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  1. All of a sudden, when I open a topic, the site no longer takes me to the last read post, but to the first page. Not a good thing.
  2. Or maybe the Golf Clubs where you work. When is your 60th birthday?
  3. Why would it matter where the support came from? Seems a rather odd reason for not doing it ...
  4. Only started after the, "Transition", so it's something on here. Thanks.
  5. Yes. I just click on the link to refresh in the error message, and the page comes up fine in the new window.
  6. Have been getting the following since everything changed. It appears when I open a page in another window. This page isn’t working illinoiscarry.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  7. Thanks for the info. Anything specific for shell capacity? Been looking at the Maverick 88 20" barrel I think 7+1 rounds. Of course this is for the future, when they are actually available in the $200 or so range again. (And even actually available again.) 😃
  8. So does anyone know what the restrictions are ... if any?
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