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  1. I received my CCL in the mail today also. But I did not receive a new FOID card today. My new 1911 arrives Friday. If I don't have my new FOID card by then, I guess I'll just use my CCL at the gun store. -- Frank
  2. Update: FCCL Expirarion : 02/27/2019 Renewal Application : 10/29/2018 FCCL Active: 12/06/2018 FCCL Expires: 12/06/2023 FOID Active: 12/06/2018 My FOID number now matches my FCCL number, but the expiration date is still the same (2020). Still waiting on Mr. Postman. I hope it arrives soon, and I don't have any hiccups along the way. I just placed an order for a gun on my bucket list from the kind folks in Geneseo. It should be here before the end of the week. -- Frank
  3. We asked about this in the academy. 720 ILCS 5/33A-1 only applies while in the process of committing a felony as an aggravating charge - at least that's what the ADA who instructed us said. It also applies to Criminal Tresspass to Land, Unauthorized Possession or Storage of Weapons: This is one section of the law that needs to be changed. It also prevents you from carrying any knife with a length of more than 3 inches on tax supported property, without previous written permission. -- Frank
  4. My concern with this bill as written is that many cities have local ordinances that make switchblades illegal also. I don't see anything in the text of the bill that preempts local ordinances. So even if we get this passed, it may not change things in all practicality. I can't own one in my town, or in the neighboring city I have to drive through to get to work. -- Frank
  5. A little bird told me they should make an announcement tomorrow, or shortly thereafter. I think they have all the positions filled, pending IL Senate confirmation. -- Frank
  6. I received my order today from Defend Illinois. Great quality and prompt shipping. Thanks, CJ! I wish I had ordered earlier to take advantage of the discount code, though. I'll have to keep an eye on that when I have to reorder! -- Frank
  7. Applied: 12/18/2014 Approved: 02/27/2014 Instructor: Yes Prints: Yes CCL Arrived: 03/03/2014 Location: Rock Island County (where I-80 meets the Mississippi River) Now, the really sad part is that my first trip was to a prohibited area (hospital affiliate). I am sick as a dog, and had to go to a walk-in clinic last night after work. As soon as I kick this bug, I will plan to do a proper Wally-Walk. -- Frank
  8. The changes are already in effect: Public Act 098-0600 -- Frank
  9. Are you KIDDING? It's got a Massad Ayood video in it! He makes Chuck Norris look like a girl scout! -- Frank!
  10. Thanks, Onytay. It's nice to have friends. -- Frank
  11. Can't wait to get my hands on this stuff! :drool: But the Evil Queen of Numbers says I have to wait until next payday. I think I need a ... -- Frank
  12. I wonder if there is any way he could "Win Bigger?" After reading the ruling, I understand why Judge Darrow didn't make the declaration of unconstitutionality. If I'm not mistaken, there is already precedent on the subject of firearms in public housing, especially if they receive federal funding. Still a big win for SAF and everyone in Illinois. The defendant folded and gave them everything they wanted. -- Frank
  13. I was thinking this very thing. Wouldn't it be awesome if the legislature actually got off their collective butts and passed a decent RTC bill on March 6th, 2013 during IGOLD?
  14. I was a little troubled by the order at the end of the majority opinion: [emphasis added] That got me thinking about what kind of "reasonable limitations" the court had in mind. Judge Posner did list a few of these limitations scattered throughout this opinion: Sensitive places off-limits (schools, government buildings, etc) as per Heller Training requirements Private property rights Restricting the rights of convicted felons/mental ill/domestic violence midemeanants a permitting system Did I miss anything else? Are there any other "reasonable limitations" that were endorsed in this opinion that I missed? -- Frank
  15. Mods: Should this thread be moved to the Judicial Second Amendment Case Discussion forum and renamed Winbigler v. Warren County Housing Authority? Thanks!
  16. I've been following this one for a while. Warren County Housing authority filed a response to the complaint here: ANSWER to 1 Complaint AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES by Teresa Greenstreet, Warren County Housing Authority.(Vanderlaan, Lori) (Entered: 05/29/2012 One of the things that stuck out when I read their answer was the following: Mr. Winbigler is a former police officer and currently holds a valid FOID card. Unless they have evidence of his incompetence, this type of accusation could come back to bite them, especially if they have no proof. In July,a magistrate judge scheduled the trial for NOVEMBER 2013. More than a year away. That's disappointing. -- Frank
  17. LOL! I have to watch that movie now. Do you remember which one he said that in? I wish we had the Duke as one the judges in the pending cases. He'd set those rascals straight! Edit: Found it! Sands of Iwo Jima
  18. Not bad for a freshman representative, eh? I'm very happy with him so far. -- Frank
  19. House 71 - Rep. Morthland Senate 36 - Sen. Jacobs Both are pretty solid 2A guys. -- Frank
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