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CLIC - IllinoisCarry Curriculum Ready to Go!

Molly B.

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The IllinoisCarry curriculum is approved for the 3-hr. renewal course all the way up to the full 16 hrs.. The curriculum is written in modules with flexibility built in to accommodate each instructors style, focus, and the level of ability for a wide range of students.

The curriculum is $150 and guaranteed to meet your approval or your money back. Instructors may pay with a check, credit card or use PayPay. For PayPal and credit card orders please add 3% to cover fees. For instructors who have already purchased the curriculum but would like to update to CLIC 4.0 version, a new instructor packet is available for a $75 donation.

What will be in the $150 packet :
1 The 60ish page CLIC curriculum….it will be printed on 30 pages double sided. You will provide your own 3 ring binder.
2. A DVD that includes:

a. Massad Ayoob video on lethal use of force produced exclusively for IllinoisCarry.
b. Apple Keynote and PowerPoint will be included.

c. Outline for first 8 hrs.

d. Outline for 3-hr. renewal course


If you prefer a thumb drive instead of DVD, please add $10.

You may purchase the curriculum with a donation to IllinoisCarry via PayPal using IllinoisCarryInc (at) gmail.com

-- or --

credit card via phone:618-963-2788

-- or --

Mail checks/money orders to: IllinoisCarry, 1111 W. North 4th St., Shelbyville, IL 62565

Again, 100% of all $$ goes to IllinoisCarry! All who have worked on this project have done purely as volunteers!

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Check in the mail! Great job guys and gals! Have been very fortunate to find this site and all the good people involved. Check for $175.00 going in the mail, and there is NO way that amount covers the time, effort and dedication that went into this process. Very fortunate that I can do this, and hope others that can will do the same!If your unable to do so, just please teach your students with the same time effort and dedication and everything will be good!

Thank you Illinois Carry!

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Thanks to all involved. $160 sent through paypal. As a professional training engineer, I appreciate the work all of you have done. As a general rule, the total time involved for developing a proper training curriculum will range from 10-40 hours of work for every 1 hour of class material. All of this for $150 and a special video by Massad Ayoob, = Priceless!
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I really apologize for asking this question, as I am still playing catch-up for having been gone for almost 2 weeks......


I am a certified pistol instructor and rso....


given my credentials, does this curriculum "complete the package" that will allow me to begin teaching an endorsing my fellow illini?


was waiting to see is nra cert pistol instructors would be given the endorsement by the isp......


NRA Pistol instructors will be given the endorsement by the ISP. This curriculum is designed to provide 8 hours of training specifically addressing what is required by law concerning state and federal statues and range qualification.


this answers my question.


so i add/mix this to the existing 8hr nra basic...


excellent, excellent, excellent!!!!


you guys are the best.


thanks for all your hard work.


You'll be seeing my check in the mail friday or monday!


take care,



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