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  1. Chicago man arrested for felonies 3 times in 10 days A Chicago man managed to get arrested and charged with felonies three times in just ten days this month, thanks to Illinois’ new cashless bail system. Damien Velez, 23, is currently in Cook County jail, but court records show he is eligible for release as soon as electronic monitoring arrangements are made. ....
  2. Why would CPD call a FFL to do a firearm trace, do it your ... self it's not your job or are you required to for them, right? Also why would a FFL do a 5/24 form for? When you buy or take in firearms a FFL must check if it's stolen? I'm not saying that might not be good business practice but must.
  3. https://www.chicagotribune.com/politics/ct-state-board-of-elections-all-for-justice-fine-20231121-uzvzy5bjlbcujfxccsulp2bktu-story.html (doesn't seem to be behind a paywall. Democratic PAC shifts cash out of its account as it gets hit with one of the biggest state election board fines ever A political committee that helped expand the Democratic majority on the Illinois Supreme Court and was backed by Illinois Senate President Don Harmon emptied its bank account just weeks after being notified it faced one of the largest state election fines ever for failing to timely disclose millions of dollars it spent until after last November’s election. On Tuesday, the State Board of Elections issued a final order assessing $99,500 in fines against the All for Justice political action committee. The action followed a Tribune story earlier this year detailing the PAC’s reporting deficiencies as it spent more than $7.3 million on independent expenditures supporting Democratic Justices Elizabeth Rochford and Mary Kay O’Brien, both of whom won their campaigns and increased the court’s Democratic majority to 5-2 from a previous 4-3 advantage. (continues)
  4. It would be hard to argue ignorance of the law is no excuse when you've contacted your rep and they have no clue.
  5. I've had my best luck with asking to speak to someone in the office about my concerns. You reps etc have someone else at the office that will speak to you, it gets a lot more attention and lets them prepare if they aren't aware they will be.
  6. I believe they said they were still accepted questions until Nov 30th, you should ask if you need to register your airsoft rifle if it has attachments identified under the ban, what serial number would you use?
  7. 7-time felon accused of stealing ATM from West Loop restaurant is released to await trial https://cwbchicago.com/2023/11/chicago-west-loop-restaurant-atm-burglary-suspect-released.html Chicago man already released *twice* under cashless bail is now accused of armed robbery https://cwbchicago.com/2023/11/chicago-west-loop-restaurant-atm-burglary-suspect-released.html
  8. 25 parachute size cans they are only 1/2 filled with 1,000 rounds I pour them into the 1/2 cans perfectly size and weight. 2,000 in the full can is to heavy to carry around. It's really not that much weight. Much lighter than A500 plates
  9. I had 25,000 rounds delivered once, all stamped small arms ammo it was stacked up on my porch almost to the mailbox. (all stamped $129/1000 on the metal cans inside - long ago) My wife was a bit concerned and I told her, who in their right mind would consider coming on a porch to try steal any.
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