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  1. Maybe we just need to start flooding the ISBA with ethic complains about lawmakers that are lawyers be incompetent about the law. Just need to find the right form and get a everyone to start filing them. https://www.isba.org/ethics/bysubject/Reporting Lawyer Misconduct
  2. Need to learn how to refer someone to the bar for review maybe this would stop (at least the ones with a law degree) for voting to pass laws they must know are clearly unconstitutional.
  3. OR over 50% of the people that actually voted, a no response vote is a considered no vote. So if you have 100 ballets with 31 yes and 30 no, it doesn't hit 60% but it is over 1/2 voted yes. Yes I think this is ... up, but I don't we will know for 2 weeks to allow that late mail in ballots. Unfortunately my guess, and I sure hope I'm wrong, is this will unfortunately pass.
  4. Or keep their 10+ year old paperwork, fireplace she goes!
  5. I think it's actually 1871 when America became a corporation.
  6. EV will be better, nothing will last that long the new disposable car generation, so plates will stay higher
  7. He will deflect to point out the president Trumps appointed justices Kavanaugh and Robert's statement about states rights to limit some firearms. Which doesn't conflict with the statement of commonly owned firearms but clearly will convince the uninformed.
  8. I bet taxing retirement income is on JB's list, what does he have to lose, not any tax income..
  9. It's always a court battle but "Banning a type of weapon that is commonly used by law-abiding citizens for lawful purposes" is tough nut to crack. Has there been stand alone charge for owning a ghost gun yet? It'll cost the state a lot of money to loose that one, I doubt Paul Revere's rifle had a serial number on it.
  10. I don't know all the politics of IOWA but they changed their insane graduated tax to a flat 3.9% tax and eliminated tax on retirement. I do know I went to a gun show with my nephew and he walked out with 3 new guns, it was then no wait if you had a license but its not now license required In IOWA I guess CCL stands Cash and Carry Law. To me the other direction makes more sense Indiana is close, I've drawn my 4-5 hour radius maps heading east/south.
  11. Not proud to admit but back then DWB was "illegal" in my town.
  12. There's also more people from Chicago in Tennessee than natives!
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