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CLIC - IllinoisCarry Curriculum Ready to Go!

Molly B.

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I'll be rolling out my payment for the curriculum once I get my packet and know everything is peachy. Could one of the instructors involved in putting it together give a description of what exactly does Mass cover in the dvd? Does he do every bit of the legal stuff or just justified use of force?
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I'm interested in the CLIC , just for my understanding, is this an all inclusive program, meaning written as a 16,8,and 3 hour class with sections for each? Not trying to be stupid, just curious, Thanks


It is written in modules and as an 8-hr. course to fulfill the requirements of #4 and #5 in the ISP rules about content. However, the modules can be expanded to fulfill the 16 hrs..


My understanding from the ISP is they did not label or designate whether a curriculum was 8 or 16. We wrote the curriculum with all the required content for either one - but especially geared toward Day 2 to cover state/fed law and range qualification.

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CLIC is not listed as a 3 hr. renewal yet.
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I got mine :frantics: Still waiting to be approved by the ISP ? just waiting on the beautiful certificates ? looks like my son will get the Honor of signing the first one since he is the only ISP approved instructor in the family :devil: and don't think he lets me forget it :no:
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Molly, I got mine and Kudo's, it is great. I first opened the packet it and went through everything and you all so condensed what I put together by over half. It is great, love how you set it up to be taught as the class dictates by what you want to do first. Well worth the money. Massad really summoned up a lot in the short time, compared to some older video's a lot of information there. Thanks again and great quality.
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I'd definitely second that emotion.

You get a course outline, excellent original DVD, Power Point slides, and all expressly made for and marketed to a very limited audience. There are only roughly 1,100 approved Illinois CCFL instructors at this point.

It took a lot to get this put together in the relatively short time it was done, and it displays quality. Further, all the money goes back to the cause with the authors/producers donating their time and work.

Certainly seems like a win for all of us. Nicely done.

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