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Walmart Concealed Carry prohibited sign


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Anyone notice the plastic bags at Walmart smell really bad? Like a combination of perfume and chemicals. Makes everything you put in them smell bad too!

I don't use their bags.

In fact, I don't use the disposable shopping bags at all if I can help it.

I'm not an eco-wacko, I just don't think that shredded walmart bags clinging to trees and fences is an appropriate midwest replacement for Spanish Moss.


I have my own super bags, but I usually don't bag in the store, sometimes I bag stuff from the cart to the van.


This sometimes causes a stir when I try to leave the store with a cart full of goods, receipt in hand.

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Dallas News

Another woman has been banned for misbehaving at a Wichita Falls Walmart ...


... the customer visited the store's bakery section Tuesday and grabbed a cake.


Walking the aisles, the unidentified woman ate half of the cake before heading to the register ...


... she said that's how she found the cake and refused to pay full price for it ...


This isn't the first time a Walmart in Wichita Falls had to ban someone from the store.


In January a woman was busted for riding through the parking lot on an electric scooter, drinking wine from Pringles can.

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Big box retailer Walmart will no longer sell firearms in its New Mexico stores after a universal background check measure went into effect in the state on Monday, requiring federally registered firearms sellers to facilitate gun sales between private parties.


Instead, the company opted to drop the federal licenses for its New Mexico locations altogether, preventing Walmart from selling guns within state lines.


The New Mexico law, enacted in March after Democrats captured the reins of statewide government for the first time in eight years, expanded background check requirements for firearms sales to include transactions between private parties, a level of scrutiny that federal law does not require.


To facilitate these sales, the new law mandates that federally licensed gun sellers such as Walmart, who are already required to conduct background checks by querying the FBI's National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), assist private sellers by conducting background checks on their behalf.


"As a general merchandise retailer and grocer, Walmart is not currently designed to conduct background checks for private-party transfers under New Mexico's new firearms law," Walmart's director of communications Tiffany Wilson told Newsweek in a written statement. "The company has decided to surrender its [licenses] and no longer sell firearms in our New Mexico stores."


Wilson cited fears that the law would require Walmart employees "to handle and potentially store handguns and modern sporting rifles," which she said were firearms that the retailer "does not sell" and that employees are "not trained to handle."






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