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  1. Or they just put it on the other side. I just don't get it and AR has lots of space on it. Unless there's a it's got to be right here and there is one already.
  2. Eeeek based on what I've heard I might have to re-evaluate you I thought it was all cloak and dagger board members only with an "in" a secret selection/organization.
  3. I'm sure there's room for another number on it if your so willing.
  4. I figure until you move out of your house is just misplaced and even then I might be in your toolbox. (Found one there as well) I "misplaced" a firearm for well over 15 years and found it later hanging out the back of the bottom of a file cabinet. If the firearm your transferring is older that the law.... I keep absolute no records over 10 years old, period!
  5. I see NY has public transportation as a restricted place as well that is unquestionably one of the most important places to carry. The record of crimes should certainly support that.
  6. Kinda of partially why I voted for hubbard (good) and had "irvin" type qualities that helps in Chicago.
  7. I voted for Hubbard but I hear a lot of support for Salvi, let us pray.
  8. Not surprised at all, no-body north of 80 is going to vote for Bailey, it's over. Too bad Ken didn't pick such a loser.
  9. The claim in the commercial is he wants to ban abortions, I've not see where he actually said that. Where's the video?
  10. If someone has the JUST cook county or Chicago Governor vote counts I'd like to see them.
  11. I think sone people won't like this but if illinois requires training they are going to have to provide it expediently at a very minimal cost (or free).
  12. "Partners Paul Clement and Erin Murphy to announce their departure from Kirkland to open their own appellate firm so they can continue to represent clients in gun matters." Apparently Kirkland no longer wants to take 'controversial" cases another woken law firm.
  13. I don't want to disagree with Molly but I think there's a cold day in heck that Bailey can pull 22% of Chicago. Not south, as most people say north of route 80 , are not going to vote for him. We need the minorities out of the big cities and unfortunately I don't think that's Bailey. A vast amount of, well I won't say that, vote on first impression (looks).
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