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  1. Anything that takes a picture of your plate gets your picture of you as well. You need to keep a Mickey Mouse mask. As for shell's easily picked up at a range.
  2. I'm not sure I would report a firearm stolen if it was over 10 years old. Chances of getting it back are near zero, won't be that much over any deductible, and they frankly they make it difficult so f'm sold 10 year old paperwork gone.
  3. Done with 3 real people. Looks like it's almost a 2 to 1 opposition at this point.
  4. But it makes a big difference now since all parties are not being treated equally, it needs fixed. It could be total BS and you could be out of state and prove it false easily. Deliver it quickly or shove it, they shouldn't have to have this hanging by a local who uses this to his advantage. They run your plates they will know and you most certain won't get the warning ticket.
  5. I don't like "until"s without specifications, but I'm not a lawyer.
  6. That's exactly what happened to my friend I was going to take back to pick up his gun but he lost his foid! (he's quite old don't pick on him) I checked yesterday to see if anyone said anything because I wasn't 100% confident it what he said
  7. I think you can say megasports. They were good to me this time (as always), I just try to remember there's surrounded by a bunch of a...holes trying to find any excuse to try shut them down. So anal (ME) doesn't have a problem with it.
  8. I think venmo and paypal now report over $600 to the IRS the rest is the dishonor system. There's also cash and multiple payments.
  9. Sicking, put off the day of reckoning for another year with federal dollars, this SOB is still digging.
  10. Does it included keeping the illegals out of Illinois so they don't take jobs from minorities...
  11. It's true, do nothing and maybe you'll get a few bucks if the lawyers don't suck it up.
  12. That would be real bad for insurance people, they are selling a boatload of life insurance policies to grandparents buying it their grandchildren in Chicago.
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