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  1. We compute and crunch data, a little web is necessary unfortunately but thankfully not much. Everything is a container now...
  2. We manage a lot lof machines, it's 1 admin to 5,000 linux boxes and 1 admin for 50 windows boxes, if you want to start virus and !~@#()up problems, the numbers are monumental. We probably shouldn't start a windows/linux war but 90%+ web servers and large computing farms aare linux, a mostly a free one. If you are gaming stick with your windows box. Once you go MAC you never go back for a laptop.
  3. you paid money for this yes? Sorry not trying to be a d...k I just thought that I often point people to the FAQ elsewhere. I eat bits for breakfest I can figure anything out.
  4. If you short on time start at 32ish minutes this is when the question is asked and the state starts crumbling.
  5. So it's my post start so I'm taking a left turn on subject don't need a new one... A FAQ might be nice, I suspect the software company has one? I think I kind of understand the posting but it's different and I looked for one.
  6. Just happened again, I hit reload and it always works. But this isn't a you problem unless you are running your own server. I mostly run on shared because I'm cheap, well the non-profits are.
  7. This year vs last, saturation or complacency. That was my question asking for commentary. Whole lot less people applying (in IL). FOID New Applications 9,514 30,719
  8. I was wondering if there will be analysis / commentary of last August vs this August. Have we reached saturation or complacency?
  9. Well I carry ARX so everyone should TEST and carry what they like. If I found RIP ammo at an sane price I'd probably buy and test but I like what I use. ARX 9mm +P Curious is the case stamped RIP or who's brass is it?
  10. That's a novel thought. I told my wife if the designer handbag is a fraction of the cost and even better quality, way to go!
  11. "Cook County residents brought a Second Amendment challenge to Cook County's ban on assault rifles and large-capacity magazines" For firearms with the exclusion of handguns, magazine capacity on handguns is unlimited anywhere in the state, even a AR-15 pistol with a 30 round.
  12. Exactly correct, you can legally put a 50 round drum magazine in your glock (ANY HANDGUN) and printing is not illegal, you will however have to ask you local gang member where he got his.
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