The simple answer to that is yes. I suspect Illinois is going to significantly increase the number of potential criminals (if they could find them) in the state. I'm not sure how many FFL's are going to line up to do this as well, can they force them? I think not existing and then maybe lawsuits. IDK not a ffl since Jimmy screwed us.
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