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  1. All of a sudden, when I open a topic, the site no longer takes me to the last read post, but to the first page. Not a good thing.
  2. Or maybe the Golf Clubs where you work. When is your 60th birthday?
  3. Why would it matter where the support came from? Seems a rather odd reason for not doing it ...
  4. Only started after the, "Transition", so it's something on here. Thanks.
  5. Yes. I just click on the link to refresh in the error message, and the page comes up fine in the new window.
  6. Have been getting the following since everything changed. It appears when I open a page in another window. This page isn’t working illinoiscarry.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
  7. Thanks for the info. Anything specific for shell capacity? Been looking at the Maverick 88 20" barrel I think 7+1 rounds. Of course this is for the future, when they are actually available in the $200 or so range again. (And even actually available again.) 😃
  8. So does anyone know what the restrictions are ... if any?
  9. Thanks. Not in a Home Rule place ... I don't think anyone rules here - except the drug dealers.
  10. Wondering if I'm correct in thinking that there are not many restrictions against pump shotguns? I mean things like capacity, barrel length,( Under 18"?), etc. The only info I can find is for semi-auto. Any help will be appreciated. Used to know all this stuff, but forgot. I'm in Crook County, BTW.
  11. Thank you for posting this! I knew That Hawaii had stupid gun laws, but had no idea they were THAT stupid! Maybe Hawaii should be moved to California ... So this sounds like it is good news!
  12. That's because there are no colors! Want my backgrounds back! 😢 And my stars are sqished. (I know you guys are working hard on this, just yanking your chains a bit. ) :-)>
  13. Gee, that sounds familiar ... Oh, yes it was from Microsoft about Windows 10!
  14. I strongly disagree that, "The only solution is personal. Divine wisdom from our holy Father given to us in the Bible is rejected and ridiculed." There are many good people out there that are not Christian and also do not condone the attributes that you describe, and do not, "ridicule", other religions or beliefs. I do agree with you that the, "Feeling", without regard to common sense is part of the problem. But the, "...only solution...", part could be seen by some as a form of, "...arrogance", or, "...self-righteousness", in itself. I suggest that part of the solution might be to encourage common sense and education concerning the truth about firearms vs the way some, "Feel", about them. Don't ask me how, I was always, "Logistically challenged". :-)>
  15. It doesn't work that way. Unless an effective date exception is specifically stated, that portion of the law becomes effective Jan. 1, 2022. So, everyone has less than six months to make this happen? I can imagine the mess it will be. Anyone have law suits ready?
  16. What's a, "Woodmans"? Don't really need any saws or plaid shirts... :-)>
  17. That appears to be factions of Ds screwing with each other. The pro-Modernization Ds pulled Fix-the-FOID back from passage, so now the pro-Fix-the-FOID Ds pulled Modernization back from passage. The ISRA was still irrelevant. HUH? Is this something good?
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