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  1. Who are the shooter's FBI handlers? I gotta ask.
  2. Sorry if I offend anyone. But every time I see her or read her name anywhere it’s all I can do to not vomit all over myself. Dustbin, he’s just a tool. But the Duckworthless person, just another example of a waste of human flesh! Please back up your statements with proof! What evidence do you have that these two even have human flesh?
  3. A lot of people feel betrayed because they were betrayed. Inaugurating a corrupt president in the pocket of the CCP was certainly evidence of that. Betrayed is putting it mildly. Accusations of Sedition, rebellion and insurrection have been leveled at Trump supporters and republican members of Congress. As I have said before, whatever the democrats accuse the republicans of doing, is exactly what they ARE doing.
  4. You will just have to wait, I believe the people are about to get a mind numbing dose of reality news starting today. Some are calling this the GREAT AWAKENING. 60,000 NG now in DC.
  5. Assumes Biden becomes president. With all the internet chat about multiple Hollywood celebs, the Clintons being arrested and wearing ankle monitors, I though it funny when sleepy Joe broke his ankle playing with his dog and had to wear a boot. Is he concealing something? Or just klutzy?
  6. 75% lowers ok. Aluminum billets ok? CNC machines ok? Drill press, rotor, hand file ok? No compromise. We must take back ground already ceded away. GCA & NFA a good start.
  7. My right to keep and bear arms certainly extends to making my own without government infringement. ^ this ***
  8. Felonies unless expunged, pardoned or judicially overturned are forever. Depending on the reason for the background check, felonies may not appear after a certain time. But for guns the only ones that will not show are those removed as above or never got digitized from old paper, but they do exist and can be found if their source is known. ^ this ***
  9. A seatbelt is not a good analogy. Wearing a cloth mask increases the wearers risk of developing a respiratory infection. Cloth masks have little advantage over just 3-6’ of separation does. Recent experiments have shown bandannas and cloth masks increase the number of airborne particles from a cough or sneeze. They break up larger particles but allow the fragments to pass. Limiting exposure time and distancing is much better and does not require infringing on the rights and health of otherwise healthy people. https://wwwnc.cdc.gov/eid/article/26/10/20-0948_article https://bmjopen.bmj.com/content/5/4/e006577 https://royalsociety.org/-/media/policy/projects/set-c/set-c-facemasks.pdf?la=en-GB&hash=A22A87CB28F7D6AD9BD93BBCBFC2BB24 Even the studies promoting masks as effective, refer to properly made masks with appropriate layers and quality of material and always with distancing. Since distancing is virtually as effective as masks and distancing, why the big mask push knowing most all masks in public are not surgical grade or single or double layer standard cotton or bandana which can increase the output of infectious particles within the 6’ zone? Follow the science. Of course if you follow the science in the short term you may get lost.
  10. If that constitutes assault in a defensive situation where you’re putting on a show of force to prevent an unlawful intrusion. Then police officers are effed because making a felony arrest usually involves a firearm pointing at you. Maybe coin a new term, lawful assault or justified assault, just like justifiable homicide.
  11. I thought even the streets in that private subdivision weâre private property. Some of the gated retirement communities around here require you to check in with the security guard before you go in and be on a guest list. ^ this ***
  12. Maybe she intended to destroy, conditionally on their implementation of their threats.
  13. This is what happens when the letter of the law is stretched beyond reasonable and intent is removed from consideration. ^ this ***
  14. Does she have to lock up her 80 lowers and the drill press? How about the reloading equipment? / purple ^ this ***
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