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  1. Anything that takes a picture of your plate gets your picture of you as well. You need to keep a Mickey Mouse mask. As for shell's easily picked up at a range.
  2. I'm not sure I would report a firearm stolen if it was over 10 years old. Chances of getting it back are near zero, won't be that much over any deductible, and they frankly they make it difficult so f'm sold 10 year old paperwork gone.
  3. Done with 3 real people. Looks like it's almost a 2 to 1 opposition at this point.
  4. But it makes a big difference now since all parties are not being treated equally, it needs fixed. It could be total BS and you could be out of state and prove it false easily. Deliver it quickly or shove it, they shouldn't have to have this hanging by a local who uses this to his advantage. They run your plates they will know and you most certain won't get the warning ticket.
  5. I don't like "until"s without specifications, but I'm not a lawyer.
  6. That's exactly what happened to my friend I was going to take back to pick up his gun but he lost his foid! (he's quite old don't pick on him) I checked yesterday to see if anyone said anything because I wasn't 100% confident it what he said
  7. I think you can say megasports. They were good to me this time (as always), I just try to remember there's surrounded by a bunch of a...holes trying to find any excuse to try shut them down. So anal (ME) doesn't have a problem with it.
  8. I think venmo and paypal now report over $600 to the IRS the rest is the dishonor system. There's also cash and multiple payments.
  9. Sicking, put off the day of reckoning for another year with federal dollars, this SOB is still digging.
  10. Does it included keeping the illegals out of Illinois so they don't take jobs from minorities...
  11. It's true, do nothing and maybe you'll get a few bucks if the lawyers don't suck it up.
  12. That would be real bad for insurance people, they are selling a boatload of life insurance policies to grandparents buying it their grandchildren in Chicago.
  13. There should be a "processing" fee for sending Illinois pension payments to out of state residents. I hoped for no federal money so the state tanked before the election but JB will be able to claim success for another year get elected and then we will tank. Addicts have to hit bottom the sooner the better, we are just still digging.
  14. I just wanted to add a bit since someone mentioned them "MegaSports". I understand a business being very strict on the rules (even photo's) when your surrounded by people working to actively to shutdown gun stores whenever possible. I brought an elderly friend who wanted to change his carry (45 to 9) so I did call ahead to verify what we needed (he's 80+). Our experience was excellent our wait was short, not enough time to even look (for me). After my friend was completely I also stated quite clearly I'm not going to buy anything but I should would like to see the differences (in hand) between the P224 and newer P229 compact and there was no issue or rudeness what-so-ever. I guess there's a possible sale potential but I clearly said there would not be. Two things I did learn, I like my P224 better than the P229 compact, it's really very little different than my normal P229. If I want a larger grip I'd use an extended mag with the finger and I don't want a bigger beaver on a carry firearm and for God sakes a SAO version with a f... safety ahhhhh! I should just go buy another before they become harder to find. They also have a 1 gun a month policy they explained due to demand, well looking at the volume of 40's on the shelf I doubt that applies for them
  15. NEWS ALERT WEDNESDAY DECEMBER 29, 2021 Strict gun laws aren't helping during a national crime wave, most voters say A new poll finds that more than eight of 10 U.S. voters believe strict gun control laws in major cities either make no difference in the current retail crime surge or make it worse. Maybe we need subscribe the legislature.
  16. I don't recall the CCL license being available by paper and no convenience fee (for original or renewal). My wife got one, I should have, have to check with the kids. I think my one daughter probably paid it twice for an address change as well. Corrected, I just got one too! I'm going to be rich!
  17. I was born in 62 but something about 68 is bothering me I suspect most people here don't have 50+ year old firearms who's values would be destroyed.
  18. I reship and receive from all over the world, I try to keep contacts on every continent. Unfortunately there's thing called age catching up on all of us.
  19. Chrome, Safari, Firefox on MAC. This isn't a browser issue. When you do linked images you have an assigned name for the set, at least that's the only way I've ever seen it done. I suspect the name isn't cleared, added, or who knows what in the code it's a javascript for the images written by PHP. Windows, ew... I can happily say I haven't touched a windows box in 20+ years, thank God I got my life back.
  20. Something is at least strange but it probably doesn't matter or there's something with the posting I'm not understanding or maybe to many images auto split posts but that isn't right either.... If you go the the meme's a good example is click the "ho ho ho" image and go forward and backward from it, it doesn't match the posts. Some have forward and back on images even if there is only one image and some don't and again it's weird... Or easy top of 252 click santa and go through images it doesn't match the postings, third image christmas in a can does not show continue then the two santa and 2 tips is skipped and then it goes to the snu girls skips two images to the linus... I typically don't walk images this way anyhow but something is amuck.
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