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  1. When we stop allowing these selected (not elected) criminally corrupt godless commies to dictate to we the people, then we can right things. Until then it will only get worse. What you are seeing is not new, it is an accelerated slide down the one world government rabbit hole. There is a reason Biden, Obama and Bush have talked about a new world order! This is not just about "ghost guns", it is about good vs evil. We are in a war for our freedom from enslavement in the new world order. We can fund Ukraine for 40 billion but we can't come up with 5B to secure our borders? Come on wake up! 90% of congress and many state legislatures are now part of a global criminal organization. A civil war is what the global powers want, I pray the citizens of this country wake up and resist. We have the numbers, we need to take the country back, preferably without the civil war.
  2. Felonies unless expunged, pardoned or judicially overturned are forever. Depending on the reason for the background check, felonies may not appear after a certain time. But for guns the only ones that will not show are those removed as above or never got digitized from old paper, but they do exist and can be found if their source is known. ^ this ***
  3. A seatbelt is not a good analogy. Wearing a cloth mask increases the wearers risk of developing a respiratory infection. Cloth masks have little advantage over just 3-6’ of separation does. Recent experiments have shown bandannas and cloth masks increase the number of airborne particles from a cough or sneeze. They break up larger particles but allow the fragments to pass. Limiting exposure time and distancing is much better and does not require infringing on the rights and health of otherwise healthy people. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/10/20-0948_article https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/5/4/e006577 https://royalsociety.org/-/media/policy/projects/set-c/set-c-facemasks.pdf?la=en-GB&hash=A22A87CB28F7D6AD9BD93BBCBFC2BB24 Even the studies promoting masks as effective, refer to properly made masks with appropriate layers and quality of material and always with distancing. Since distancing is virtually as effective as masks and distancing, why the big mask push knowing most all masks in public are not surgical grade or single or double layer standard cotton or bandana which can increase the output of infectious particles within the 6’ zone? Follow the science. Of course if you follow the science in the short term you may get lost.
  4. If that constitutes assault in a defensive situation where you’re putting on a show of force to prevent an unlawful intrusion. Then police officers are effed because making a felony arrest usually involves a firearm pointing at you. Maybe coin a new term, lawful assault or justified assault, just like justifiable homicide.
  5. I thought even the streets in that private subdivision weâre private property. Some of the gated retirement communities around here require you to check in with the security guard before you go in and be on a guest list. ^ this ***
  6. Maybe she intended to destroy, conditionally on their implementation of their threats.
  7. This is what happens when the letter of the law is stretched beyond reasonable and intent is removed from consideration. ^ this ***
  8. Does she have to lock up her 80 lowers and the drill press? How about the reloading equipment? / purple ^ this ***
  9. Then traveling back with ammo would mean you are committing a crime but an out of state resident going to your home with some ammo is perfectly ok. Talk about the lack of equal protection. ^ this ***
  10. ^^^^^^ that is the way the FOID previously worked. As originally passed The FOID act only related to purchase it did not address possession unless you were a prohibited person. I think it was worded that way previously because they saw the constitutional issues involved in a ban on possession by otherwise lawful persons. But now they throw that concern out the window. ^ this ***
  11. Don’t let them rewrite history. The FOID may have been around for 50 years, but for most of that history it did not prohibit possession or ownership as long as you have the FOID or had one previously issued in your name. If your FOID expired in 1973 you can possess any lawful firearms and ammunition. You just could not buy any in Illinois until you get another FOID. The FOID was historically only the regulation of new purchases, anything possessed prior to expiration was legal to own, possess or use lawfully. ^ this ***
  12. Because it's working so well in Illinois. In spite of running a background check on lawful gunowners every night, Illinois is among the worst states for murder and non-negligent homicide. It's almost as if laws restraining legal ownership of firearms is ineffective against criminals... non-negligent homicide would include self-defense shootings. A homicide is death by the actions of another person. It denotes no moral or legal deference. hence, justifiable homicide or negligent homicide.
  13. Would you apply the same standard to the first amendment, the fourth or fifth amendment? A direct corollary would be a law making it illegal to participate in public speaking unless you have a permit from the government, conditioned on passing an identity background check and make sure you’re not in the prohibited database. ^ this ***
  14. I hope there’s some legal action making it through. After all how can a state force a requirement on a federal licensee to accommodate some third party that is not their customer.
  15. Without the FOID criminals will have access to firearms. WAIT! Criminals had just as much access to guns under FOID. So that’s not it. Realistically there is no downside to striking the FOID! Background check still take place when you buy guns from the dealer. Murder is still murder armed robbery is still armed robbery. and state storm troopers don’t break down my door retrieving guns because I have an expired permission slip. Sounds like a win-win to me.
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