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  1. We didn't have Heller and McDonald. You're all living in a post Heller world when Mortong Grove's handgun ban was found to be constitutional
  2. A motion to appeal was filed on 11/20/18. An extension was requested on 1/23/19 Another extention was requested on 3/12/19 with the court saying this is the final extension briefs due on 4/26 Then there will be the reply brief from the defandant and then, there will be a reply from the state to which they will dawdel and most likely ask for an extension. So may not get before the Court till October. Right about the time New York is being heard. So depending, we could go up after New York. And have the benefit of those orals. and depending on how long delayed, could even see a ruling in the interum. this may toss a monkey wrench into some of those things going on at the capitol.
  3. Firearms Technical Group d/b/a Spartan Suppressors 210 Commercial Drive Unit B Yorkville, IL 60560 The wait starts when you buy/order your gun
  4. I DON'T USE PMs. I have an email address for a reason. Tvandermyd@aol.com
  5. anyone in this 6/2 batch can email me and I will forward your name to ISP. They tell me they need the names so they can track them better and get an answer as to where they are in the process
  6. Old1free Some have said there is a YouTube video of me going at it with a certain state rep if some one knows of that link maybe they can post it and u just might see some of the hostility we went up against
  7. no dave, non-compliant signs are non-compliant signs. In my opinion they apply to neither. the proper signs do apply to people with a FCCL. But not to LEOSA. I;ve been over this with our NRA attorney who handles the LEOSA stuff and he does seminars on this around the country. As for the differance, it took a long time for carry to come to Illinois. And some people, are more comfortable with LEs who spent a lifetime or significant part of it carryign a gun and enforcing the law. Its' just the way it is. Now I think the coppers were so hungry they took a bad law when LEOSA was passed becuase of some anti-gun legislators. there have been two revisions to it. But I see them being behind the 8 ball in getting more changes. They just don;t think like that. I'm trying to help them get a small change here in illinois about people who move out fo state. But remember, their standards are different. had to go through a 40 hour course. and as a retired individual, have to qualify evey year with the gun they carry. and they pay for it themsleves. current LE's who are off-duty are a different breed in my book. So we will work on our end and make it better. It's just gonna take some time. Good news, almost 100,000 permits with few problems. can't wait for the hearings
  8. Actually, that's not correct. While LEOSA does have a provision about posting, the signs say pursuant to 430 ILCS 66/ that is the FCCL. retired and off duty LEOSA personal carry under a different state statute. the FCCL applies to those licensed under it not LEOSA or Illinois law as a LE or retired LE.
  9. yesterday I was with a States Attorney for a large southern County. we spent a lot of time going over the carry law. I talked to him about non-compliant signs. And his attitude for the most part was that if they are not complaint, at the bootom of the door, not readily visable, hes not going to prosecute. He is working overtime to educate cops on the ins and outs of it. we had a couple of small disagreements Lots of what we talked about in detail I can't go over, but he is using his head and doing the right thing.
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