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    Redondo Beach, California
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    Suing California to restore our Second Amendment right to openly carry firearms for the purpose of self-defense. Writing articles for NewsBlaze.

    That is all I have had time for this past decade.

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  1. Here is a case which has the potential to be SCOTUS bound because if the district court decision is affirmed in the 9th Circuit, it will create a SCOTUS Rule 10 split with the Eleventh Circuit if the Eleventh Circuit affirms the decision of the district court in GeorgiaCarry.Org et. al. v. Army Corps of Engineers The 9th Circuit case is Nesbitt v. Army Corp of Engineers. The 11th Circuit district court held that Army Corp of Engineer recreational areas, where guns are allowed for hunting and target shooting, are "sensitive" places under the Heller decision where arms can be prohibited. The 9th Circuit district court judge came to the opposite conclusion.
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